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FreeSpace 2 profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Here is another all-time classic in my space sim series that I was surprised not to see with a profile already. FreeSpace 2 was considered by many to be game of the year when it came out and many call it among the best space sims ever.

There were an awful lot of commands in this game so I really had to get creative with the double commands and the shift buttons. The amount of targeting functions alone could've taken up most of the buttons. There is a lot to absorb so it would be a good idea to print out the layout to refer to while you play. A few hours worth of play and it will become 2nd nature though.

- Important Notes -

**This profile was created on PGP 4.9
**You need to go into the control options and manually delete any command assignments with the word 'button' in it. For instance, primary fire will be assigned to CTRL and Button 1. Highlight 'Button 1' and press delete. Do that for every command that has 'Button _' in it.
**I'm using native support for the left stick, but not right stick so you need to go in and delete the command for 'Bank Axis' which is 'Joystick Y Axis', highlight it and press delete.
**LEFT BUMPER is the shift key.


* All of your targeting commands reside on non-shifted buttons.
* The D-pad is all targeting except UP.
* All Targeting functions are double commands.

- UP = Match Speed if pressed, Toggle auto-speed matching if held
- RIGHT = Next Bomber if pressed, Next Turret if held down
- Left = Next Escort Ship if pressed, Next Uninspected Cargo if you hold
- DOWN = Next Sub-system if pressed, Sub-system in reticle if held
- X = Next Target if pressed, Target Reticle if held
- B = Nearest Enemy if pressed, Nearest attacking ship if held
- CLICK RIGHT STICK = Toggles Auto Targeting


* All Energy Distribution commands reside on shifted D-pad & Right Stick
* Shifted D-Pad is all Energy Distribution commands
* Right Stick is all Energy Dist. commands, including click RS

- UP = Increase Shield Energy if pressed, Decrease Shield Energy if held
- RIGHT = Increase Weapon Energy if pressed, Decrease if held
- DOWN = Transfer Energy from weapons to shields if pressed, transfer Energy from shields to weapons if held.
- LEFT = Increase Engine energy if pressed, Equalize all energy if held
- Shift + RIGHT STICK = Augment shields. If you press up, your forward shields will be augmented. If you press left, your left shields will be augmented, right & down same thing.
- Shift + RIGHT CLICK = If you click the right stick, it will equalize all 4 quadrants of shields.


- RIGHT BUMPER = Cycle primary fire. If pressed 3 times, it will toggle double fire.
- SHIFT + RIGHT BUMPER = Cycle Secondary fire if pressed, toggle double fire if held.
- Y = Countermeasures
- RT = Fire primary
- LT = Fire Secondary


- LEFT STICK = Controls movement
- RIGHT STICK = Controls throttle and roll. Push up to increase throttle, down to decrease throttle. Left and right controls Roll.
- A = Afterburner
- Shift + Start = Hyperjump


- START = Options menu
- BACK = Open Com dialog
- CLICk LEFT STICK = Cycle Radar Ranges
- SHIFT + BACK = Call to Re-arm ship
- SHIFT + A = Com dialog number 1
- SHIFT + X = Com dialog number 2
- SHIFT + Y = Com dialog number 3
- SHIFT + B = Com dialog number 4
- SHIFT + LT = Com dialog number 5

That's about it. This is a complex profile with a bit of setup you need to take care of first, so if you have any questions or problems please feel free to hit me up.