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Support Options

Built-In Help

When using Pinnacle Game Profiler, you can access context-sensitive help at any time by pressing F1 on your keyboard. This documentation is indexed and searchable.

Email Support

Prefer more personal interaction? Feel free to request help by sending an email to

PGP User Forum

You can find answers to many of your questions or problems by searching the technical support forum. If you have a question or problem, it's very likely that it has already been asked and answered there.

Lost or Missing Key

If you have lost your registration code (or never received it), then please email us at so that we can have it resent to you.

Request a Profile

If you can't find a profile for the game you want and are having trouble making your own profile, you can request a profile at the user forum. There are many dedicated profile makers on the forum so the chances are good that it may be filled.