10 Best Micro ATX Motherboards For Gaming 2024 – Powerful PC Setup

With so many options available in the market, you, as a customer, will often find yourself baffled and bewildered when choosing a motherboard that best fits your custom PC setup. This is especially true for novice gamers who are looking for feasible yet sturdy motherboard options but do not know where to start looking.

With all your concerns in mind, we have come up with a well-reviewed list of the best Micro ATX gaming motherboard options to choose from in 2024.

Top Micro ATX Motherboards For Gaming 2024



Manufactured by the brand Gigabyte, the AB350M is most suitable for personal computers.

This motherboard has an AM4 socket and an AMD B350 chipset type. The RAM supports DDR4 technology and there are a total of 4 RAM slots.

Needless to say, the RAM comes with an impeccable storage capacity and stores up to 64 GB. It has a RAM speed that reaches up to 3200 MHz. There are 6 USB 3.1 and 8uSB 2.0 ports. Other ports include PS/2, HDMI, and DVI-D.

This model has an AMD B350 chipset type and has a 1 GHz memory speed. It has an Athlon CPU model and a maximum memory storage capacity of 1 GB.

Even though the computer is a bit inferior to other models in terms of its specifications, it still has several unique features. The AB350M supports AMD Ryzen and Athlon processors. It has a dual-channel DDR4 input which paves way for seamless energy transactions within the CPU system.

The audio capacitors are of high quality and there is an audio noise guard which eliminates background noise to pave the way for a thrilling audio experience.

As for lighting designs, the model comes with LED Path trace lighting technology. The RGB Fusion technology supports RGB LED lighting strips in seven colors.


  • LED Path trace lighting technology
  • Supports AMD Ryzen and Athlon processors
  • Athlon CPU model
  • Impeccable storage capacity
  • DDR4 technology available
  • 4 RAM slots are available
  • AMD B350 chipset type

2. MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Edge

MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Edge

If you are looking for a motherboard that looks fancy but comes at a reasonable, mid-tier range then this is the motherboard for you. We understand that exterior design and lighting are very important to build an impressive gaming setup. Keeping this in mind, the MSI Gaming Edge motherboard comes with a sleek design that is sure to bedazzle the spectator.

As far as specifications go, the Z390M comes with an LGA 1151 CPU socket and is mostly compatible with personal computers. It has DDR4 RAM technology. The double data rate RAM is compatible with 4th Generation CPU processors and is the latest dynamic RAM technology that is available in the market.

This model is mostly compatible with processors such as the Intel Celeron, Pentium Gold, and the 8th Generation Intel Core. The motherboard comes with an Intel Z390 chipset type and has an impeccable memory speed of 2400 MHz.

The model was built for high-performance gaming and has several features such as a Micro ATX form factor and an extended heatsink that enable seamless gameplay. There are 16 mystic light options and gamers can easily attach RGB color light strips to add to the CPU’s lighting.

It is best suited for Windows 10 platform. The CPU model is Pentium and the motherboard itself comes in a sleek black and white exterior design.


  • Compatible with Intel Celeron, Pentium Gold, and 8th Gen Intel Core
  • Comes with an Intel Z390 chipset type
  • Impeccable memory speed
  • Suited for Windows 10
  • Pentium CPU model
  • Sleek black exterior design




If you are looking for a gaming setup that provides top-tier graphics, then this is the motherboard that you should consider choosing. The CPU comes with a quad-channel RAM technology that is capable of 128 GB of data at once. This feature is quite impressive when compared with other computer setups out there.

The X2999 model is capable of handling multiple graphics cards at once. It has a PCI-E graphics card interface. The peripheral component interconnects express provides a standardized graphics and storage interface. This, in turn, allows quicker loading time for games.

It comes with 4 RAM slots and the RAM has a speed that exceeds 4000 MHz. This model uses DDR4 RAM technology and is the most compatible with personal computers.

The total memory that can be stored within the CPU is 128 GB. The computer system comes with a 6-pin main power connector which enables the faultless flow of energy through the CPU channels.

There are 2 M2 and six SATA (serial advanced technology attachment) ports that are available within the system. These ports enable the undisturbed transfer of data between the central circuit board and other computer storage devices. The motherboard comes with sufficient USB input ports as well. 8 Generation 1 and 2 Generation 2 USB 3.1 ports are available.


  • Quad-channel RAM technology
  • 2 M2 and 6 SATA ports
  • 4 RAM slots
  • PCI-E graphics card interface
  • Multiple graphics cards can be handled at once

4. MSI Pro Series Intel B250

MSI Pro Series Intel B250

The MSI B250 ATX Motherboard belongs to the Pro Series and is manufactured by the American brand MSI. It is an excellent motherboard model and comes with an LGA 1151 CPU socket. It is compatible with personal computers and has SD-RAM technology. The synchronous dynamic RAM technology enables a higher rate of data transfer which in turn, promises enhanced efficiency.

The MSI model is compatible with several processors, ranging from Intel Celeron to Intel Pentium. It comes with an Intel B250 chipset type. It has an impeccable memory capacity, with a memory transfer speed of 2400 MHz. It is best suited for IOS platforms.

