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Fallout 3 Controller Support for any PC Gamepad, Xbox 360, PS3, PlayStation, etc
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Fallout 3 profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Searched on here for a FO3 profile, didnt find a good one. Here is my creation. It's very thorough: only time I need to touch the keyboard is to access the cheat console/type. Emphasis is on making a logical layout with minimal confusion--therefore many actual keystrokes "A" for example are duplicated on more than one controller key.


Left stick will walk/run dependant on how far you push the stick.

Button "2" is multifunction interact/use/pickup/exit/pip boy: tap button to open NPC dialogs, pick up items, exit trading, etc. To pull up/put away PIP Boy, make sure you're not pointed at something subject to interaction and hold button 2 momentarily. To turn on the flashlight hold button 2 longer until the light turns on/off.

Pip Boy can also be accessed directly as a shifted command (left top bumper-button 2)

Button 1 will "accept" (traders).

VATS is set up to scroll around using the D-pad, provided you move the mouse pointer off NPCs. Up/Down will select different areas on an NPC to target, Left/Right will target next/previous NPC in the field of need to "mouse around", just move the cursor to the left/right edge of the screen and control VATS with the D-pad, Fire and Button 2.

Long lists of inventory items will scroll using D-pad up/down, provided the mouse cursor is "touching" the list you want to scroll. Hold to quickly go through a long list.

Waiting: hold the D-pad (Right) button until the dialog appears, use d-pad up/down for length of time and then press the left stick up to wait.

Aim/Scope (button 3) is a cycled command which also decreases mouse sensitivity for easier sniping. Mouse sensitity is also decreased while pressing either left bumper intended for menu precision.

One bug to this layout I decided to live with: never try to exit the PIP Boy using the multifunction (button 2) while viewing Stats/Radiation. The list of commands assigned to button 2 will inadvertantly use a Rad-X in inventory before exiting PIP Boy. Switch PIP display to any other screen, then exit PIP Boy (or use the Shift-Button 2 method to exit).

Hot Keys are assigned while viewing PIP Boy inventory to shifted 8-way Dpad, and can (awkwardly) be assigned by Hold(shift-Dpad), right fire button click over intended hot key item. Experiment a couple times you'll get it.
This is MY control version for Fallout 3. i do not know if its the same, similar, or the complete opposite of the PS3 version.
Here is a profile for Fallout 3 using "Logitech cordless Rumblepad 2" using XP.
It does most functions similar to playing xbox360. :)
(On a different point - I tried to get the microsoft 360 controller to work and it does not work all the time so this is why I gave up on using it and switched to the dependable Logitech! The USB driver for the 360 is too unreliable. Also, forget about using at all with Vista.)

==Download to include both *.IGD (ImageGuide File), *.PIN (ProfileFile)files
Here is my version for a Fallout 3 profile for a PS2. I set the fire button to have a rumble effect but for some reason I don't have any feedback. If it works for someone please PM me or relpy.
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