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Kerbal Space Program Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
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Kerbal Space Program profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
I've spent quite a while mapping up a 360 controller for ksp.. And I'm pretty proud of the setup. I used Pinnacle Game Profiler to do it, as the standard ingame setup is meh.

Heres an image of the main flight controls, Then ill explain a bit.

The Left Stick is pitch and yaw, with roll on the bumpers. Have to setup pitch and yaw with the ingame controller support to take advantage of the sweet axis variable control.
However i do have it mapped in PGP to trigger wasd when fully tilting the joy. This is what gives it EVA/Rover control.

Right trigger is the throttle control. The way i have it setup is that fully pulling the trigger throttles up (shift) and barely pulling the trigger throttles down (Ctrl), while not pulling the trigger leaves it where it is. Theres also a deadzone inbetween the two, so basically its pull trigger to throttle up, let out trigger to throttle down, take finger off trigger to leave it set. It works pretty well once you get used to it. Also works for EVA propellant

The Left trigger is mapped kinda the same as the right, However it is Translate up/down

The Dpad is mapped with the 4 Main directionals as corresponding Translate Directions. Since I hardly diagonally translate. Usually only use translate for docking, and I tend to fix one axis at a time.I Figured it would be nice to have control groups. pushing straight diagonally triggers control groups 1-4

X - Warp speed down. And HOLD X for landing gear toggle
Y - Warp Speed up. HOLD Y for lights toggle
A - Stage, "let go", Jump- HOLD A for SAS on/off hold/"Grab" (Added Rumble effect to staging button :D )
B - Cut Throttle/ HOLD B for Brakes

Guide Button - Escape(Pause)/ HOLD Guide button to toggle precise controls.
Back Button - Toggle RCS /Holding zooms camera in
Start Button - Toggle SAS/Holding zooms camera out

Clicking the Left Joystick switches to ****pit view (IVA)/Holding click toggles camera modes.

The Right Joystick controls the camera horizontally and vertically, Clicking the right Joystick switches to map view (m)
Heres the interesting part:
Holding in the Right Joystick click- Toggles the Controllers control mapping to a variant control (Mouse Mode) Illustrated below:

Once entering this mode, The Right Joystick now controls the mouse, Until Holding the right joystick click in again toggles you back to the previous controls.
While in Mouse Mode:
Left on the Dpad - LeftClick
Right on the Dpad- Rightclick
Up on Dpad - Timewarp Up/ Hold to switch vessel forward
Down on Dpad - Timewarp Down/ Hold to switch vessel backward
Dpad Diagonal downleft - quicksave
Dpad Diagonal downright - quickload
Dpad Diagonal upleft- Hide Flight controls overlay
Dpad Diagonal Upright- Flight Log

Left Joystick is the same, Except clicking it now presses ALT, Useful for fuel transfers and such.
Both Triggers/Bumpers/Back/Guide/Start/B/and A, are mapped same as above.

X - Toggle vehicles labels
Y - Screenshot.

And there you have it. Pretty much all the controls you could ever need. All on one 360 controller.
I just completed a mun landing and return using nothing but 360 controller. :D

You can also use it for building vehicles, as everything needed is mapped (alt, shift mouse etc). But I probably wont.