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The Matrix: Path of Neo - Play with a PS4 Gamepad
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The Matrix: Path of Neo Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
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The Matrix: Path of Neo profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices

Once you LOAD your game in the game hit esc and turn on controller then sit back and follow the path of the one!


This game uses an old type of input I think it is dinput.dll or its own. Either way its simply broke for modern controllers and the layout is horrible.
The game will auto detect your joystick and apply its own profile instead of this one.

EZ Version 1.00 Path of Neo Release Date: 01.16.11

Table of Contents:

1.0 Installation Instructions
2.0 Controller Configuration
3.0 Release Notes

1.0 Installation Instructions:

1. Open "Pinnacle"
2. Click "Game Profiles" in the upper right corner.
3. Select New and browse to your "Matrix3.exe"
4. Click Edit Configurations near the bottom left
5. In the new window click Import ""
6. Now select "Save and Close"
7. Play the game, HAVE FUN!!!


If you activate the controller FIRST the game will load its own controller format that is broken on modern controllers.


2.0 Controller Configuration

Start Button: Main Menu
Back Button: Main Menu
Left Thumbstick: Move
Right Thumbstick: Look
RT Thumb Button: Action / Link
LT Thumb Button: Holster Weapon

Rt SHoulder: WEapon Next
Lt SHoulder: Weapon Previous

A Button: Jump
B UTTON: Swap Weapon
X Button: Evade
Y Button: Secondary Attack (Mouse 2)

Right Trigger: Attack Primary (Mouse 1)
Left Trigger: Focus (Shift)

DPad Up: Menu Up / Code Vision
DPad Down: Menu Down / Weapon swap
DPad Right: Menu Right / Weapon Next
DPad Left: Menu Left / Weapon Previous

3.0 Release Notes:
THis is an awesome game. Unfortunately its made using an old kind of controller detector I think dinput.dll. Modern games use xinput dll.

Weapon strip left out it never worked when I tried it with the keyboard or controller and I never used it or needed it. Feedback welcome or just add it to b button since its vacant and where it would be if that feature in the game worked. Seems for me at least wepaon strip NEVER worked which sucks cause it looks cool.