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World of Warcraft profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices

This profile has been created by me, Count Zurgula, so all classes and builds bar healers can use an Xbox 360 control pad to play World of Warcraft (WoW).
A healer could choose to use this program with a few tweaks it would still work but I have designed it with Prot and DPS in mind.
Unlike profiles that have bound lame functions like map or backpack to the pad this is designed so any functions you don't need to access in a hurry are not bound to the pad.
This makes it useful for Player Versus Environment (PVE) and also Player Versus Player (PVP) as you have imediate access to at least 30 separate abilities/functions.
This profile really works and if you give it chance I'm sure you will love it, remember, while it may take you up to half an hour to setup and understand it took me a whole lot longer to create and document so be patient.


To begin you must change a few key bindings and settings within the game, don't be afraid, its not complex and if at the end you don't like it you can revert back to default setting with a click of the button.
Firstly you must enable at least the bottom left and bottom right action bars.
Then in Keybindings, press default to ensure any previous changes you may have made are erased and then proceed to assign the bindings as follows.
Firstly the bottom left action bar:
1 = F1
2= F2
3 = F3 etc all the way to 12 = F12

(Tip:It is worth noting that F1 - F5 are originally assigned to party so if your a healer and you would like to try it out you may choose to leave the orignal few F keys allowing you to quickly select party members from the D - Pad.)

Next is the bottom right action bar:
2 = Numpad 1
3 = Numpad 2
5 = Numpad 3
6 = Numpad 4
8 = Numpad 5
9 = Numpad 6

This is so there is a gap between each set of 2 bindings shown on the action bar with the left being assigned to the back button and the right to the start button on your pad.
(Tip: set auto loot and self cast within wow as it helps within the software, more on this later).
Ok so far? Good because thats us done, you just need to start up the profile now, I have set it at default to work as a persistant profile as I frequently alt and tab out of WoW to check wowhead or the TS3.
Also, the profile is not set to launch WoW for you in case you DC or wish to restart the profiler without having repeat versions of the launcher running, if you choose to change this it's entirely up to you and will not alter the functionality of the profile.
Ok then, now you should have set your bindings, have Pinaccle running with my profile and are also running WoW.


The left bumper is your left mouse button and the right bumper is your right mouse button.
RB is set as a sticky key so click it once and your right joystick is a camera click right bumper again and it's your mouse including cursor.
(Tip: Turn on auto loot in WoW then leave the cursor at your feet while in camera mode and then double click the right bumper to loot bodies or mine nodes/herbs etc then straight back into camera, easy.)
While the right stick controls your mouse or camera the left is your movement and runs your character about.
The left and right triggers act as modifiers for the rest of the buttons.
The right joystick button will always make you jump.
The left joystick button will always target the nearest enemy unless you have the right trigger pressed when it will target your nearest friendly target.
(Tip: Hitting the button more than once enables you to tab through friend and foe quickly till you are targetting who you want.)
So we have covered the bumpers, triggers and joysticks so now I will explain the buttons, this may seem complex but trust me, it isn't, just give it a chance.

Action Bar 1 : (A) (X) (Y) (B).

If you look at your interface, you should see the normal action bar with their corresponding buttons written in (1 - =)
If you press (a) on your 360 pad it will fire the ability assigned to 1 then (x) is 2, (y) is 3 and (b) is 4.
If you then hold the left trigger down (a) becomes 5, (x) is 6, (y) is 7 and (b) is 8.
If you hold the right trigger down (a) becomes 9, (x) is 0, (y) is - and (b) is =.
You now have imediate access to your initial action bar and the abilities it houses.

Action Bar 2 : D-Pad.

