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Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
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Vampire: The Masquerade -- Bloodlines profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Here is a rather advanced profile for Vampire The Masquerade for the XBOX360 controller.

There are some advanced commmands in this profile that could use some explaination.

1. the commands assigned to the Back and Start buttons are combination commands where they fire one commmand when tapped and another command when held. The Back button Cycles your melee weapons when tapped and opens your quest log when held. The Start button Cycles your Range Weapons when tapped and opens your General Inventory when held.

2. to select a responce during conversations use your Up and Down D-Pad keys to select and the A key to initiate the responce. you will notice that the different possible responces are numbered 1-4 in the game. To select the responce you want to use, simply tap the down D-pad key the same number of times as the dialog option is numbered. so for instance, to select Dialog option 3 you would tap the Down D-Pad key 3 times than press the A button to initiate that Option. remember, if you Press the Down D-pad on accedent during play, simply press up on the D-pad the same Number of times as you pressed down on the d-Pad to go back. I hope that makes sense.

I have only allowed for up to 4 different dialog responces in this profile because that is as many as i have found is needed so far in this game. however, if ever more is needed please let me know so i can update this profile to Add support. Thanks. :)
Have Fun :D

There may be a problem for importing to a device other than the one which it was originally made for... which normally is no problem but it can cause hot-swap commands to "break" because they are pointing to an invalid id for your device. So if you are having trouble with the hotswap commands then go to GAME PROFILES > EDIT CONFIGURATIONS > EDIT COMMAND and find the hotswap command which probably has an exclaimation mark icon next to it. Select that and click EDIT STEPS and then use the dropdown box to find the "configuration HOT-SWAP" event step (which is at the bottom of the list). Select this step and add the correct configuration that you see in the config dropdown. Then just delete the old hot-swap step that has the exclaimation mark next to it.
I recently acquired my copy of the PGP, and found it incredibly useful. I actually stumbled upon it while on a Google-Quest, hunting whether or not Controller functionality was available for VtM: Bloodlines.

One of the posters mentioned using PGP with an Xbox360 controller, so I tracked down the program and began my inspection.

While trying to make my own profile, I came across a lot of hassle, so I came here and found the VTM: Bloodlines profile already made. I used that as a springboard.

Not to bash the creator of the one in the official area, it just felt like it was lacking in functionality for my taste.

So today I set out, going over all the important keys, marking down everything I needed, and I created this massive beast.

There are four control schemes, but in all, nearly everything you do with a keyboard and mouse combination should now be available to a controller setup.

My controller is a Nyko AirFlo ex, and has 25 mappable buttons. If your controller doesn't have as many, you will have to make alterations.

I will be labeling buttons according to a Playstation setup, as most who have ever played can immediately know which button you refer to when you name it like that.

--Primary Controls--
The default scheme, and the one you will be using most of the time.

:Left Joystick:
Tilt to simulate the W,A,S,D keys for movement.
Tilting beneath 50% will trigger the "Shift" command, allowing you to walk instead of running.

:Right Joystick:
The right joystick fully controls the mouse.

Left - Previous Discipline
Right - Next Discipline
Up - 1 Tap(Character Sheet), 2 Taps(Quest Log)
Down - 1 Tap(Inventory), 2 Taps(Goto: Extra Controls)

:Primary Buttons:
X - Press(Use/Talk), Hold(Swim down)
Square - Press(Reload)
Circle - Press(Feed/Cancel Feed), Hold(Swim up)
Triangle - Press(Jump)

:Shoulder Buttons:
L1 - 1 Tap(Hotkey Setup), 2 Taps(Cancel Disciplines), Hold(Blue Shift)
L2 - Press(Attack[single]), Hold(Attack[multi]) [the multi is mainly for machine gun fire]
R1 - Press(Holster Weapon), Hold(Block/Alt. Fire)
R2 - Press(Use Discipline)

:Joystick Buttons:
L3 - Click(Crouch/Stealth)
R3 - Click(1st/3rd Person)

:Menu Buttons:
Start - Press(ESC button)
Select - Unbound
Analog - Press(Goto Camera Controls)

--Shifted Primary Controls--
While holding down the L1 button, you enter Shift mode. This allows you to use the numbers 1-9, whether it's for dialog, hotkeys, or entering numeric passwords. Just keep the L1 held down until you finish entering.
The numbers are based on a counter-clockwise setup, using the D-Pad and Primary Buttons.

