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Terraria Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
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Terraria profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Publisher: Re-Logic
Developer: Re-Logic
Release Date: May 16, 2011

Profile for Terraria: Collectors Edition

I did use Marlart profile (Full credit to him for making a quality profile) that he posted, and doing my own adjustments and I do believe I've made an amazing profile. I also changed the shift modes to the left and right of the D-Pad and also added both as a sticky. Tap once for sticky and tap again to release to main profile. I also saw the need for throw and placed it on the right joystick button.
I also did the Ranged Radial Attack on the advanced window tilted over and under 1%.

I got toddmd2's Terraria profile a few weeks ago, but while it was functional, there were some things about it that I felt were a bit lacking. First of all, there was no quick grapple button, and no auto selection button either, which is a godsend when using a controller so that you can quickly switch back and forth between your weapon and placing torches/using tools. the mouse was also painstakingly slow, which made selling things/rearranging my inventory and basically anything but actually mining or attacking very tedious for me. I've been slowly modifying it over the course of a few weeks, and with one exception, I've arrived at something I think is pretty comprehensive. anyway here goes. (first post, if you couldn't tell already.)

note: There is no Throw command, but the only time I've ever had to throw an item was to summon the Wall of Flesh, so I didn't bother keeping it in there.

Unshifted controls

Left Stick - Move (I had the problem of falling through wood platforms all the time if I didn't push the stick almost perfectly horizontal, so I set it up to where you have to push the stick 2/3rds of the way down or more in order to register a down push. this way when you're fighting on platforms you won't fall through accidentally and take fall damage.

Right Stick - Aim Cursor

A - Jump

X - UNMAPPED/Toggle Red-shift (I'd recommend that you put 'magic/ranged switch' here. The command is already made, and I have it set to the second inventory slot at the moment, and this already
shifts to the config meant for easy ranged weapon and magic use.)

B - Healing potion

Y - Mana potion

R Bumper - quick grapple

L Bumper - turbo quick grapple. this makes climbing long mineshafts (hellevators) before you get wings a whole lot easier. you can just cling to the wall with your grappling hook, position your cursor just above you on the wall, and hold the button down to repeatedly grapple over and over again to climb up straight walls. you can experiment with where on the screen to position the cursor and actually get moving pretty fast.

Start - Inventory

Right Trigger - Attack/Use tool or potion

Left Trigger - Auto-Select (this means that when you hold this down, your character will auto bring out the tool needed for what your cursor is on. If you hover over wood, you'll be able to use an axe instantly. If it's dirt or stone, it'll be a pickaxe or drill. You will still have to manually bring out your hammer if you are trying to break down background walls, however, because anywhere you mouse over that is background or doesn't have anything to break there, it will select torches/glowsticks. You'll also still have to manually select you Wrench/Wire cutters for wiring things. Upon releasing it, you'll default back to whatever you had selected previously in your quickbar.) **EDIT** I just found out that holding this down while clicking on things in your inventory will automatically put them in the trash. If you have an NPC shopping window open, it will auto-sell what you click on.

D-Pad - Left and right will scroll left and right on your quickbar, while up and down will do scroll up and down in your crafting screen.

Left Stick click - Interact (talk to NPC's, open doors, stuff like that. I like this the least, but I had nowhere else to put it for easy access. If you have a better place to put it, let me know in the

Right Stick click - Pressing and holding this down will enter the Blue-shifted controls, and make the Left stick a much faster mouse. Like the other shifted controls, it's not necessary to play the game, but it does make some things easier. once you get practiced with it, you should be able to switch to Blue so as to get your cursor where you need it to go quickly, then release the right stick and get fine-tuned movement back.

Blue-shifted controls(click and hold right stick) - for use in the inventory/shop screens

same as unshifted, except that the left stick is a much faster mouse cursor. one could use this to very quickly get the cursor from your character to anywhere on the screen, then return to the unshifted controls for fine tuned mouse movements. makes rearranging your inventory take half as much time.

Red-shifted controls (X as a sticky/toggle)

same as unshifted, except that the right stick now functions as a radial attack stick, a-la Geometry wars and similar games. pushing the stick in a direction while a ranged weapon is equipped will fire in that direction. as I said above, I recommend that you assign the command 'magic/ranged switch' to the X button in the unshifted profile, which switches to your second inventory slot. (where you would store your bow/gun/magic of choice.) I've also changed the right trigger from attack to jump, so that you don't have to stop attacking in order to be mobile.

I realize that's a lot of stuff to read, but oh well :D




I tweaked the radial attack a bit to make it easier to aim. Unfortunately, Pinnacle doesn't allow you to set a circular boundary for the mouse, so aiming is still gonna be a little difficult.
Just wanted to leave this here for all of you. Pretty standard platformer controls:

Left Stick - Move
Right Stick - Aim Cursor
A - Jump
X - Throw
B - Heal
Y - Mana
L/R Bumpers - Previous/Next Item
Start - Inventory
Right Trigger - Attack
Left Trigger - Interact (opening doors and the like)

I monkeyed around a bit with using mouse spring to control the cursor, but I find that I like straight up binding it to the mouse. It seems much easier to control plus I like the cursor to be floating a few tiles out in front of me and binding it to the mouse allows for that without the constant cursor babysitting that mouse spring seems to entail.
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