The D-pad works in exactly the same way but for the action bar above, the one we assigned to the F - keys, so:
DPad Down = F1, DPad Left = F2, Dpad Up = F3 and DPad Right = F4
If you then hold the left trigger down DPad Down = F5, DPad Left = F6, Dpad Up = F7 and DPad Right = F8
If you hold the right trigger down DPad Down = F9, DPad Left = F10, Dpad Up = F11 and DPad Right = F12

Action Bar 3 : Back / Start

The (back) and (Start) buttons work in the same way for the groups of 2 buttons we bound to the bottom right action bar.
So (back) = Numpad 1 (start) = Numpad 2 or the first set of 2 buttons.
With left trigger down (back) = Numpad 3 (start) = Numpad 4 or the second set of 2 buttons.
Or right trigger down (back) = Numpad 5 (start) = Numpad 6 or the third and final set of 2 buttons.


You can make this tool as complex or as simple as you like, for example, you may only wish to assign 10 abilities at first before using the left or right triggers to offer you more possibilites.
I would also suggest that you create your own way of assigning abilites to the buttons that makes sense to you.

Say in the example of an Assination rogue you could set the first 4 buttons (A) (X) (Y) (B) as Kick, Mutilate, Envenom and Backstab.
Then the next with LT for abilities that use the combo points such as Rupture, Slice & DIce, Recouperate.
Tankadins I set back & start for cooldowns such as 'Everyman for himself' & hand of freedom then with LT pressed I have Divine Protection, Ardent defender, and with the RT, Divine Shield and Lay on Hands.
I set the first 4 buttons (A) (X) (Y) (B) as Hammer of the righteous, Crusader strike, Judgement, and Shield of the righteous. Dpad to Mount, Rebuke, Hammer of wrath and Holy Shield.
Then (A) (X) (Y) (B) along with the LT as Hand of reckoning(taunt) Avengers Shield, Holy Wrath and Consecration. Dpad is set to buffs like Blessing of Kings and Seal of insight.
(A) (X) (Y) (B) with RT held down I have utilities such as Righteous Defence, Hammer of Justice, Exorcism, Word of glory. The Dpad is full of defensive abilites and heals such Holy light, Divine light, Hand of Protection as I can either self cast or use the left joystick to tab to an ally that needs help.
Again, these are just suggestions to get you thinking how you may want to set up your abilities, it does help if you make them into groups so it's less confusing.
So perhaps for a Preist without pressing either trigger I will have instant casts, LT I have casts that are channeled and RT I will get heals.
Or maybe arcane spells with no trigger, frost with LT and fire with RT for a mage, the list is endless and it is entirely up to you how you utilise my profile.


This may seem complex but after a while it becomes second nature and it is very intuitve, I have always played on a pad since my first character was level 10.
This was because playing with Mouse & KB hurt my back and had I not discovered a way to play using a pad I would not have bought the game after my trial and gone back to my 360 or PS3.
I sit at desk with mouse & Kb there for things like guild chat, levelling proffessions, browsing auction or clearing bank space.
You get the idea, there are some functions that are much better using a mouse and keyboard so to try and replace them is daft.
If you found the profile tricky to use I would advise you to either try it for farming or to level a new character.
This is because new toons only start with a few abilities therefore it would ease you into the system gently, assigning the abilites to your pad one by one as you learn them and before you know it your off!
For those who state you cannot play well on a pad I scoff at them, these are quite often the elitist trolls who know little or nothing of the game or their own class and spend the majority of their time pouring derision on other people as they are clearly unhappy or puny in real life.
I have not only attended raids using this system but ran them, I was GM of a raiding guild and using the pad on either my Rogue,who was consistently the highest DPS through all the WOTLK content or my Druid in Bear / Boomkin form with no issues in any raid or dungeon using the pad.
Since Catacylsm I no longer raid as I have a baby daughter and cannot devote the same amount of time to the game and running a guild full of divas etc so myself and the lads who are left mainly do Arena and PvP for which I use the pad.
If you like this profile and the notes I have made me you can find me on Terokkar realm under the guise of a Worgen Rogue called Stabba or a Blood Elf Palladin called Inquisita.
Feel free to drop me an ingame mail offering thanks, Ideas, suggestions or even a donation of gold hehe.
Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoy it.

