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Dragon Age II Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
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Dragon Age II profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Also Known As: Dragon Age 2
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: BioWare
Release Date: March 08, 2011
Game Review
You can download Dragon Age 2 Demo

Profile for Dragon Age II

Hi there!

I just created a profile for DA2. The right stick equals the camera (right-click held pressed and mouse inverted look) and the left stick is for the arrow keys (you'll have to change the Key bindings to the arrow keys in the DA2 config)

Also, the left trigger is the "Blue Shift" key which enables you, when held, to use the mouse as, well... a mouse. Clicking the right and left joysticks = the mouse's left and right buttons.

These are just some of the buttons I've mapped. I can now find everything I need to play DA2 right on my 360 controller (right trigger = R key, Back = Map (M), Y = Inventory etc., Dpad = F1 to F4)

Have fun!

Hello all, this is a profile I put together for Class Alpha Controllers, namely the Xbox 360 and LR2 controllers. Essentially, it uses a good amount of SHIFTing to enable the X, Y, and B buttons to be 1+0/4/7, 2/5/8, and 3/6/9 respectively. What sets this profile apart form others is that most others use cycle commands for Quick slots rather than shifted commands which pretty much means you'll be pausing a lot in combat (if that's your play-style power to you). My profiles are centered around a more active play-style (i.e. using abilities on reaction and realtime). The right analog stick uses left click when clicked and is otherwise used for camera movement. However, when navigating menus or selecting enemies from the pause menu, you can hold Left Bumper to shift in GREEN and use it as a mouse. I disabled the automatic mapping to the mouse because when you are moving about in the game, the cursor moves from side to side when you look left to right and is really annoying. Otherwise, you can position the mouse cursor in the center of your screen and play in a really console like manner. The A button uses a dual command, it targets nearest when tapped once and uses right click when held. In the UNSHIFTED mode, the X button uses Slot 1 when single tapped and Slot 0 when doubletapped. Since there is no radial menu, I commissioned both triggers for mode shifting (On the console, right trigger is actually used for this exact purpose, whilst left trigger is used for radial menu and pause). For right bumper, tap pauses and hold highlights objects. All in all, this profile is a sort of psuedo-Xbox 360 config but accommodates using a mouse. It may sound awkward at first, but once you actually use it, its really fluid and causes minimal issues. There are three profiles, one with the standard mapping, one with the Menu Shortcuts mapped to the diagonal d-pad buttons, and one that uses the left analog stick to move around similar to WoW and the right analog solely dedicated to the mouse.
Special thanks to Errol for his profile which was the starting point for mine.

All the user profiles on here inspired me to create my own for Dragon Age II. I am a RPG gamer on both PC and Xbox and enjoy the micro-management PC affords and the intuitive control and focus on action of the Xbox. I tried to create a that is intuitive while allowing the flexibility to be used for either micro-managing or action focused game play.

This is my first profile and I will tweak it. If people seem interested or seem to like it, I will upload the final version. Feedback welcome, please be constructive--I'm a newb and I admit it, no need to be a jerk about it. ;)

Hope you like it or adapt it to you own game play style:

upload image
Just in time(ish) for the Legacy DLC, I thought I would share my homemade profile for Dragon age 2. The aim of the profile was to mirror the consoles controls as much as possible. While this was not possible i still feel I have created a simple enough profile that anyone can use.
In the making of this profile I haven't looked at other profiles out of laziness, so i apologise if some aspects are pretty similar to other profiles.


UPDATE: Added new version with tweaked joystick sensitivities, deadzone etc.
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