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Diablo III profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Genre: Action role-playing, hack and slash, dungeon crawl
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Release Date: May 15, 2012
Game Review

Profile for Diablo III

This Profile made by special request for askanison40.

I created a pinnacle profile similar to the console controls:

I started from Toddmd2's profile and just tried to get it working with as many builds as I could. Trimmed out some things he had to be simpler and setup the primary skills different, so the same profile can be used on say a whirlwhind barb vs a hammer barb.

Default PC Keymap, but add force move in game to 'n'.

Right stick is for looting as PC has no dodge. Left and Right trigger are the primary skill -- left holds position and fires(good for most skills), right is click and hold (whirlwind/tepest rush type skills). For a given build usually end up using one trigger or the other.

Rest is pretty straightforward. Select toggles to mouse pointer mode, d-pad does fixed mouse moves around the size of an inventory box at 1080p resolution. Start opens inventory and moves to first slot (good quick swap option for say nemesis bracers).

Some minor updates for 2.1.

2.1 Runs: (360 overlay: SWK Monk T5 Rift)

Early test runs: (Monk) (Crusader) (LQ Barb)
Device: XBOX 360 Controller (wireless)

Version 4.0 LS Click

Move Mode (Default)

Both Analog Sticks to the same thing but are set to different Ranges, The Right Stick has a short range which is great for looting.


L TRIGGER - [Menu Mode] Shift-Mode Button (BLUE) (Shifts to traditional Analog Mouse Mapping instead of Spring RT and RS become Left and Right Mouse buttons. Releasing L Trigger Closes Menus)
R TRIGGER - [Primary Attack] Shift-Mode Button (GREEN)

L SHOULDER - Show - Health/Items
R SHOULDER - [Secondary Attack] Shift-Mode Button (YELLOW)

Action - Banner
D-PAD RIGHT - Menu - Follower
D-PAD UP - Action - Town Portal
D-PAD DOWN - Action - Potion

Action Bar 1
X BUTTON - Action Bar 2
Y BUTTON - Action Bar 3
B BUTTON - Action Bar 4

BACK - Menus - Back Btn Cycle 1: Menu - Inventory 2: Menu - Skills 3: Menu - Quests 4: Menu - Journal 5: Menu - Close
START - Menu - Game

Menu Mode (Hold L Trigger)


R JOYSTICK BTN - [no command]

L SHOULDER - [no command]
R SHOULDER - Action - MB Right

L TRIGGER - Menu - Close (Releasing This Exits Menu Mode)
R TRIGGER - Action - MB Left

D-PAD LEFT - Menu - ShiftCycle Command 1: Menu - Skills 2: Menu - Quests 3: Menu - Journal 4: Menu - Inventory
D-PAD RIGHT - Menu - ShiftReverse Cycle Command 4: Menu - Inventory 3: Menu - Journal 2: Menu - Quests 1: Menu - Skills
D-PAD UP - Emote - Give
D-PAD DOWN - Emote - Thanks

A BUTTON - Menu - Inventory
B BUTTON - Menu - Journal
X BUTTON - Menu - Quests
Y BUTTON - Menu - Skills

BACK - Menu - Map
START - Menu - Game

I tried to make this similar to other console dungeon crawlers. Both analog sticks automatically start clicking 10 times/sec when you push them past 65%. Movement is nearly indistinguishable from regular console games. I'd recommend using the Left stick for general movement and the Right for Looting. Pressing the Right Trigger and Shoulder Buttons start firing. You'll stop moving and use the analog sticks to aim. Action bars are mapped to the face buttons starting with A = 1 and goes clockwise up. Left trigger enters Menu Mode for sorting inventory etc. releasing it closes all menu windows. Left Shoulder Toggles Health Display and shows loot on the ground.

