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The Godfather Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
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The Godfather profile
Pinnacle [Alec]
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
The Godfather is an open world game that came out in 2006, based on the 1970s Mafia film of the same name.

Surprisingly This Game has some good controller support considering it is coming up to 5 years old. It even Supports The Xbox 360 Controller Sort Of. Using The Built In support without changing anything you use the Bumpers for Shooting/Driving. If You Change The games INI file you can change that round so you can use the Triggers, however the problem is XInput. The Game Does not Support XInput meaning you cannot press both Triggers at once. This is not practical when you need to to lock on and shoot at the same time. This Profile/Fix is for XInput Devices Only (mainly just the 360 Controller and 3rd party 360 Pads that use XInput), Other Pads that do not have Analogue Triggers Do not need this profile as it will work fine in game.

As I mentioned above this game has good Controller Support, It seemed a shame not to use it at all. Especially when The Right Stick Works perfectly and the game will give you far better control than mouse emulation ever will. So Only The Triggers Have Been assigned in Pinnacle.

Here is how to set up the profile for use. First of all We need to know weather your Pad is recognized by the game or not. So Open The Godfather go to options>Controls then tick Use GamePad, and press Default. If it has button bindings for the game pad and you can move the mouse with the left stick, your controller is supported, If it doesn't then Your controller is not supported (read on to see how you make the game see it).

Now you must block the Triggers, and reassign the bumpers, as well as make an unsupported controller respond in game. First Go To You Godfather Game Directory and open default.ini with notepad. If Your Controller does respond in game then simply find the name of your controller (In Most cases this will be The 360 Pad, which is near the bottom) and paste the following code in underneath it, removing what is already there, then save it. If Your Controller does not respond in game then go to Control Panel>Devices and Printers and right click on your controller and press game controller settings. The Name of your Controller will be displayed there (mines is Controller (MadCatz GamePad)). Underneath everything in default.ini make a new header reading [My_Controller:10:1:5] (Where My_Controller is the name of your controller) You Must use Underscores (_) Wherever there is a space. eg [Controller_(MadCatz_GamePad):10:1:5] then paste the code below underneath it and save.

NAME="XBOX 360 Controller"

Now we need to add an in game binding, the best way to do this is through default.ini. So open up the file again and look under the keyboard header, now find W_KEY_LEFT^CTRL=VBUTTON_LEFT_TOP and press enter to create a new line underneath it. Now Paste W_KEY_RIGHT^CTRL=VBUTTON_LEFT_TOP into the new line and save and close.

The Next Thing We need to do is clear any previously saved controls. Go to Documents\GF and delete settings.ini (it will be re-created the next time the game is run).

Now Finally we can import the profile into Pinnacle and play the game. The Controls are Identical to the 360 version, In menus The Left Stick is the mouse and A is Select.