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Tiger Woods PGA 2008 Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
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Tiger Woods PGA 2008 profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Even though TWPGA08 supports the 360 controller natively, I found it lacking and the joystick Trueswing horrible. So I put together one for Pinnacle that I think works pretty good.

First off, there are two configurations for this PIN. One is the Base and is used for most of the game shots and the other is Cam Move and is for moving the camera around and finer shot control.

NOTE: Due to TWPGA reading the input from the A button, the Start button and the Left trigger Button ( A is always read as swing select and will cancel any animation/ball flight, the Start button will always trigger the hole fly by, and the Left trigger appears to activate the free roam camera and assigning anything to it causes wonkiness). These occur even if you have mouse swing activated in the game, it just always reads these inputs from the controller.

TWPGA08 Base

Left Joystick is set as mouse emulation with the sensitivity ramped up to 85%. This is so you can hit 100% off the tee. This is the happy medium. If you want to always crank the shot, just set it higher. Also, there is a Rumble component to the swing. When the Stick is above 35% it will activate the Rumble Slight (Level 2) and then when above 85% it activates Rumble Med (Level 5). There is also a Rumble Hard in the setup (Level 7) if you want to quickly set to more force.
Right Joystick is also set to Mouse emulation, but with a 70% sensitivity that allows for a finer control for iron shots.
Left Trigger is the Right Mouse Button.
Right Trigger is the Left Mouse Button.
The D-Pad is set to control the Aim and Club Selection. Left or Right will aim your golfer the same way you would if hitting/holding the Arrow keys (tap for small movement, hold down and the aim will accelerate the longer you hold it). Up and Down will cycle through your clubs.
A Button is set to the ESC because of the above mentioned quirk for TWPGA I use this to skip animations and ball flight.
B Button is mapped to the Practice Swing Key
X Button will activate the Ball Landing Cam. It will show you where the ball 'should” end up. Hitting it again will pull back to the swing cam. I use this button to reset the camera after I either cycle the cams or move it around. Just hit it a couple of times and you will be back to the normal behind the golfer view.
Y Button will cycle the cameras from the 1 to the 0 keys
Right Shoulder Button is the Ball to Green View camera. I use this view to read the green from my golfer because I can position it on the ground and right behind the ball (After using the Ctrl-E camera editor in game). I also use this when after lose the ball in flight. It sucks up behind the ball and follows through to the landing.
Start Button will cycle through the shot selection.
Left Joystick Button toggles the Grid on/off
Right Joystick Button will SWAP the configuration to the Cam Move Configuration.

TWPGA08 Cam Move – Unshifted

*Note* I will only note the button/joystick changes from the base here.
Left Joystick is Mouse Emulation with the sensitivity dialed down to 60% that allows for finer shot control.
B Button is now the Left Mouse button so you can take a softer shot with the less sensitive LeftJoyMouse. I also use this for tweaking the front/back ball addressing for spin/punch/chip shots.
Right Joystick is set the WASD keys. These control the free roam camera movement. W-Forward S-Backward A-Left B-Right
Left Trigger will lower the camera.
Right Trigger will raise the camera. Note – sometimes in the game, the camera will not raise/lower. You'll need to move the camera somewhere else and then raise or lower it.

Right Joystick Button will SWAP the configuration back to the Base Configuration.
Right Shoulder Button will activate the Shifted-Blue mode for the Cam Move Configuration

TWPGA08 Cam Move – Blue Shifted

The D-Pad will now activate the various pop ups. Up will show the Scoreboard. Left will show Leaderboard. Right will show the Caddie Book. Down will toggle the Overhead Map on/off. Note: You will still need to close the pop-ups manually. TWPGA does not treat these as toggles. The easy/lazy way I do it is move the cursor over the Close button with the LeftJoyMouse and hit B.
Y Button will cycle the cameras backward (0 to 1)
Left Joystick Button will toggle the Trueswing Analyzer on/off.
Left Trigger will Slow Down the Camera Movement (Same as hitting the – key)
Right Trigger will Speed Up the Camera Movement (Same as the + key)
Right Shoulder Button will activate the Unshifted mode for the Cam Move Configuration
Right Joystick Button will SWAP back the Base Configuration

I've attached two files and three jpegs to this:

One is a RAR file that has the PIN File and a Multipage TIFF showing the Configuration Layout.
Two is the PIN File itself.
The three separate JPG(s) are just the individual sheets from the TIFF.

I've tested this and beyond the first Note about TWPGA08 causing problems with trying to map to those buttons, it works out pretty good. Yes, the 85% swing does allow for gripping and ripping the drive, but you still need to flick it just right to get any Slice/Hook action. Please followup with any suggestions or better/finer settings.

my 1st pin!

its an easy one just has two controls.

mouse and mouse click haha.
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