It appears most WoW profiles on this site are for the 360 controller so I set about setting up my own for the Logitech Rumblepad 2

The directional pad is used for movement (W A S D),
both joysticks are used for mouse and left joy click is left mouse, right is right.
Hold down the joy and then move it to look around, etc.
buttons 1 to 8 are 1 to 8 on the hotbar, while 9 (The button on the top left of the controller, left of the logitech logo is tab (For targetting purposes) while the one to the right is T (which is my mount button).

I don't have anything bound to space as I wasn't sure of an appropriate button for space.
Here's the config I use for World of Warcraft. It's only useful when grinding or doing basic quests. Don't try to raid with this! :-)

How it works: the face buttons correspond to your abilities in the first actionbar. Start with A and move counter-clockwise. So,


Then hold the left trigger to engage Blue shift and get the second set, where


For abilities 9-12, don't hold the left trigger, but do hold down the face buttons. So:

Hold A=9
Hold B=10
Hold Y=11
Hold X=12

I used the press-and-hold function for the digital pad. You'll see it when you load the profile. You can hold down the left shoulder for Ventrilo. I mapped the right shoulder to action 12, because I'm a mage and that's where I keep my wand.

The left joystick is not WASD: it's forward/back/strafe left/strafe right. That's because the right joystick lets you mouselook. It works pretty well. Hold down the left trigger and move the right joystick to move the mouse normally across the screen. The right trigger clicks. Hold the left trigger and press the right trigger to right-click.

Grinding mobs? Here's a tip: set auto-loot on in WoW's settings. Then keep your mouse cursor just to the right of your character. After you kill a monster, step forward so the cursor is over the monster, then just flick the right stick a little. Easy looting. Flick it again to skin the creature (if applicable).

Hello there!
This is a Pinnacle Profile for the PlayStation 2 controller or gamepad, in order to play WoW.
I play Final Fantasy XI Online and also WoW, and I wanted something for WoW that was similar in feeling to playing FFXI on the computer with a PS2 controller. It took hours to work out all the kinks and make this game profile work well (I feel) with World of Warcraft Online. I get wrist strain from using a mouse and keyboard so much in my daily life already, it's more convenient to sit back, relax, and have a controller in your hands to play a game with. Who wants carpal tunnel? So hopefully, you can find as much use out of this as I do.

The goal of this profile was to make everything you would readily need in the game available within the compact controller, therefore you would never need to use the mouse, and you'd only need to use the keyboard to type to friends:

I will explain the commands and how they work within the game.
Most of the buttons are utilized for your hotkeys. In WoW, the hotkeys range from your number '1' at the top of your keyboard to the '=' sign. I have included all of these hotkeys in the controller so there is no need to press them on the keyboard. Hopefully the order in which I arranged them will make sense to you like it did to me.
1 = L2
2 = L1
3 = R2
4 = R1
5 = Hold L2
6 = Hold L1
7 = Hold R2
8 = Hold R1
9 = D-pad up (the top arrow button)
0 = D-pad right (the right arrow button)
- = D-pad left (the left arrow button)
= = D-pad down (the bottom arrow button)

The more basic controls are as follows:
Moving the cursor in game as you would move the mouse = Left Joystick
Moving your character in game like the keyboard arrows would (only smoother) = Right Joystick
Right Click = Square Button
Left Click = X Button
ESC = Circle Button
Jump = Select Button
Target/Attack the Nearest Enemy = R3 Button (or rather pressing down on the right joystick)
Bring up your Quest Log
= Start Button
Bring up your Achievements = Hold Start Button
Bring up Inventory (B) = Triangle Button
Bring up your Map (M) = Hold D-pad down (the bottom arrow button)
Bring up your Spellbook (P) = Hold D-pad up (the top arrow button)
Bring up your Character Info (C) = Hold D-pad right (the right arrow button)
Bring up the Social Panel (O) = Hold D-pad left (the left arrow button)
Autorun = Hold Triangle Button
Shift = L3 Button (or rather pressing down on the left joystick)

