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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
I was unable to find profile for GTA Vice City, which will satisfy me (and in menu on PGP site there is none), so I have created one for Steam version of GTA Vice City and XBox Controller for Windows.

updated for GTA3

Readme (as in .zip file) for curious:

GTA Vice City and GTA3 PGP profile by KHRoN

!!!!!!! If you don't want to read whole readme read just this short notice :) !!!!!
!! Profile consists of two files: profile itself and custom in-game mapping so you !!
!! need to install both of them. Controls layout is identical (AFAIK) as on PS2, !!
!! "JOY X" are just "buttons numbers" so it is easy to find out which is which. !!

[ TOC ]

1. Intro
2. Installation
3. Controls
4. Nooks and crannies
4.0. Left Analog sensitivity
4.1. Pause/Menu
4.2. Map
4.3. Targeting
4.4. Sniper rifle
4.5. Activating/Action
4.6. Helicopter
4.7. Look around
4.8. Tank
5. Questions and Answers
6. Contact me

[ 1. Intro ]

This profile was tailored for XBox Controller for Windows and Steam version of GTA
Vice City, however it should work for any 12-button controller and any version of
the game unless buttons have different numbers on them (see point 3 for numbers).

It works for Steam version of GTA3 too.

[ 2. Installation ]

Install PGP profile as usual (both GTA Vice City and GTA3 use the same profile).

For GTA Vice City copy gta_vc.set file into:
c:\Users\(Your Username)\Documents\GTA Vice City User Files\

For GTA3 copy gta3.set file into:
c:\Users\(Your Username)\Documents\GTA3 User Files\

... and you are ready to go :)

[ 3. Controls ]

Controls are basically the same as PS2 version, so there shouldn't be any problems
with those. You can use GTA:VC manual, any FAQ or Walkthrough, or google for them.

If you don't have XBox Controller and want to remap some buttons so this profile would
work, here is XBox Controller layout with buttons numbers:

+-----------------+ +------------------+
| Left Trigger | | Right Trigger |
| Left Bumper (5) +---------------------------+ Right Bumper (6) |
| Y (4) |
| Select (6) Start (7) X (3) B (2) |
| Left Analog (9) A (1) |
| D-Pad Right Analog (10) |
| *----------------------------------------------------+ |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
+---+ +---+

In-game hints about buttons should be straightforward:
- JOY X are just button numbers (according to XBox Controller, see above)
- PageDown is Left Trigger, PageUp is Right Trigger (why: see point 4)
- L is "hold Left Bumper" (why: see point 4)
- ESC is Start Button
- O, I, P and N are overriden buttons (why: see point 4)

[ 4. Nooks and crannies ]

I was trying to make thos controls as accurate as possible, so playing GTA:VC
with controller would be fully enjoyable - like on PS2.

To do that, I had to create custom in-game mapping and override some buttons
in PGP to accomodate for PC control scheme (because of separate button mappings
for things which used the same button on PS2).

So here are the details.

[ 4.0. Left Analog Sensitivity ]

I have turned down sensitivity of Left Analog. It is easier to steer car and to
look around with sniper rifle now.

[ 4.1. Pause/Menu ]

Pause game (or show menu in that matter) with Start Button.

[ 4.1. Map ]

Zoom in and out with Left and Right Triggers.

Show/hide legend by holding Left Bumper.

Move map with left analog.

[ 4.2. Targeting ]

Hold Right Bumper to target.

Holding Right Bumper Button overrides Left and Right Triggers, so you can switch
to previous/next target.

[ 4.3. Sniping ]

Hold Right Bumper to view through the scope.

Holding Right Bumper Button overrides X and A buttons, so you can zoom in and out.

Use Left Analog to look around.

Problem here: Y-axis is inverted and I can't seem to be able to override it in PGP
for targeting mode only.

[ 4.4. Activating/Action ]

To answer phone or pick up and replace weapon press Left Bumper bit longer than to
center view.

Picking weapon up is instant, to answer phone you actually need to release button.

[ 4.5. Helicopter ]

Use Left Analog to move forward/backward/left/right.

Use X and A to go up and down.

Use Left and Right Triggers to turn left and right.

[ 4.7. Look around ]

You can even look around (only while standing still) with Right Analog.

Problem here: sometimes game goes berserk and turning around is very fast. It is
game's fault, not PGP's or profile's - see that looking around with NUM-arrows
is then exactly as fast as with Right Analog. Closing and running game again helps
(in most cases) and you can look around at normal speed again.

[ 4.8. Tank ]

Use Right Analog to steer Tank's turret left and right.

[ 5. Questions and Answers ]

Q: Can I host your profile on my page?
A: Sure! Just host whole .zip file (profile, in-game mapping and this readme) and
don't erase my name (KHRoN) as an author.

Q: Can I sell your profile?
A: No. You can share it for free, but not sell it.

Q: Why not to override "JOY 1" with "1" keyboard button and so on? Profile would be
then fully compatibile with ANY controller supported by PGP!
A: Well yes, but...: for 1st I'm lazy, and for 2nd it will break (some bug in PGP)
Left Bumper button. PGP's "Double Command" doesn't seem to be working this way
and you can't center camera, answer phone or change radio station... and one
button NEEDS to be overriden this way because Activate button needs separate
in-game mapping (and I don't want to override it by "Triggering").

Q: Why so low sensitivity of Left Analog?
A: Because I like it this way. Just change it however you like.

Q: Why triggers to zoom map?
A: Because that's how it is in GTA4 and I don't know how map was zoomed on PS2.

Q: Why "looking around with Right Analog" works the way it is?
A: Because I have no idea how I can do it differently (with in-game Classic Controls).

Q: "Looking around with Right Analog" is buggy. It's too fast.
A: I know, it's game's bug. Just close the game, and run it again. Repeat it until
look-around speed goes back to normal.

Q: I have found a bug/I have a suggestion...
A: Great! See point 6.

Q: Can you add .set file for GTA3?
A: Sure, just did that.

[ 6. Contact me ]

If you want to ask or suggest something, don't hesitate to send me Private Message
on PGP forum!

Cuiusvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare...

Hi, This is a profile I have been working on for a long time now. I have been trying to get a good working Xbox Style configuration for this for the last couple of years. I have posted profiles for GTA III and VC before now, as some of you may remember, However this is the best config for it I have created, It combines elements of both Console Versions Control Schemes and The Control Schemes of its successors to provide an even better Control Scheme than Either the Xbox's or PS2's. Some Elements of the gameplay still feel slightly awkward (Like Drive By Shooting) but this is kept to an absolute mimimum.

This Profile has been made using a Combination of The DirectX Override Functions and Keyboard and Mouse bindings as well as the games native built in support for the Xbox 360 Controller. It will work with any Class Alpha Gamepad, but it has been built and optimized for the Xbox 360 Controller and Similar Devices.

The Same Profile Works for Both Games and you Will Need The Game Hooks Installed for it To Work. The Profile Has been made for the Classic Control Scheme So you will need to change it in options. You will also need to remap the Ingame Controls Slighty to match the Control Map. I have attached the Control Map and Control Scheme to This Post and They are also included in the zip.

So Enjoy This Xbox 360 Style Profile for the Classic GTA Games.
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