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Verdun Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
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Verdun profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices

Attached is a PIN file for the Xbox 360 wired and wireless controllers, created on January 2nd, 2015. On this date Verdun (app ID 242860) was a Steam Early Access game, and as such is subject to change, including the underlying keyboard assignments upon which this profile is based.

For reference, the version of the game was Beta v.177 and the default key bindings were as follows:

Movement: WASD, Sprint/Breath: LeftShift, Jump/Stand: Space, Crouch: C, Prone: F, Primary Fire: Mouse0, Secondary Fire: Mouse1, Reload: R, Melee: V, Use: E, Previous Weapon: Mouse Wheel Down, Next Weapon: Mouse Wheel Up, Primary Weapon: 1, Secondary Weapon: 2, Throw Grenade: G, Fire Mode: 3, Gas Mask: 4, Command: Q, Team Chat: U, Global Chat: Y, Voice Commands: E, Scoreboard: Tab, Tactical: T, Map: M, Screenshot: F11.

The controller configuration itself should be fairly intuitive, but a few points are worth mentioning:

1) This configuration requires the controller to be gripped with the left index finger on the Left Bumper and left middle finger on the Left Trigger. The same does not apply to the right hand and the right index finger can cover both buttons, but the left requires this grip due to the Breath assignment on LB. Aiming the weapon with LT will zoom and the hold your breath command at LB will provide further zoom and stability; but you need to be able to hold down both simultaneously.

2) This profile does not accommodate text chat (if you have a keyboard in front of you just hit U and you're good to go) and Voice Commands, which are a) unnecessary and rarely used, and b) beyond my skill level with Pinnacle anyway.

3) When playing the squad leader holding Right Bumper will bring up Command targeting mode. Keep holding RB, use the right stick to position the targeting maker, then press either Left DPAD to issue orders or Right DPAD to use the squad leader's special ability.

4) This profile has acceleration turned off and the right stick (look) sensitivity is set at 75% laterally and the "sniper assist" when zoomed with LT is set at 45% of normal. These are the settings that work for me, but you're not me so these are the two pieces you need to ultimately adjust to your own liking.

5) The Tactical head-up-display (Down DPAD) toggle, which shows the map and ammo count, will only work when "Always Show Tactical View" is unchecked in the Options/Graphics menu.

Finally, I was surprised not to see a profile on Pinnacle for such a promising game, so here it is. Have fun...and keep your head down!