Those are all the commands. I know it seems complicated at first but trust me, this made my life in WoW sooo much easier! Once you understand the controller commands and get used to them, I find you actually have more control with the gamepad, if used correctly, than you do with the mouse and keyboard.
Here are some important tips and hints for using this profile to it's full potential:

[*]If you memorize which buttons on the gamepad correlate to the numbers of your hotkeys, it is simple to use whatever spell/ability is on a numbered hotkey because you know what button to use for that number.
[*]It is easy to switch between hotkey sets/palettes by pressing and holding the L3 button (pressing down on the left joystick) while pushing the right joystick up or down depending on which direction you want to move through your hotkey sets.
[*]You can move through the world via the right joystick, but I find pressing and holding the Triangle Button for autorun, and then holding the square button while using the left joystick to change direction is super controlled and easy! Especially this works well for swimming and flying, but you can put it on autorun to jog through the world while only touching the square and left joystick every so often to change direction as well (this is the lazy technique). If you'd rather not autorun, you can also press and hold both the square and X buttons at the same time and use the left joystick to move around in a controlled fashion.
[*]In order to change your camera view around your character, press and hold the X Button whilst moving the left joystick in whatever direction you desire.
[*]Be sure to put spells and abilities on hotkeys 5-8 that you don't mind holding down the controller buttons briefly to activate (i.e., that you don't mind a millisecond of a delay, like buffs for example).
[*]The easiest way to attack and target an enemy is to press down on the right joystick (R3 Button), which will automatically target/attack when you have an enemy within range that is closer to you than any of the other enemies. Another option is to move your cursor over the mob with the left joystick and click it with the square button.
By the way, you'll need a PS2 controller USB adapter to play with a PS2 controller on a computer. But I'm sure you knew that.
Well, that is all you need to have a successful, relaxing controller experience in World of Warcraft Online. Happy WoWing! :smile:

(This is my first upload so hopefully I exported it correctly, if not let me know)
Heres a wow profile, Im sure ull love it, This same configuration can be used for almost any mmorpg of this kind.

NOTE this have a bug, no big deal, BTW I alredy reported it...
Well here ya have it folks the profile ive lvled my warrior on but its fairly universal, depending on how u configure your in game key bindings, and extremely easy to play . It should provide u enough actions to use all your spellbook abilitys and trinkets witout having to mouseover and click buttons.

Basiclly what ive done is added ctrl and alt as modifiers on a cycle comand that cycles ctrl/alt/ctrl+alt on a 1 second reset. There fore if u want ctrl u just hold down the left bumper, and if u want alt u double click it and hold it, if u want ctrl + alt u tripple click it and hold it. This will allow u to use your regular action bar as well as the bottem left, bottem right and right action bar 1 with ease. Giving u the ability to use 48 different action buttons at any given time, in an easy and quickly accessable way.

The right bumper ive asigned as a shift button.

With the left trigger unshifted u can target the enemy with a single press and attack them with a double press. With the left trigger shifted u select the nearest friend with a single press and assist target with a double press.

The right trigger is the right mouse button and the left mouse button is asigned to the right joystick button. Ive found this setup to be the easiest way to use the pointer, move the joystick and press it.

The left joystick button is to jump as well u can hold it down to autorun.

I have used Function keys F1 through F8 for the d pad. Unshifted i use them for my class abilitys and shifted i use them for selecting action bars 1 through 3. The fourth i use to toggle my quest log. This is going to require u to change your in game key bindings though.

So for your in game keybindings i use...(on my warrior)
(Left d pad) F1 = toggle map
(up d pad) F2 = special action 1 (Battle Stance)
(Right d pad)F3 = special action 2 (Defensive Stance)
(down d pad)F4 = special action 3 (Berserker Stance)
(Shifted left d pad) F5 = Quest log
(Shifted up d pad) F6 = action bar 1
(shifted right d pad) F7 = action bar 2
(Shifted down d pad)F8 = action bar 3
** u could change bindings F1 - F4 depending on your class

I have also bound Bottom left action bar to use ctrl+ 1 through =
and bound bottom right to alt+ 1 through =
also the right action bar1 to ctrl+alt+ 1 through =
also i've changed auto run to Numpad 0
u will have to change target friend to shift+tab

Its a little bit of work to make this profile work but ive tried switchblade and its very limited to the amount of action buttons that can be used without mouseing over and clicking buttons. This profile will save u the hastle of having to mouseover buttons which, ive found when playing with a controller, is a real hastle.

