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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Hello there.

I tried out the already uploaded profiles and didn't feel as comfortable of a transition from console to PC. I think I've made a profile now that feels more efficient and about as stable as the console version (without the evade ability\of course)

I've left all controls to their respective default key bindings from in-game except for Force Move which you must bind to Numpad 5. If you don't, then you cannot move without clicking around.

I admit- it may not be perfect but I believe this is as close as we can get thanks to the abilities provided here through Pinnacle (thanks Devs).

Also, yes this is a bit of a flip-around with attacking from the console but I personally felt this worked better. The profile should be easy to flip around as most of the necessary compound commands are there.

Enjoy! Diablo III
=== New better profile attached (it helps to simulate attacks vs char moves better using shift profile (BLUE) to not move character if attack spell is used on primary and secondary skill)
This makes it simulate keyboard SHIFT-attack better=====

Hi All,

This is a profile I put together quickly.
All you need to do is to map in game's key bindings "force move" to . (period)
This is important as move will not work if you do not.

Then load the profile (it is based on Xbox 360 controller layout, using Logitech F710 wireless controller).

left thumb stick - free move (char move on map)
right thumb stick - free mouse move (so you can pick up things or select things freely)
right thumb stick press - left mouse button action (use in combination with free mouse move)


up - world map
down - local map
left - inventory
right - back to town


A (green button) (shift +) left mouse button attack
X (blue) - ability 1
Y (orange) - ability 2
B (red) - ability 3
RB - ability 4
RT - (shift +) right mouse button attack
LB - potion (Q)
LT - escape

This profile is similar layout to console PS3 controller D3 play.

Hope this helps, and you can always remap it to your liking.

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