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The Wolf Among Us - Play with a Gamepad or Joystick

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The Wolf Among Us Controller Support for any PC Gamepad, Xbox 360, PS3, PlayStation, etc
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The Wolf Among Us profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Genre: Graphic adventure
Publisher: Telltale Games
Developer: Telltale Games
Release Date: October 11, 2013

Profile for The Wolf Among Us

This is a profile for an Xbox One controller using the unofficial driver by Lucas Assis. Although Telltale's The Wolf Among Us has native Xbox 360 wired controller support, it does not support other gamepads. Thus, with my Xbox One controller attached, The Wolf Among Us launches and only detects mouse and keyboard controls. So I am using Pinnacle Game Profiler to map that keyboard functionality onto my Xbox One gamepad, allowing me to play the game with the controller even though it doesn't officially detect it.

My controller shows up as a vJoy device, as per the instructions with using the unofficial driver. Once Microsoft releases the official driver for the Xbox One controller then hopefully the game will detect it automatically, and it won't be necessary to use Pinnacle Game Profiler. But until then, if you have the unofficial driver installed and working, use this Pinnacle profile to play with the gamepad.

If you have a different gamepad than the Xbox One controller that is not being detected by The Wolf Among Us, this profile may still be useful to you and save you time since I have mapped out the game functions. You may need to reassign the buttons to your liking, but this is at least faster than creating it from scratch. So use this profile if The Wolf Among Us is not detecting your gamepad.

I do not know how to create a preview picture of the button mappings, but if an administrator or someone could instruct me, I will edit my post later and include a diagram. For now, the controls I have decided on are:

left stick to control the mouse cursor, by mapping it to the mouse (MOUSE)
dpad to move your character and dialogue choice highlight (ARROW KEYS)
right stick to move your character, by mapping it to the arrow keys (ARROW KEYS)

green A button to select highlighted item (LEFT MOUSE CLICK)
blue X to choose highlighted dialogue option (ENTER)
red B to hold down for running (LEFT SHIFT)
yellow Y for action button Q during the quick time events (which you will often have to spam repeatedly) (Q)

left and right triggers to move the highlight in action wheels up and down respectively (though it might be easier just to move the cursor with the left stick) (MOUSEWHEEL UP and MOUSEWHEEL DOWN)
select to pause (SPACEBAR)
start for the main menu (ESC)