P.S. Im not exactly sure how i would post a picture of the profile set up if someone could tell me how i would gladly post it.
So I've been playing WoW with my Xbox 360 controller lately. After a lot of tweaking, I managed to get a profile that is very much functional. You won't be able to do extreme things with this, as the limitation for the controller is the movement of the mouse pointer, which can't be as precise nor as fast as actually using a mouse. But aside from that, this profile let's you do almost anything in WoW. You can further customize it to include more buttons; I'll explain how later. For now, download the profile and check it out.

You have to set the hot keys inside the WoW game. Go to the key binding options, select the first four action bar hot keys and press A, B, Y, X; then the next four hotkeys in your action bar should be selected with RT+A, RT+B, RT+Y, RT+X. Just like that you got 8 total easy to reach hotkeys for spells. The key here is that holding Right Trigger acts like Alt.
Next, give START an important hotkey location for whatever spell you use a lot, like Stealth for rogues. Now, holding the Left Trigger and pressing either A, B, X, Y will change to the respective action bar. This way you can have up to 32 hotkeys.

Basically, the left joystick controls your character's movement, and the right controls the camera (while pushing the left joystick acts as a right click and the left joystick as a left click). The inverse clicking is done so it's easier to loot. Just leave your pointer at your character's feet, or in case of a gnome, above him. When you kill a mob, go near him and the pointer will usually be in position, just press the left joystick and you loot. Simple.

When you press SELECT you enter the shifted scheme. The only change is that the right joystick now moves the pointer around.
Pressing select again returns you to the previous camera mode. This is your basic way to move the pointer for accepting quests, managing items, etc.

The D pad you can configure for more hotkey options. Personally I use UP for auto run, LEFT for Quest Log, DOWN for map, and RIGHT for Inventory. You can configure four more hotkeys with this holding the Right Trigger. Right Bumper targets nearest enemy, Left Bumper targets nearest ally. You have to set this on the Keybinding Options inside WoW.


On the WASD setup, instead of A and D being "turn", change them to "strafe" on the hotkey options. This helps a lot. You can turn using the camera.

On the Interface Options, select Auto-Loot, Self-Cast. This helps a lot.

Set your bag hotkey to open all bags at once, instead of just one.

Lastly, this profile was inspired by the Ultimate WoW Profile post here in the forums.

Good luck!
Here is how i play wow with a 360 controller.

with this you can access up to 16 hotkey quickly with combination from pinnacle Shift feature and the control key binded to left bumper.

there is 2 different binding set 1 for pet class and 1 for Healing class. (work well with mage too)

The only difference between them is what the d-pad does. with healer you select party members with it. with pet class you give pet command.

Have fun.
This is my first Game Profile and I felt like sharing it, so here it is. I set it up for my rogue but you can probable use it for other classes the commands just won't be as easy though :P . You'll have to go into key binding and assign "\" to Friends Window and "]" to Right Action Bar Button 1 and place your Hearthstone in that slot. Other than that if you kept the games controls as default you shouldnt have problems with the other buttons. I'd just like to add that this program is awesome too, never had so much fun using a game controller.
I don't know how to start, so this is how it works:

so, when you are not pressing anything, the controller works for movement, the left joystick for the WASD and also toggles to run when you move it more than the 60% See this link

the right joystick to the mouse movement. The left and right triggers to the left and right clicks and the left and right soulders to SHIFT BUTTON and regular shift

The D pad its configurated to activate the Character's page (C) the spells/skills (P) the Quest log (L) and the last one its for me to use the push-to-talkchat program.