Version 4.1 LS Move
Added second Configuration with Move only on Left Stick (no Mouse Click)
L JOYSTICK BTN - Show - Health/Items
L SHOULDER - Switches to the original Mouse Click style move
NOTE: To use this configuration you will need to map the move function in Diablo III to the Up Arrow
Edited 4/17/2014

Anyone here interested in playing Diablo III on PC with a controller? Of course you are. Since Blizzard seems to have no interest in adding controller support to the PC version I thought I would take it upon myself to work something up. And work something up I did. The game now plays as if it were meant to be played on a controller.

The more detailed commands are the profile itself, so if you have any questions as to what does what just hover your cursor over the tooltip.

Some notable features:

~ Enjoy Diablo III with your feet up
~ Multiple joystick commands for movement, find the one that suits you
~ Click-free movement and attacking
~ Use the D-pad to navigate your inventory
~ Full range of emotes mapped to right stick
~ Screenshot functionality by holding the Guide button
~ New Lore is read at the tap of a button
~ Close all open windows
~ Access to the most common windows

Some things to note:

~ Control scheme tested at 1920 x 1080, if you play at a different resolution you will need to adjust some of the inventory command settings.
~ Tested with a Witch Doctor only, but I can't see why it won't work fine for the other classes.
~ Inventory management works well but you might find using keyboard/mouse more suitable for this task.
~ The .pin is loaded with lots of commands/double commands that I didn't end up using. Experiment with them to find what works best for you.

Kick back and enjoy! Feedback is welcome and please check out some of my other profiles.

Diablo III by
I spent the last couple of days tweaking this profile and I think I got it just right.

The only things I would change if I could would be to be able to add vibration/force feedback (I don't know how) and I wish that Diablo 3 allowed movement to be mapped to directional or WASD keys. Alas, it does not. In Diablo 3 movement is purely mouse or single key-press driven.

Overall what I've come up with works very well and is a lot of fun.

Here's the layout:

L Joystick - mapped to mouse
R Joystick - mapped to mouse
L Trigger - Right Mouse Button (Secondary Attack)
R Trigger - Left Mouse Buton (Main Attack/Move/Interact)
D-Pad Left - Journal
D-Pad Right - Inventory
D-Pad Up - Quick Heal
D-Pad Down - Follower Panel
A Button - Quick Slot 1
B Button - Quick Slot 2
X Button - Quick Slot 3
Y Button - Quick Slot 4
Left Shoulder - Force Stand Still
Right Shoulder - Map
Back - Abilities
Start - Game Menu
Left Joystick Button - Show Ground Item Descriptions
Right Joystick Button - Zoom
not much here just a fancy time consuming mess on the left joystick for controling the mouse while playing diablo type click to move games. i know it sez vindictus, i usualy dont use that boot feature and just launch in persistant.

--this is complicated to set up but if you figure it out you'll never go back to your mouse--

**there is some setup so read everything**

Why is this called lawn mowing edition?

what alot of people dont know is when you hold down a MELEE (spectral blade works too) ability bound to 1-4 , your character will follow your mouse and and only attack stuff with this ability while your char is on way to your cursor.
you pretty much run around and point in the direction you want to mow down, just like a lawn mower

The other thing is that if you hold down one button then hold down another, the newer one takes priority so you can hold abilities on cooldown BEFORE they're up and they'll use it as soon as its available.

Left joypad - "Lawn mowing glory" springboard mouse from center + holds down your 3 abilty while you move it.

- Bind a melee ability to 3 you'll see why its awesome. you cruse around and wail on stuff.
-You need to remap the springboard to the center of your screen.
- You need to remap the "go to coordinates" of in the "3centerdelay" command to the center of your monitor.
(Take your resolution and divide each number by 2 and plug it in)
- Flicking it recenters mouse after using right joypad to loot or whatever

*** There is Also a bug if you go from fullscreen to windowed fullscreen mode (same resolution) it messes up pinnacle and you have to close and open pinnacle it for it to figure out the center

Right joypad - mouse around used for looting.

d-pad right - holds control and alt so you can see whats on the ground and inspect it

right shoulder - hold it to skip cutscenes, click ok to start bosses, rezzes (does not accept revive)
- this ones a pain to remap but its worth it. you want to map the 3 mouse gotos in the "okletsgo" command in this order
1. Where your release spirit button is when you die
2. where the "are you sure you want to skip cutscene" button is
3. the LOWER HALF of the accept button that pops up when someone starts a boss event. you have to do the lower half because it moves a little bit depending on who starts it.

