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Battlefield 2142 Controller Support for PS4 Gamepads
  • Use your PS4 controller on a PC
  • Software supports any gamepad
  • Easy to setup in a few minutes
  • Advanced customization options
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Download Profile for Battlefield 2142 PS4 Controller Support

Battlefield 2142 profile
Pinnacle [Rob]
Total Downloads: 
author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
The following profile is now available to download with PinnacleUpdate. The related PIN file has also been attached if you need to manually import.

Battlefield 2142

Pre-built Configurations for:
Xbox 360 Controller
Xbox Controller-S
PlayStation/PS2 Controller
& other similiar devices

Basic Commands
Camera > Camera Cycle
Camera > Chase Front
Camera > Chase Rear
Camera > Cockpit
Camera > Fly By
Combat > Alt-Fire
Combat > Counter-Measures (vehicle)
Combat > Enter/Exit Vehicle
Combat > Fire
Combat > Pickup Kit
Combat > Reload
Communication > Comm Channel
Communication > Main Radio
Communication > Push to Talk
Communication > Say All
Communication > Say Squad
Communication > Say Team
Communication > Sec. Radio
Communication > Vote No
Communication > Vote Yes
Hidden > Crouch (for cycle)
Hidden > Prone (for cycle)
Misc/Other > 3D Map
Misc/Other > Console
Misc/Other > Create Squad
Misc/Other > Game Menu
Misc/Other > Map
Misc/Other > Pause
Misc/Other > Scoreboard
Misc/Other > Spawn Screen
Misc/Other > Squad Screen
Misc/Other > Zoom Map
Movement > Crouch
Movement > Jump/Stand/Parachute
Movement > Move Backward
Movement > Move Forward
Movement > Move Left
Movement > Move Right
Movement > Prone
Movement > Sprint/Boost
Position > Position 1
Position > Position 2
Position > Position 3
Position > Position 4
Position > Position 5
Position > Position 6
Position > Position 7
Position > Position 8
Weapons > Cycle Weapons
Weapons > Next Weap/Zoom Out
Weapons > Prev Weap/Zoom In
Weapons > Weapon 1
Weapons > Weapon 2
Weapons > Weapon 3
Weapons > Weapon 4
Weapons > Weapon 5
Weapons > Weapon 6
Weapons > Weapon 7
Weapons > Weapon 8

Cycle Commands
Position Cycle

Joystick Commands
Move (standard)
Move (walk/sprint)
This is my bf 2142 profile for xbox 360 controller. This profile includes many advanced things like more accurate aim while holding down alt fire, advanced toggles for switching through your main weapons, and dedicated button for frag grenades.
I will continue to update this as i fix the bugs.
Notes: You must hold down alt fire to keep the sights up if you do not like this just change it but remember you must still hold down alt fire to have more accurate aim.

grenades secondary fire dose not work unless you change alt fire back to normal.
Here is my config for battlefield 2142, its pretty much exactly the same as Battlefield 2 on PC, a previous config I released.

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