The left joystick button has the "I" and in-game configuration that I created to auto-run

The regular shift button I used it to interact with the other buttons.
The B button has the B (in game to open the bag) AND shift + B opens all the bags
The Y button has the F (to assist and shift + F to follow)
the X button is mapped to M (to use the map)
and the A button has the Space (to jump)

Back and start buttons I use them to move forward or backwards the zoom
The right joystick button has the X to sit/stand.

NOW the shifted commands:
while pressing the left shoulder (SHIFT BUTTON) it becomes to combat mode.

the orientation for the "1" to " ' " buttons its like that for better ergonomic way to pressing the buttons

note: my keyboard its in spanish so I dont have that weird key that its at the right of the "0", so I use the " ' "

By just pressing the SHIFT BUTTON, you can access to the "shifted commands" (see image)

also the right shoulder leaves the shift button while shifted to become a macro that has Alt+Control.

By pressing the SHIFT BUTTON and the alt+control, you can access the "shifted alt control" (see image)

By pressing the SHIFT BUTTON and the left joystick button (now shift + Control) you can access the "Shifted shift Control" (yep, see image)

and by pressing the SHIFT BUTTON, the right shoulder and the left joystick button you can access the "Shifted shift alt control" commands (also see image)

Also as the "ultimate wow" configuration, most of this works when you go to the game and modifies the bindings.

I think I covered all the basics for explaining this weird configuration (but it works perfect to me) so, anyone have any questions pls post them here ^^

Ok guys, this is my first attempt at doing something like this, and World of Warcraft requires a large number of keys to play with maximum effectiveness, so this controller setup is fairly complex.

This setup is very flexible, and allows players to use up to 3 toolbars of 12 actions each, while maintaining all movement, camera, targeting, and even mouse functionalities. At the same time, it can get complicated if players try to use everything. I personally have all possible buttons mapped to some action or macro, but many players will probably be able to get away with less.


The left analog stick controls your movement, WASD style, the right controls your camera.

The left trigger (LT) and right trigger (RT) will be used to change your other buttons. The A, B, X, Y, LB, RB, Back, Start, and D-pad will all have multiple uses depending on which triggers are being held.

I have only 1 Joystick Command, assigned to the right analog stick, called "Look", and which has 1 Command Property of the same name. The Command Property is just right mouse down on pressed, right mouse up on unpressed. The Joystick Command is set to activate the right mouse hold when Tilted Above 15%. In addition, it has a Joystick Deadzone of 20%, which serves to basically make the right analog stick work like a camera. Without this, the right analog will function like a mouse only.

Now, setting our triggers to Shift and Alt will make the right analog stick function like a mouse when BOTH triggers are held down. Pressing the left analog stick will serve as left mouse click, while pressing the right in will right mouse click. This allows us complete functionality for speaking to npcs and vendors, grabbing flights, managing inventory, auction house, everything.

Note - I have discovered that using this method to activate icons in your toolbars will sometimes, but not usually, cause the cursor to pick up, and sometimes remove the icon from your toolbar, which is a pain. I just use my mouse for my sidebar, which is primarily downtime icons and buffs only.

The main part of this configuration comes within WoW itself, and just downloading this file won't work. You have to go into WoW and manually set up your keys. I personally recommend first dl'ing and installing this WoW Profile, then opening WoW through this program, so that you can just use your controller to input the button assignments.

You can set up your buttons however you like. This is as far as you need to read if you want to customize your buttons. If you'd like my example of how to organize such a large system into an easy-to-remember setup, here's my personal one:

(BTW, the directions "Up", "Down", etc, correspond to the D-Pad)

