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Neverwinter: Dungeons & Dragons Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
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Download Profile for Neverwinter: Dungeons & Dragons PS4 Controller Support

Neverwinter: Dungeons & Dragons profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Anyone just started playing this new released MMO
Very Easy to use Xbox 360 Controller profile.
I've been playing Neverwinter during the 2nd beta weekend. Here's a simple profile that I created for the game. It maps all of the action commands to the controller. There is still some need to use a keyboard for other actions, however.
All battle commands are mapped + inventory, items, and character sheet. I found out that the double tap to dash does not work very well with the joystick. With it being analog, it is constantly pressing "w" to move forward. I disabled the analog function which for the most part stops this. But I had to bind the XBOX HOME key to "shift". So now you must move the left stick and press the home key with your thumb. It actually works out nicely.
L&R trigger are you left&right click attacks.
L&R bumpers are your two daily attacks.
Item slots 3,4,5 are arrow pad:left,down,right.
Your 3 encounter attacks, Q,E,R are buttons X,Y,B with A being jump.
up arrow being inventory.
"Back" button pulls up your character sheet,
"start" is"TAB" to quickly switch attackmodes.
Mouse control is easy by hitting the left stick button, mimicking "Alt", and the right stick button is "F" for talking, looting.

I've played with cleric, control wizard, and great sword with this set up and it works smoothly.
*Remember during quest menus!* don't wast time using the mouse to press your dialogue option. the options are labeled by numbers so use the corresponding button to fly through. 1=left bumper, 2=right bumper, 3=x, 4=y, 5=b...
And use the right joystick to loot by pressing it twice, just like pressing F twice.

Problems: For some reason, even with the stick sensitivity turned down, the game still likes to occasionally make your character dash in a direction if you do a weird stick movement like doing a streetfighter fireball or uppercut move. Aside from that, I feel this is the most fluid mapping I've used, Hope you enjoy. Oh, if you panic and smash the left stick button, you'll find yourself going into look mode in the middle of combat. When things get hairy, don't panic by gripping the controller tighter. You'll inadvertently press the stick button. Players of COD and MW know what I'm talking about... stupid melee attacks/prone for no reason...
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