Up - #1
Left - #2
Down - #3
Right - #4

:Primary Buttons:
Triangle - #5
Square - #6
X - #7
Circle - #8

:Shoulder Buttons:
R1 - #9
R2 - #0

:Joystick Buttons:
L3 - Backspace
R3 - Enter

--Extra Controls--
By tapping the Down button twice, you enter Extra Controls mode. These buttons don't normally need to be used quickly or often.

Up - Tap up to cycle through the F3 Quick Armor menu.
Left - Tap left to cycle through the F1 Quick Melee menu.
Right - Tap right to cycle through the F2 Quick Ranged menu.
Down - Tap once to go back to Primary Controls, tap twice to go to the Typing Controls.

:Primary Buttons:
X - Press this to try to hack a computer. (Ctrl+C)
Circle - Press this while in a computer menu to automatically use the Email command.
Square - Press this while in a computer menu to automatically use the Home command.
Triangle - Press this while in a computer menu to automatically use the Quit command.

:Shoulder Buttons:
L1 - This is the Quick Save button. [Note: It's mapped to the Up Arrow, as I can't use the normal F9 for it.]
R1 - This is the Quick Load button. [Note: It's mapped to the Down Arrow, as I can't use the normal F12 for it.]

:Menu Buttons:
Start - Press this to enter the ESC menu.

--Typing Controls--
This scheme is to handle typing. The full keyboard option works great for those who can remember all the combinations. For those of us who can't, this is a simpler keyboard option.
Note: It is setup using the counter clockwise theme as much as possible.

Up - A
Left - B
Down - C
Right - D

:Left Joystick:
Up - E
Left - F
Down - G
Right - H

L3 - I

:Right Joystick:
Up - J
Left - K
Down - L
Right - M

R3 - N

:Primary Buttons:
Triangle - 1 Tap(O), 2 Taps(W)
Square - 1 Tap(P), 2 Taps(X)
X - 1 Tap(Q), 2 Taps(Y)
Circle - 1 Tap(R), 2 Taps(Z)

:Shoulder Buttons:
R1 - S
R2 - T
L2 - U
L1 - V

:Menu Buttons:
Start - 1 Tap(Enter), 2 Taps(ESC menu)
Select - Backspace
Analog - 1 Tap(Goto: Primary Controls), 2 Taps(Goto: Extra Controls)

--Camera Controls--
The final scheme is for controlling the camera. This only really applies to those using the Unofficial Patch, and the special NumPad controls for the camera.

Down - Goto: Primary Controls

:Left Joystick:
Up - Hold(Zoom In)
Down - Hold(Zoom Out)

:Right Joystick:
Up - Points at your face
Down - Normal behind view
Left - View from the Right side
Right - View from the Left side
U/L - View facing from right side
U/R - View facing from left side
D/L - View behind from right side
D/R - View behind from left side

All in all, I think this will be a great setup. Some of the joystick calibrations may need tweaking, depending on how fast you want the camera to swing. But for the most part, I believe I covered every possible command, in as simple a way as possible.

Anyone that would like to offer suggestions on improvements are more than welcome to contact me. Or maybe to offer different ways of doing things, with differing command types.

EZ Version 1.00 Vampire Bloodlines Release Date: 06.07.10

Table of Contents:

1.0 Installation Instructions
2.0 Keyboard Configuration
3.0 Release Notes

1.0 Installation Instructions:

1. Open "Pinnacle"
2. Click "Game Profiles" in the upper right corner.
3. Select New and browse to your "vampire.exe"
4. Click Edit Configurations near the bottom left
5. In the new window click Import ""
6. Now select "Save and Close"
7. Play the game, HAVE FUN!!!

2.0 Keyboard Configuration

Start Button: Quest Log / Character Sheet
Back Button: Menu Main
Left Thumbstick: Movement
Right Thumbstick: Look Around
RT Thumb Button: Crouch
LT Thumb Button: Change Perspective / Hold to Holster

A Button: Use
B Button: Feed
X Button: Reload
Y Button: Use Power

Right Trigger: Attack
Left Trigger: Jump
Right Shoulder: Skill Next / Inventory Next
Left Shoulder: Skill Previous / Inventory Previous

DPad Up: Dialog Choice 1 / Inventory
DPad Right: Dialog Choice 2 / Firearms Menu
Dpad Down: Dialog Choice 3
DPad Left: Dialog Choice 4 / Melee Menu

3.0 Release Notes:
This vampire game is even better if you get the HD textures.
Such a fun game, I hope others try this out if they like FPS.
heres a profile i did. its for Vampire: The Masquerades - Bloodlines, lemme know if ya like it.
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