Y...............Special - Blink
LB..............Target Next Friendly
RB..............Target Next Enemy
Bac.............Mana Gem
Start...........Health Stone
RT+RB.........Arc Missles
RT+Left........ Blizzard
RT+Up..........Trinket 1
RT+Down......Trinket 2
LT+A............Frost Nova
LT+X............Cone of Cold
LT+RB..........Arc Explosion
LT+Back........Mana Pot
LT+Start.......Health Pot
LT+Right.......Arc Power
LT+Up...........Cold Snap
LT+Down.......Ice Barrier
LT+RT+A.......Mana Shield
LT+RT+B.......Fire Ward
LT+RT+X.......Frost Ward
LT+RT+Left.....Select Party Member 2
LT+RT+Right...Select Party Member 3
LT+RT+Up.......Select Party Member 1
LT+RT+Down...Select Party Member 4

(My main is a mage, so I've broken these down into mage-specific and all characters actions. I've also got a priest, so if anyone wants, I'll post his layout later. If you notice, I've included every possible active mage talent as well, so that you don't need to change buttons if you change specs.)


Let me break the above list down into easier bites to swallow.

When no triggers are pressed, the character functions in "navigate" mode. The d-pad allows you to mount and autorun, follow, and assist. The LB targets friendlies, the RB targets hostiles. A jumps, B shoots, X melees, and Y is a class specific special move (stealth, send pet, switch stance, etc.) or macro. Fairly simple so far.

The RT changes my buttons into my primary cast-time or channeled spells: Fireball, Frostbolt, Scorch, Pyroblast, Polymorph, and Arc Missles. My D-pad is Blizzard, Flamestrike, and trinkets.

The LT changes my buttons into my instant cast spells: Fireblast, Cone of Cold, Frost Nova, Counterspell, Arc Explosion, Blastwave. The D-pad changes to cooldowns: Arc Power, PoM, Icebarrier, Cold Snap.

Both Triggers together change my buttons to my Defensive spells: Mana shield, Frost and Fire Ward, Decurse. I have my D-pad setup to select my party members with both triggers pulled.

In addition, my start button is my health button, either Food, Bandage, Healthstone, or Health Potion, depending on triggers. My back button is my mana button, either Drink, Evocation, Mana Gem, or Mana Potion.


So there we go, if you can break all your abilities up into catagories, you can cram pretty much anything you need to do into this button setup. It does take a lot of practice to get good with, but if you build up gradually its not so bad.

Let me know what you guys think, I'm loving it myself so far.
Hey all,

I just came across this Program and these forums so I figured I'd share the
Profile I just created to play World of Warcraft with my X360 controller.

Personally I've got really limited space for my computer area so I find that
after long sessions the Keyboard/mouse can absolutely cramp my hands all
to crap so I created this and have been playing fine ever since. Keep the
Keyboard handy for chatting and you're golden.

I also recommend lowering your mouse sensitivity in game and switching
your Left and Right Turn Commands to Strafe (letting the the Camera to do
all the turning for you.)

Anyways, I love this setup and I won't be going back - actually, I tried the
software and bought it based off this, that's how satisfied I was.

Hope you like it and hope it saves you the ravages of carpal tunnel ;)


recently I had to install Pinnacle fresh. Well, when it came time to import my old profiles, I realized that the .pin file I preferred for using with WoW was an old one. The one I had changed considerably over a quite a bit of time was lost. So, I put it back together again from memory and made a few changes here and there as well. I'm posting it here so I never lose it again and maybe it will be useful to others too.

There is some setup required in-game. It is otherwise pretty simple. Feel free to message me with questions.

Some explanation, if needed:
[*]the bumpers act as the mouse buttons. The right button is sticky, meaning you will have to click it to use the joysticks for typical camera/movement controls. You'll have to click the right bumper again to "free" up the mouse curser.
[*]gathering, skinning, looting, etc. will require two right clicks. (Please makes sure you have auto-loot enabled in-game to help with this).
[*]I use the triggers for "shifted modes." Please make sure to review the profile layout.
[*]Originally, I used addons such as bartender to build layouts that were shaped more like the controller:
You will have to use the profile along with the addon's key-binding settings to get this to work. It isn't too complicated, but a bit time consuming. I can provide additional details on the bartender settings I used if requested.

