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Resident Evil 4 Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
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Resident Evil 4 profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Hello all, and thanks for looking at my Resident Evil 4 profile!! I'm an avid fan of RE4 (particularly the Xbox 360 version), but found the one profile on this site to be good but not quite perfect. My main gripe was with the aiming controls. Using my MadCatz 360 controller on my PC, Leon would move the laser sight around kinda fast and made lining up those all-important headshots difficult (if you've played RE4 or RE5 you know how important headshots are). I have fixed this in my profile, Leon now aims more slowly, making sniping and headshots much easier and the game overall very enjoyable.

Just download the profile I made (hats off to the creator of the original RE4 PNG profile, I modified yours), or if you want you can just manually edit the profile you already have. First, click Game Profiles and open up the "Edit Configurations" tab for your RE4 Profile. From there, find the "L Joystick" section and click "Set Up Joystick". Under the "Joystick Mapping" column, you will see by default the radio button is next to "MAP TO W,A,S,D KEYS." Instead, click on the radio button that says "MAP TO MOUSE SPRING". Next, you will see 2 sliders under Joystick Sensitivity (one for horizontal axis, other for vertical.) By default they are at 25%, LOWER THEM BOTH TO 15%. Leave the Joystick Deadzone and Joystick Range as they are. That's it, click "Save and Close" and YOU'RE DONE!!! Enjoy and please leave your comments!!

I know the game should already work with the 360 controller, it didn't exactly work for me. Instead of reinstalling the whole game for one corrupt app I decided to make a profile for the game so if anyone is looking for a RE4 here's mine.

P.S. The mapping is based off the RE5 configurations.
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