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Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
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Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices

I've played ME3 Multiplayer for more than 1,000 hours using Pinnacle and this is what I use. A profile optimized for single player will be sub-optimized for multiplayer, and vice versa, so I've created an exclusive MP profile. You cannot play the single player campaign with this profile. Multiplayer only.

I started with a layout that mimicked the Xbox console MP commands and made a number of tweaks and adjustments over the last year to arrive at this. The major changes along with rationale as follows:

1) The Infamous BioWare Omnibutton
The Space on PC (A on Xbox, X on Playstation) omnibutton is a nightmare; i.e. Working as Intended! One press to activate a drone/hack/device/spectate next player, enter cover, and revive; a double press to vault cover, mash to prolong life before you bleed out when you're down, and held down to sprint. It's the last that is the killer with a controller because if your right thumb is holding down 'A' it's not on the right stick and therefore you've lost control of the camera. You can get away with it in single player because it's essentially a corridor shooter where you're typically running in a straight line to cover, but it doesn't work in MP. You're going to be running away from Banshees for hours (literally, if you like soloing) and the maps are more square, so you're going to need to be able to control the camera while you run. The solution is to have the command in two places. I've kept it at 'A' for the click functions and also placed it at Left Bumper [Hold] for sprinting. Obviously holding down LB with the index finger allows you to run--and maintain situational awareness with the camera--by keeping both thumbs on the sticks.

1.1) Running with the Pizza
This profile also contains a macro at LB. One third of a second after you start sprinting a fast repeat macro kicks in that keeps triggering 'A'/Space. It doesn't interrupt the run and it allows you to run with the pizza. This is a 'clever use of game mechanics' trick that's easy on PC but doesn't work on consoles. Running will drop the Pizza but the repeating 'A' with immediately pick it up, only to be dropped and picked up again, etc. It's not perfect, particularly off-host, and you need to be careful to avoid the furniture (i.e. sticking to walls because the omnibutton also triggers entering cover), but it's better than nothing and still faster than walking. FYI you can actually separate the sprint and take cover functions on PC by modifying the coalesced.bin file, but I haven't done it and this profile obviously doesn't incorporate it (the game just wouldn't be the same without becoming glued to a wall at the critical moment you try to run from a Pyro).

1.2) Auto-revive
The other advantage of the repeat macro is that when running your character will automatically vault low cover (i.e. interpret a double press) and trigger revives and other activations. So, for example, instead of holding LB to run, then time an 'A' double press to vault cover, then time a single press to revive a teammate, the macro does it all for you. Just run and it will vault and revive automatically (impress your friends!) Your only task is to make sure you come off the left stick before you run 'through' your teammate during the revive. The final benefit of the repeat macro is to prolong life when you're down and at risk of bleeding out. You can mash 'A' if you like, or just hold down LB and let the macro do it, faster, for you.

Easy mode? If you want to remove the repeat macro simply go to Edit Commands -> 'Movement > Sprint/Pizza/Prolong' -> Edit steps, and delete everything after the first line.

2) The Oh S**t! Buttons
There are two commands you'll need to use reflexively and I've moved these from the D-Pad to the sticks so there's no time wasted reaching for a button. On the left stick I've placed Ops Survival Packs. You'll be down to no shields and minimal health and you'll have a split second to trigger an Ops Pack before you go down -> click left stick.

On the right stick I've placed Medi-gels for reload cancelling. Hit 'X' to reload, wait to hear the faint 'click', then hit the right stick button to cancel the rest of the reload animation and immediately start firing again. Obviously it won't consume the Medi-gel. Using a power and starting to sprint are other, situational, ways to reload cancel and this skill makes a huge difference on Gold and Platinum difficulty.

3) The D-Pad
I've left the Cobra Missiles and Thermal Clips on the D-Pad; they're at top and left so closest to the thumb coming off the left stick. The other D-Pad commands are Voice Chat, which you'll rarely use pugging but it will come in handy with friends, and I had a button left over so I assigned right D-Pad to NVIDIA Shadowplay, which I use but obviously it's not universal. If you do use Shadowplay make sure it's set to F1 and change either it or Pinnacle if not.

4) Sensitivities
These are the pieces you need to adjust to your own liking, but if you want to use my settings as a starting point I have joystick acceleration turned on but at the lowest setting; the right stick sensitivities in this profile are 74% horizontal and 55% vertical, and the "sniper assist" setting that further reduces aiming speed while zoomed is set at 65%. With regard to making changes, the right stick sensitivities are in the obvious place and the sniper assist setting can be found under: Edit Commands -> 'Weapon > Aim Weapon'.

5) Get a Grip
This configuration works best gripping the controller with the left index finger on Left Bumper and left middle finger on Left Trigger. This allows you to fire Power 1 (LB) while zoomed (LT). If you can maintain the same grip with the right hand; great, but it's not required and the right index figure can effectively cover both RB and RT.

So that's it. Sorry for the long essay but it was a rainy day and I had nothing better to do! Happy hunting and a big THANK YOU to the Pinnacle guys for a great piece of software.