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The Swapper Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
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The Swapper profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Please ensure your game's Input Bindings are set to their defaults, for use with this profile.

The Swapper is a great indie game that came out on Steam recently, but it currently has no built-in controller support. With that in mind, I set about creating a Profile that maps all the regular in-game functionality, while also attempting to provide some additional functionality which solely benefits the controller.

I used this profile from the game's start to finish; so if you do use this profile, you should not require the keyboard or the mouse for any part of this game. Although aiming can be somewhat tricky, given that the game intended players to use a mouse, I've tried to make up for it by putting "Create Clone" on a toggle, plus adding some handy shortcut commands - which allow you to perform certain combo actions more quickly and easily than you could with the KB/M.

Notes have been added to the configuration file for the less-obvious commands (i.e. the ones that aren't just direct mappings). I've also detailed them below, if you fancy the read!

Screenshots of button layout (no shift-modes).

Description of added functionality. (For those that enjoy reading!)

Full Jump: The "Jump" key in the game is designed to make you jump higher the longer you hold it down. In practice though there is never a point in the game where you would rather "hop" than do a full jump. Therefore, I've simply made the jump button on the controller always do a full jump, no matter how long you press the button. So basically, just tap it for all your needs (as long as your needs involve jumping)!

Use and Grab: I've consolidated the "Use" and "Grab" keys into one action on the controller. The two actions are mutually exclusive, so there's no reason you can't just hit "X" next to something you want to use, and then hold "X" on objects you want to grab. Simples!

Toggle Map: The other screens (Pause Menu, Memory Log, Teleport Screen) are all toggled screens within the game already. For consistency, I felt it was better to make the Map screen a toggle also. In general, I find toggling screens feels more natural for a controller, instead of having to hold down buttons.

Create Clone - Toggle: Instead of having to hold down the "Create Clone" key (which you have to do if playing with a KB/M), I've put this command on a toggle. I've found this to be the preferable method of using the cloning mechanic when using a controller, plus it opened up the possibility for me to create extra shortcut commands.

Cancel Clone/Close Screen: "B" has always instinctively been the "I don't want to do whatever it is I'm in the process of doing anymore" button, so I've attempted to implement that into the game. This means you can close the Map and Memory Log screens using the "B" button (couldn't make it work with the Pause Menu and Teleport Menu though I'm afraid). Additionally, since you'll be toggling the "Create Clone" mode, I added the ability to cancel out of "Create Clone" mode without being forced to create a clone (which I made work using some Map screen shenaniganry!)

Make Clone + Swap: While in "Create Clone" mode (via the Toggle), pressing this button will automagically create a clone and then instantly swap you into it. No need to pull off any lightning-fast button combos! There are many times when you want to create clones and swap straight into them, so this one's pretty handy, and helps make up for not using a mouse. If you're not in "Create Clone" mode then this button will act as a simple "Swap" button.

Make Clone - No exit: While in "Create Clone" mode (via the Toggle), pressing this button will create a clone, but still keep you in "Create Clone" mode. This is handy because you can create a clone but still be in that wonderful "Create Clone" slow motion time, giving you more time to perform your next action.

Clone + Swap - No exit: While in "Create Clone" mode (via the Toggle), pressing this button will create a clone and instantly swap you into that clone, without exiting out of "Create Clone" mode (and thus keeping you in slow motion). This ultimate combo action should assist you in avoiding time-sensitive deaths. (Of which many are inflicted by gravity!)

If you have any problems with the profile, or any suggestions for improvement, then please let me know.

Quick profile for The swapper. Fantastic game and easily playable with a controller, although it doesn't seem so at first (because of the mouse pointing mechanics for cloning).
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