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ZSNES: SNES emulator - Play with a Gamepad or Joystick

controller support for any PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, PS3 or PS4 Controller, PlayStation Controller, etc

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ZSNES: SNES emulator Controller Support for any PC Gamepad, Xbox 360, PS3, PlayStation, etc
  • Supports any game controller
  • Easy to setup in a few minutes
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ZSNES: SNES emulator profile
Pinnacle [Rob]
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
The following profile is now available to download with PinnacleUpdate. The related PIN file has also been attached if you need to manually import.

ZSNES emulator

Pre-built Configurations for:
Xbox 360 Controller
Xbox Controller-S
PlayStation/PS2 Controller
& other similiar devices

Basic Commands
Left Click
Right Click
SNES Controller > A button
SNES Controller > B button
SNES Controller > D-PAD DOWN
SNES Controller > D-PAD LEFT
SNES Controller > D-PAD RIGHT
SNES Controller > D-PAD UP
SNES Controller > L button
SNES Controller > R button
SNES Controller > SELECT button
SNES Controller > START button
SNES Controller > X button
SNES Controller > Y button
I use this emulator with a frontend (GameEx); recommended.


- Changed quickload to a hold button, just like quicksave

requires 4 instance of pinnacle (pref>general>advanced>allow multiple)
You'll have use my zsnes configuration (move files to same folder as zsnesw.exe). AND pinnacle profile.

I couldn't get the official zsnes profile to work with multiple controllers. So I configured zsnes to input from the keyboard, then configured pinnacle to point to those keys.

Tested all four controllers.
These are keys I use for ZSNES, so you may want to use them yourself (otherwise you would have to change the game profile itself, which is much more time-consuming):

Up: E
Down: D
Left: S
Right: F

Start: Enter
Select: rShift

A: I
B: J
X: L
Y: K
L: U
R: O

Rewind: F11
Fast forward: "\"
Pause game: F7

Load: F12
Save: F10
Pick: F9

+Vol: F6
-Vol: F5

Clock: Tab

Make sure "Misc -> GUI options -> GUI switches -> Esc to game menu" is on for the "Pick" configuration to work properly.

This profile consists of three configurations; Player 1, Pick and Menu. How they are linked thogether is quite complicated, but after you've learned how it's done, it's pretty easy.

NOTE: What's in blue/indigo indicates what the certain buttons do while the SHIFT BUTTON is being held. The functions of the buttons gets back to normal when SHIFT BUTTON is released.

Up: Arrow UP
Down: Arrow DOWN
Left: Arrow LEFT
Right: Arrow RIGHT

Button 1: Enter
Button 2: Escape
Button A: Tab

Home: "Player 1"


Up: Mouse move UP
Down: Mouse move DOWN
Left: Mouse move LEFT
Right: Mouse move RIGHT

Button 1: Mouse button LEFT

So here you'll have to press Home when ready to play.

Player 1
Up: Up (E)
Down: Down (D)
Left: Left (S)
Right: Right (F)

Plus: Start (Enter)
Minus: Select (rShift)

Button 1: Y (K)
Button 2: B (J)
Button A: X (L)
Home: A (I)
Tiltsensor: L, R (U, O)


Button 1: Rewind (F11)
Button 2: Fast forward ("\")
Left: Pause game (F7)

Plus: Load (F12)
Minus: Save (F10)
Home: "Pick" (F9)

Up: +Vol (F6)
Down: -Vol (F5)
Right: Clock (Tab)

Button A: Moves the SHIFT BUTTON function from Button B to Button A (release B and A after pressed to make this change happen)
Home: X (was control A)
Button B: A (was SHIFT BUTTON)

Button A: SHIFT BUTTON (was control X)
Button B: Moves the SHIFT BUTTON function from Button A to Button B

When direction pads, Button 1 and Button 2 are used simultaneous, and you want to use the function of Home at the same time being possible, press Button B followed by Button A to move this function from Home to Button B (this is when Button B is the SHIFT BUTTON). Press Button A followed by Button B to switch back to normal (when Button A is the SHIFT BUTTON).

Button B + Home = "Pick" (B as SHIFT BUTTON)
Button A + Home = "Pick" (A as SHIFT BUTTON)

Left: Arrow LEFT
Right: Arrow RIGHT

Button 1: Enter + "Player 1"
Button 2: Escape(x2) + "Menu"

If you want the menu press Button 2, and then again off course you'll need to press Home, if you want to play more, but if you're not finished with menu and press Home, you'll neither have "Enter" nor "Escape" to your controller no longer and will therefore get stuck in menu. A solution to that problem is solved by pressing Button B(SHIFT BUTTON)+Home followed by Button 2, and you're back to Menu.
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