X button - Releases 3 and shift clicks. This is sick for using getaway abilities like furious charge.

Left shoulder - click for next song (awesome with spotify) double click to go back a song

right joypad - mouse

Triggers are left and right click.

here are the rest of the buttons.

i have a 60 barb and 60 wiz, and i use this setup in INFERNO difficulty.

stuff that has a chance to proc you want to bound to 2 (b button) because its autofire spamming

current version

version 0.1
Diablo III profile. The movement is set to mouse spring and the buttons are based off of users: "Contraindicated" here

the first thing to do is to set the movement key binding in game to the up keyboard key. it doesn't control the menus. the other modifications are the Quick Heal button it's been moved to the left shoulder button the map button is the up d-pad arrow. it's not perfect but it works.

also the size of your monitor is important, mine is a 24" ASUS, you need to add to the y-axis until the pivot point is right over your character onscreen by setting it to YOUR monitor using the "finder tool" under "use specific coordinates for the pivot point" also check the box: "classic-mode"

the profile is for the barbarian and i don't think it will work for ranged characters without tweaking.

Here's the layout:

L Joystick - mapped to mouse spring
R Joystick - mapped to mouse
L Trigger - Right Mouse Button (Secondary Attack)
R Trigger - Left Mouse Button (Main Attack/Move/Interact)
D-Pad Left - Journal
D-Pad Right - Inventory
D-Pad Up - Map
D-Pad Down - Follower Panel
A Button - Quick Slot 1
B Button - Quick Slot 2
X Button - Quick Slot 3
Y Button - Quick Slot 4
Left Shoulder - Quick Heal
Right Shoulder -
Back - Abilities
Start - Game Menu
Left Joystick Button - Show Ground Item Descriptions
Right Joystick Button - Zoom
First of all, Rob great program its so versatile and the whole team of devs is doing a great job so im going to do my part as a user and upload my profile i use in end game HC.

As we know HC could be very dangerous but i made it safe and easy, much like its going to be on console next month.
Firstly i'd like to thank Errol for making this great base design, in no way am i putting down this awesome profile or take credit im just building on the awesomeness! :-)

A bit about me im high paragon barb and wiz and i DO use this to play on HC when im lazy and in my lounge n projector.

3 Major tweaks for ENDGAME players (who dont need the journal etc.)

1. Ok MAJOR change is the move doesnt need to spam when you hold the mouse and you continually walk. Leaving your inventory clutter free!!! And is now move key (not left mouse)
2. Shortened the Move circle so it doenst reach your inventory (as i dropped a mil worth of tomes by accident one day)
3. Loot thumbstick (right) automatically holds ctrl to view items and does not spam. Just use R-Thumb button to click what you need. Also leaving your inventory clutter free :D

also note spamming methodical mouse clicks could report you for botting so my version is more natural.

Other useful tweaks are:
4. Emotes are all easily enabled when windows button pressed (*1*)
5. No cycle windows, just the windows u need to get in and out quickly.
6. Dear old potion never leaves your left thumb as it is thumb button
7. Voice button for vent etc... ( a must for hc ubers )
8. Added vibration to attacks!
9. Y repeats a 1 min skill (auras)

(*1*) Pls note i have changed some control's on my account so you may need to mix and match to ur account.

email me at [EMAIL=""]m[/EMAIL] if u need any help with the profile or want to check out my tag i play on US Americas.
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