[*]The currently attached profile uses a completely addon-free interface, so I broke up the bars and key-bindings a bit for neatness.:
Hopefully this shows that the buttons are grouped by fours. The order is clockwise, starting with A, so A>X>Y>B = 1>2>3>4. Enable and use the Multi-action Bars so that the buttons resemble the controller layout just a little better. If you are better than I am at keeping track of which sets of four belong to each controller set on a straight line (ie the standard action bar,) you will need to change the assignments in the profile. It shouldn't be too tricky, since the shifted layout will simply follow the same order I already used on the first four (which still are in a straight line to accommodate the "utility" skills.

[*]Here are the key-bindings to go with the profile as is:

[*]The top left bar's first four are for potions and such, they are activated by holding down on the button a moment longer.
[*]The last three buttons on the right bottom bar are for mount, preferred form, and changeform macro.
[*]The left stick button pressed normally in un-shifted mode targets the nearest enemy. Hold down for a moment activates auto-run. The right stick button is jump. Hold down the right trigger and press the right stick to target the nearest friendly player.
[*]Hold down the left trigger and use the directional pad to select party members. Up will select you, while holding it a moment selects the next party member (the same effect as pressing F2 by the game's default settings). D-Pad Right is the third party member, and so forth.
[*]I intentionally left blank spaces in between for neatness for the actual abilities- room for you to customize further though, if you want. You can also bind more buttons to the top right bar if you'd like- they already have commands (F8-F11) set up on a shift mode in the profile.

Big note: You will still need your keyboard nearby for chatting and a few additional commands not mapped to the controller, such as the LFG tool. There is room for you to add those commands to the profile if you'd like. Probably your mouse too for bag management, or auctioning (if you do that in-game) and so forth. It gets a bit tedious using the sticks to move the curser for anything more than accepting quests or clicking greed. That said, I found that once I got to start moving about and questing/grinding, even grouping up, I was perfectly able to sit way back, kick my feet up (whatever,) and not sit hovering over the board and mouse anymore for most of the gameplay.

Small side-note: This will likely work just fine for other classes (it feels like melee has it best with this though- my rogue is awesome with this profile ^^) but this is made specifically with my druid in mind. The command assignment for the change form macro, for example, is a simple one-key macro you can make in-game. This way you need no more than one button for the travel forms and cat form in cases of combat or indoor travel. Bear form got it's own button (bound to f7 and placed at the end of the bottom right bar) because that is the spec I play. Be mindful that without addons, only the main bar will change abilities depending on form, so place skills accordingly. I spent some time toggling the different forms and placing skills before I felt like it was all in order.

The set-up is a bit hefty, but so worth it. I've come to greatly prefer the controller, even for this game. If nothing else, this may be a good template for you to build off of.

Have fun!
Hi guys! This is my first gaming profile so do be kind. Iíve studied World of Warcraft and this Pinnacle Gaming Profile software for quite some time now and I think Iíve done something pretty good with this. I use my wireless x-box 360 controller to play. That is what this is designed for.

Take in mind, you must edit your key bindings before this will make any sense. This is because I didn't know about combine key commands for Pinnacle Game Profiler. World of Warcraft allows the user to use Shift, Alt, and Ctrl freely with any other keys to make very interesting combinations.

Key Bindings > Movement Keys
Strafe Left = A
Strafe Right = D

This makes movement much easier.

Key Bindings > Action Bar
Action Button 5 = Alt + 1
Action Button 6 = Alt + 2
Action Button 7 = Alt + 3
Action Button 8 = Alt + 4
Action Button 9 = Shift + 1
Action Button 10 = Shift + 2
Action Button 11 = Shift + 3
Action Button 12 = Shift + 4

For additional commands you may use the Ctrl button as provided by the existing function I added. For a baseline controller however it is not needed.

Previous Action Bar = [
Next Action Bar = ]

This is absolutely crucial for having all the needed functions youíll need to play this game. There are six action bars on the bottom of the screen. By being able to change them you increase your amount of available functions six-fold.

This profile is meant to be customizable. You can do what you want with it. As it is youíll be able to do all game functions but chat and auction house.

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