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Mass Effect Controller Support for any PC Gamepad, Xbox 360, PS3, PlayStation, etc
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Mass Effect profile
Pinnacle [Rob]
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
The following profile is now available to download with PinnacleUpdate. The related PIN file has also been attached if you need to manually import.

Mass Effect

Pre-built Configurations for:
Xbox 360 Controller
Xbox Controller-S
PlayStation/PS2 Controller
& other similiar devices

Basic Commands
Combat > Change Zoom Level
Combat > Draw/Holster Weapon
Combat > Fire Weapon
Combat > First Aid
Combat > Next Weapon
Combat > Previous Weapon
Combat > Storm/Turret Zoom
Combat > Use/Interact
Combat > Zoom/Vehicle Cannon
Hidden > Move Speed (custom)
Hidden > Tactics HUD/Thrusters (custom)
Misc/Other > Codex
Misc/Other > Equipment
Misc/Other > Goto Normandy
Misc/Other > Journal
Misc/Other > Map
Misc/Other > Mission Computer
Misc/Other > Quick Save
Misc/Other > Squad
Misc/Other > Tactics HUD/Thrusters
Movement > Crouch
Movement > Move Backward
Movement > Move Forward
Movement > Move Left
Movement > Move Right
Movement > Move Speed (toggle)
Orders > Order Attack
Orders > Order Hold
Orders > Order Move
Orders > Order Rally
Powers > Quick Slot 1
Powers > Quick Slot 2
Powers > Quick Slot 3
Powers > Quick Slot 4
Powers > Quick Slot 5
Powers > Quick Slot 6
Powers > Quick Slot 7
Powers > Quick Slot 8
Powers > Toggle Quick Slots
Weapon Select > Assault Rifle
Weapon Select > Grenade
Weapon Select > Pistol
Weapon Select > Shotgun
Weapon Select > Sniper Rifle

Double Commands
First Aid/Goto Normandy
Weapon Holster/Quick Slots (hold)

Joystick Commands
Movement (advanced)
Movement (basic)
Edit: Updated 2013/10/23

My modified profile based on the official PGP-MassEffect-A with a few tweaks.

Notable changes:
[*] Hold A to Sprint
[*]Press Back for Map
[*]Hold Back for HUD Toggle (Cycle command)
[*]Hold X to bring up HUD/Use Thrusters (with smart toggle to reset hold back cycle)
[*]Removed mouse control from right stick and replaced with manual mouse commands to manually tweak camera speed (if its too fast, lower the mouse sensitivity in-game before adjusting the profile)
[*]LB is now Grenade
[*]RB is now Next Weapon, Hold for Previous.
[*]Hold Guide Button to switch to "blue" set, which allows quick commands as follows:
[*]RB becomes Quick Save
[*]X = 1, A = 2, B = 3, Y = 4, D-PAD Left = 5, D-PAD Down = 6, D-PAD Right = 7, D-PAD Up = 8

If you have the "spinning camera" issue when both sticks are pressed left, be sure to:
[*]Run Pinnacle Game Profiler as Administrator
[*]Install game hook to prevent native gamepad support

Here is a profile for Mass Effect created for the Xbox 360 controller and most other similar Game pads


The navigation control, Mapped to the left analog button, has the potential to become out of sync
with the game. The effect of this would be the run and walk would become reversed. I have carefully
Positioned the interface so that this feature will remain stable. For instance, the tactics HUD can
cause the Navigation to get out of sync if you press it while moving forward. To discourage this, I
have put the tactics HUD on the back button so you will be encouraged to take your thumb of the analog
stick in order to press it. I have not been able to purposely make the control get out of sync but
it did happen one time during the course of making this profile when the game glitched on me, so it
could happen. if it does get out of sync simply press the Z keyboard Key to fix it.

I have modified the Vehicle Thrusters command so that when pressed it will help keep your vehicle's
forward momentum. This was done because the positioning of the vehicle Thrusters command requires you
to take your thumb off the analog stick that controls vehicle Navigation,causing you to slow down.

I have Mapped the toggle quick slots command to the X button to simplify the usage of the quick slots
but to use them you still have to press the keyboard keys designated for the individual quick slots.
These commands don't appear to be necessary to play the game and It just wasn't very practical to try
and include them in the profile at this point.

Have Fun :)

First of all, this is my first profile. I've just usually found good ones on here and used them but I've just got Mass Effect and tried nikko892009's profile but being a ME player on the 360 wasn't entirely happy with it. So thanks to nikko892009 and I apologise if you have a problem with me using it(?).

Anyway, I've mapped out a profile with mimicks the 360 controller and thought I may aswell share it for those looking for a more console type experience.

Here are the controls....


