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DOOM 3 Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
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  • Easy to setup in a few minutes
  • Advanced customization options
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Download Profile for DOOM 3 PS4 Controller Support

DOOM 3 profile
Pinnacle [Rob]
Total Downloads: 
author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
The following profile is now available to download with PinnacleUpdate. The related PIN file has also been attached if you need to manually import.

Doom 3

Pre-built Configurations for:
Xbox 360 Controller
Xbox Controller-S
PlayStation/PS2 Controller
& other similiar devices

Basic Commands
Movement > Move Backward
Movement > Move Forward
Movement > Move Left
Movement > Move Right
Movement > Sprint
Movement > Strafe
Multiplayer > Chat
Multiplayer > Drop Weapon
Multiplayer > Ready
Multiplayer > Spectate
Multiplayer > Team Chat
Multiplayer > Vote No
Multiplayer > Vote Yes
Next Weapon
Previous Weapon
System > Enter Cheat
System > Pause Game
System > Quick Load
System > Quick Save
System > Screenshot
Weapons > BFG
Weapons > Chain Gun
Weapons > Chainsaw
Weapons > Fists
Weapons > Flashlight
Weapons > Grenades
Weapons > Machine Gun
Weapons > Pistol
Weapons > Plasma Gun
Weapons > Rockets
Weapons > Shotgun
Weapons > Soulcube

Cycle Commands
Crouch Toggle

Joystick Commands
Move (standard)
Move (walk/sprint)
this is a Doom 3 profile designed for the Xbox 360 controller. For this profile to work correctly you need to have all the control related settings within Doom 3 set to there default settings. I recomend you set the mouse smooth otion in Doom 3 to at least halfway to smooth out any roughness in the right joystick when looking around. Have fun. :D
None of the other Profiles were working for me, so I decided to create my own. There were only two minor problems I had with this setup. The right analog stick controls the mouse, so you still need to navigate the PDA and the menu with a mouse cursor. Also, the right trigger is mapped to the left mouse button so you have to select items in your PDA, select items in your menu, and activate things in-game with the right trigger.
I also have nothing mapped to the "next weapon" button. All of the weapons are mapped to the d-pad (excluding the chainsaw) however, I find this to be beneficial.

The controls are as follows:
L Joystick: Mapped to WASD; push further than 85% to sprint.
L Joystick Button: Hold to crouch.
R Joystick: Mapped to Mouse.
R Joystick Button: Not mapped.
L Trigger: Chainsaw
R Trigger: Fire Weapon, activate items, select items in menus.
D-Pad: 8-directional weapon selection. It is currently set up the way I like it; you can obviously change this if you want.
A Button: Jump
B Button: Soul Cube
X Button: Reload
Y Button: Flashlight
L Shoulder: Quick load
R Shoulder: Quick save
Back: PDA
Start: Main Menu
Hey all, new to PGP and found it great and really easy to use, when i put my pad in for the first time it asked me for more info about the pad so i thought i would post my own profile that i have made for Doom3, let me know if it helps anyone
EZ Version 1.00 Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil Release Date: 03.26.10

Table of Contents:

1.0 Installation Instructions
2.0 Controller Configuration
3.0 Release Notes

1.0 Installation Instructions:

1. Open "Pinnacle"
2. Click "Game Profiles" in the upper right corner.
3. Select New and browse to your "DOOM3.exe"
4. Click Edit Configurations near the bottom left
5. In the new window click Import "Doom"
6. Now select "Save and Close"
7. Play the game, HAVE FUN!!!

***For Resurrection of Evil***

1. Open "Pinnacle"
2. Click "Game Profiles" in the upper right corner.
3. In the empty box place the path to the file "DOOM3.exe"
4. Add this so it looks like "doom3.exe" +set fs_game d3xp
5. Click "Edit Configurations" near the bottom left
6. In the new window click "Import" "Doom"
7. Now select "Save and Close"
8. Play the game, HAVE FUN!!!

2.0 Controller Configuration
For double commands just hold the button.

Start Button: PDA
Back Button: Main Menu
Left Thumbstick: Movement
Right Thumbstick: Mouse Look
RT Thumb Button: Flashlight / Pistol
LT Thumb Button: Crouch

A Button: Chaingun / Plasma Gun
B Button: Grenade / Rockets
X Button: Reload
Y Button: Soul Cube

Right Trigger: Fire
Left Trigger: Jump
Right Shoulder: Quick Save
Left Shoulder: Quick Load

DPad Up: BFG
DPad Right: Machine Gun
DPad Left: Shotgun
DPad Down: Chainsaw

3.0 Release Notes:
This is designed for the person who plays from their couch.
Easy to use if you die just right shoulder to reload.
Chaingun and plasma gun delegated to A button since not really used.
Made to make the casual gamer play like a harcore gamer
Zoom does nothing so its removed, zoomed or not your accuracy is the same.

There is a official profile here by Gary:
Here's my profiles for DOOM 3 & the R.O.E. expansion pack. Both profiles are similar except for the weapon name changes.
Things you should know...

You should use pinnacle v.4.1.0. (or later)

Uses default game controls.

If you want to use the actual R.O.E. icon on pinnacles main window (instead of the default doom 3 pentagram) you can find it here...C:\Program Files\Doom 3\d3xp.

Complete command set with all game commands named & grouped as they are in the game. Multiplayer & quick save/load commands are assigned as well.

Includes 2 configurations - Classic & Modern. These can be hot-swaped by holding the 'back' button until your controller rumbles, then release to complete the swap.

Advanced Crouch command allows you to toggle the crouch command on/off by tapping the button, or you can use it as a standard 'hold' type by holding the button down.

Holding the shift button changes the right stick into an 8-way weapon selector.

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