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The Secret World Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
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Download Profile for The Secret World PS4 Controller Support

The Secret World profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
This profile has every control command available in The Secret World. This particular profile is optimized for the XBOX360 controller.

Left joystick is jogging (normal speed), x-sprinting* when button pushed past 99% in any direction. This setup is for turning left/right, but can be easily changed to strafing* left/right. (Pressed for Map)
Right joystick is mapped to the mouse. (Pressed for Ability Wheel)
ABXY buttons are action buttons: ABYX = 1-4, 5-8
D-pad is used for auto-looting (down and left), esc. button to get out of anything covering the screen (up), and use object (right).
Right shoulder is for left-clicking.
Left shoulder is shift-mode1 button that switches the ABXY buttons from 1-4 to 5-8.
Right trigger is for jumping.
Left trigger is for selecting other nearby hostile targets.
Back is for Mission Journal and Assembly Window.
Start is for Character Pane and Inventory.
Guide button+ABYX is used to switch ABYX to use the hotbar buttons 1-4. This will work whether you are in shift-mode1 or not.

* - To remove sprint or to switch to strafing: on the main PGP screen click Game Profiles>The Secret World (or whatever you have it called)>Edit Configurations>Right Click Left JS (Turn)>Assign Joystick Command>Pick whichever you'd like!

Like I mentioned earlier, this profile has all default controls listed in-game on The Secret World. Tweaking these to your liking should be as easy as deciding where you want them to go!

Hope it helps! If you have any questions, please let me know and I'll do my best to help!
Hi! First post! :)

Here's a profile for The Secret World directed towards targeted mode and solo play.

I've based it off a similar profile I use in Guild Wars 2 mixed with Aurkayne's for the commands (thanks Aurkayne!) and added me own bits in.

Luckily it's less complex than Guild Wars 2 as Secret World has an actual dedicated alternative target mode making the game more like a third person console game natively (even though it's not that documented) - allowing the player to fight / cast etc using a cross hair (turned on in game using Shift + T). I play almost completely in this mode and switch out into normal mouse mode for inventory management etc. This wouldn't be great in PvP / some group play as you need to target / call enemies etc. But for solo play it's awesome! Think in some ways it can make the game harder but I find it more fun.

So here it is:

Most important!

Back button
TAP - Toggle the Map.
HOLD - Toggle between Target Mode + Mouse mode

TIP: The point of this profile, is to keep switching between Target mode (for exploring/fighting) and Mouse mode (for clicking things/inventory etc). So try and get used to doing this often!

Guide button
TAP - Esc Key (Clear target / Close open window / Skip cutscene / Main menu).
HOLD - Skill Wheel Toggle.

TIP: If you find you've selected yourself by mistake or anyone else for that matter, tap this to clear the target. Same for exiting a shop window, inventory, skill wheel etc. Anytime you want to exit anything. Just tap it. When there's nothing selected tapping it brings up the main options menu. Tap again to leave the options menu.

Start button
TAP - Character Window Toggle.
HOLD - Inventory toggle.

Left stick
DIRECTION (Both modes) - Move character. ( In Target mode you'll strafe when combined with right stick used to look)
PRESS - Active dodge. Turn stick in a direction then click in to dodge in that direction.

Note: This can be buggy if you have double click to dodge turned on too. Works best with double tap to dodge turned off in the main options so they don't conflict.

Right stick
DIRECTION (Target Mode) - Aim crosshair / Look around / Turn character
DIRECTION (Mouse Mode) - Move cursor around screen.
PRESS - Swap Weapon sets

Note: I found it is actually possible to select all options on npc's (quests/dialog) while in Target mode, highlight the crosshair over the icon you want (such as speech bubble for dialog) and click use (set in this profile as Right Trigger). You can even select further actions in quest dialogs in this way etc. Some things though do need the mouse cursor (annoyingly some doors between instances and confirmation pop ups). So turn off target mode then again highlight and use Right Trigger to select.

Note: I use the same for my GW2 profile, but you can also use DPAD RIGHT to switch too.

Right Trigger
TAP - Use (U) / Single click - For quest elements etc.
HOLD - Double click - Needed for some selections.

Note: This is the same in both modes. Some things (mentioned above) can only be clicked in mouse mode. Anything that has a (U) you should be able to tap Right Trigger

Left Trigger -
TAP - Right Mouse click
HOLD (In mouse mode) + right stick - Look around

Tip: In your inventory in mouse mode if you highlight an item you can use Left Trigger to equip it or to use it.

Tip: Highlight a player or npc in target mode and TAP left trigger to highlight them and to see more info about them. (Use GUIDE button to clear target).

Skill slots 1 - 3
1 - X
2 - Y
3 - B

Skill slots 4 - 6
4 - Left Should Button + X
5 - Left Should Button + Y
6 - Left Should Button + B

Skill slot 7
7 - Dpad UP or Right Shoulder Button

TIP: I keep my key self heal ability in slot 7. For easy access.

TIP: I find keeping slots 1/2/3 as the attacks/ability with low cool downs I use most best, then the more powerful ones as 4/5/6 as they take a bit more effort to get to and less often.

A - Like most good third person games A is jump. While many configs may use that as the ideal place for a 4th skill slot I find I can't deal with it anywhere else without finding it clumsy. (And I like to explore high places!)

Left - Autoloot
Right - Switch weapons
Up - Skill Slot 7
Down - (alt key) Defensive Target Self

Tip: To quick heal yourself, have Skill Slot 7 as your heal. Then just press the Dpad down then up. :)
Click GUIDE to detarget yourself. To heal someone else (like you have to in the tutorial quest) make sure you're in target mode then just point the cross hair at them and press dpad up.

Note: I find this easier as DOWN points at ME (for my character) and UP means HEALTHUP. Or something. lol.


I can't find my cursor! Try Switching in and out of shift mode.

My mouse is stuck in windows! - Make sure Target mode in game is off! It takes over your mouse completely!

Target mode turns off between instances! I know annoying right! For some reason it's default in Secret World, when you enter a new area it switches back into mouse mode. Get used to holding that Back button!

Can you add X FEATURE? Maybe! I'm only just getting me head around the power of pinnacle but I'll try to update if it looks like a good feature. I'm looking to put in more camera features with a trigger and dpad combo - like zoom in and out, vanity cam, screen shots etc. But that'll be a while off at the mo! Suggestions welcom!

That's it!

Feel free to offer recommendations or tweak the profile and repost!

I'm still early on in the game so I'll add new elements and shifts as I progress and need more functionality.

I might use the right shoulder button as a shift for options around then :)

This is my profile for TSW. I have it set to my preferences but I figured it's a good base for other lovers of the game to start with. I always thought this game should have controller support, given the small number of active abilities.
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