The board comes with a combination of DVI, VGA, and HDMI ports and a USB c-connection port.

There are a total of 4 RAM slots that hold up to 64 GB. Six SATA ports and one M2 port are available. SATA ports ensure seamless transfer of data so that you can have an uninterrupted experience.

The graphics card, however, is not up-to-date and belongs to a slightly older generation. However, it works just fine for someone who is searching for mid-range motherboards.


  • Cost-efficient platform
  • LGA 1151 CPU socket
  • 4 RAM slots are available
  • A RAM capacity of 64 GB
  • 6 SATA ports and 1 M2 port are available
  • Compatible with Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium

5. MSI B450M Gaming Plus

MSI B450M Gaming Plus

Manufactured by the renowned brand MSI, the latest MSI B450M Gaming Plus is the perfect fit for gamers. The motherboard comes with an AM4 CPU socket and is the most compatible with personal computers.

The MSI Gaming Plus series is especially trusted for producing sturdy, reliable motherboard cards.

The layout of the motherboard has an impressive design and is available in a red and black color scheme. MSI products usually follow this common signature design style.

It has a high memory speed of 3466 MHz and an overall large memory storage capacity. The motherboard has a memory capacity of 64 GB and the maximum size that can be reached by the RAM is 32 GB.

The MSI Gaming Plus has a PCI-E graphics interface. It is compatible with first, second, and third Gen AMD Ryzen, even though it best fits processors with Radeon Vega Graphics. The graphics system has a brilliant, inbuilt VR optimization that lets the user have a VR gaming experience. This is what makes the motherboard especially desirable.


  • Built-in VR optimization
  • 32GB RAM size
  • High memory speed of 3466 MHz
  • Game Booster available
  • Supports dual-channel DDR4 memory
  • PCI-E Graphics interface present
  • Impressive layout and compact design

Buyer’s Guide To Buying The Best Micro ATX Motherboards For Gaming


Form Factor

You need to select a form factor. There are three types of ATX motherboards available in the market- they are ATX, Micro ATX, and mini ATX respectively. Apart from ATX motherboards, micro ATX boards are also common due to their smaller size and reduced expansion slots. If you are buying a new motherboard and do not know which size will fit your CPU best, measure your previous motherboard and compare it with the ones available in the market. ATX is the most commonly used motherboard for its addition of expansion slots.

Processor Socket

You will need to choose a processor socket after you have decided on the form factor. Different types of sockets have been available in the market but three major sockets are most commonly used in recent days. These are LGA, PGA, and BGA respectively. AMG uses PGA. On the other hand, LGA most commonly uses LGA sockets. BGA sockets tend to be permanently attached with motherboards so they leave no scope for up-gradation or removal. The socket type that you choose further determines the type of processor that you might need.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

Fundamentally the motherboard you buy will determine the amount and type of RAM you can have. Therefore it’s worth being mindful of this before deciding to buy a motherboard. Consequently, we would recommend choosing a motherboard that can accommodate at least 16 GB, even though if you don’t plan to buy that much initially, you have the option to use this memory later. In addition, look for a board that offers 4 or more memory slots. This means you can install 2 RAM modules to begin and you will have a spare room for memory upgrades in the future.

Z390 Gaming Edge AC

PCI Slots

A PCI slot is a connection or port that is located on the motherboard. They have been the standard type of expansions slot for years and they allow expansion cards to be connected. Depending on how you plan to use your computer, you will need to consider if your motherboard has the slots to suit your requirements. If you are a gamer, you will want to have at least one full-speed PCI Express x16 slot and you will need multiple of those if you want to connect multiple cards. Motherboards also offer standard PCI slots and smaller PCI express slots for other cards, like sound cards, Wi-Fi adaptors, and other connectivity expansions.


If you are building a computer setup for the first time and lack proper guidance, consider buying a motherboard that comes with built-in features. This will save you the time and effort you will require to research and find extensions and other additional components. You also need to check whether your motherboard comes with onboard audio. Some motherboards offer Bluetooth, wifi, and other networking features.



What is a SATA cable?

SATA cable refers to serial advanced technology advancement cables or serial ATA cables which are used for connecting the various components within a CPU assembly. These components range from hard drives to optical drives. SATA cables enable these devices to interact with each other and perform their tasks by providing them with a seamless energy flow.

Does RAM help in increasing FPS?

Depending on the amount of RAM that your device supports, adding RAM can potentially increase your FPS or frames per second. The frames per second ratio highly determine the quality of your gameplay.

Is overclocking safe for your PC?

You need to realize that by enabling your computer to overclock, you are giving it a high-pressure workload that requires a vast amount of energy. While this helps you to do resource-intensive tasks for a required amount of time, this may be harmful to your personal computer. This is because regular overclocking tends to reduce longevity.


We hope that this article helped you in gaining insight into the different types of ATX motherboards that are available in the market for gamers. However, we suggest that you do your research and find a motherboard that fits your CPU’s specific requirements.

Go to the official web pages of different motherboard manufacturers and search for product specifications. Contrast and compare. Choose the right size, type, and features for your CPU model and build your dream computer setup. We wish you luck!