A BUTTON - Interact
B BUTTON - Cancel/Holster Weapon
X BUTTON - Unused
Y BUTTON - First Aid
LB - Previous Weapon/Hold for Tactics HUD
RB - Next Weapon/Hold for Tactics HUD
BACK - Throw/Detonate Grenade
START - Mission Computer (Menu)
Right THUMBSTICK - Move Camera


UP - Move
DOWN - Take Cover
RIGHT - Target/Attack
LEFT - Rally


B BUTTON - Exit Vehicle
X BUTTON - Return to Normandy
Y BUTTON - Repair Vehicle
RIGHT TRIGGER - Fire Machine Gun
LEFT TRIGGER - Fire Cannon

Don't think I've missed any out. It's not 100% like the 360 but pretty close.

I also haven't tried the controls in the Mako yet but should work fine. In the Tactics HUD, you will have to use the mouse to select what power/weapon you want to use - it's a bit of a pain but easy enough to use (plus the game pauses anyway).

If you use it an have any problems, then post here and I will try to change it.
"Mass Effect Profile" by DannyCool

Hi guys! This is my version of the controller profile for Mass Effect. I think it's the most comfortable for this game and the closest to the console controls!! Every control has been assigned!
(This profile includes also the fix for the camera spin issue)

YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO ONE TWEAK INGAME: Assign the zoom level switch to "T"

- Hold LB or RB and press A, B, X or Y to perform an action from the quick slots
- Hold Y and press LB or RB to cycle through weapons, if you instead hold Y and press a D-pad direction you will draw the different weapons
- When you open the Powers Menu the mouse cursor will position at the centre of the screen to give you a little more comfortable access to all powers and weapons

This is the controller map:

Other Controls:

Holding LB:

: Quick Slot 1
: Quick Slot 2
: Quick Slot 3
: Quick Slot 4

Holding RB:

Quick Slot 5
: Quick Slot 6
: Quick Slot 7
: Quick Slot 8

Holding Y:

: Previous Weapon
: Next Weapon
D-pad LEFT: Draw Sniper rifle
D-pad RIGHT: Draw Assault rifle
D-pad UP: Draw Shotgun
D-pad DOWN: Draw Pistol

Hope you like it!!! :D

-updated version-

Check the Mass Effect 2 controller profile I've made:
Hello :) I was looking for profile to this game and I didn't found any that suites me so I did one by myself.

When pressing left shoulder You can use quick slots and change weapon. When You press back button Tactical HUD will be displayed and will stay until back button will be pressed again. When pressing Zoom/Cannon button sensitivity is reduced.
Google for "" and extract file from archive to */Mass Effect/Binaries this will disable remaining native controller support in game and prevent "spinning" bug.
Adept, for those of you not up on the in-universe ME lexicon, is someone who uses kablooey powers over shooty guns. This means that special attention was paid to binding the powers to hotkeys or quickslots, which are in turn bound to the face buttons. This allows for a player to be immediately intuitive, freeing up an Adept to live in the moment of combat instead of grinding the action and energy to a halt by bouncing to a tactical menu as soon as everybody starts shooting.

I think this profile anticipates and encourages play that is stylistically and frequently closer to the other two ME games, which may or may not be your cup of tea, but it never hurts to try something new. Let me know what you think, if you'd be so kind.

General housekeeping notes unrelated to class specification: Grenades have been bound to the right shoulder button, which is and has been the standard grenade button on gamepads for first-and-third person shooters for more than a decade. I like and use grenades frequently, so I'll probably keep it the way it is, but the final two quickslots can be bound to RB if you don't care about grenades. I researched the original Bioware-approved controller layout and was shocked to see not only that grenades were on the back button, but a face button was dedicated to drawing or holstering your weapon. This is not so in my profile. Consequentially, the input to access the Tactics HUD has been moved from RB to the left joystick button, and I changed it's activation from press and hold to a toggle, which means if your AI squad engages in an irritating death loop and you have to micromanage them, it isn't a pain in the ass to access, navigate, and manage the menu that helps you keep them from dying. Weapon swapping is on a strange and uncomfortable input, but adepts are only good with pistols, so it doesn't matter. The only input that I sacrificed entirely was the ability to switch from a jog to a walk. Just bite the bullet and jog slower, sightseers. That's all, folks, enjoy! Edit: The .pin is added, all is well.
This is my first week using PGP so to make my gaming experience a bit better I did some messing around

-For mass effect1 I changed PGP default some, so now you can walk run and storm and throw grenades

All default profiles included in the PINS.
If you have any questions, shoot me a mssg, and ill get back to you as when I am able.
Thank you and Thank you pgp for the most versatile game Control profiler I have come across.
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