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The Witcher Controller Support for any PC Gamepad, Xbox 360, PS3, PlayStation, etc
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The Witcher profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
All the necessary commands + a couple of configs. Enjoy.
I tried all 3 profiles available here and no one suited my taste and was not intuitive, also no one of profile offered me all features of game so i can forget about mouse and keyboard.

Thats why i spent 2 days to make profile that will include all features of game and will be very intuitive.
But i would like to say thx to author of all 3 profiles (sorry dont remember the names) i used one them as start point and it saved me a lot of time since almost all single command was already added and i was able to start directly to add double commands.

Most valuable features of this profile:

+All Signs and potions bound to 8 separate D-pad buttons for quick access

+Since Dialogs have up to 8 answers and allow quick answers by pressing 1-8 buttons same d-pad buttons can be used in dialogs do quick reply without moving mouse cursor

+Witcher fight styles mapped to 3 separate buttons to quickly change the style

+All 5 weapon slots bound to separate button, you can use Steel and Silver weapon button also to cycle Witcher fight styles or to cycle weapons

+Cycling of all 5 panels with 1 button with ability to exit any of these panels by holding same button

+Quick access to 4 panels with shift button

+Quick save while you keep moving

+CTRL shift to separate items in inventory

+Intuitive mapping of buttons, easy to guess and even more easy to remember


So thats how it works: Directional Pad
Left/Right = Previous/Next Sign (hold 0.5 sec)
Left = Aard
Up Left = Quen
Up = Yrden
Up Right = Igni
Right = Axii
Down Right = Quick Slot 1
Down = Quick Slot 2
Down Left = Quick Slot 3 Left Thumbstick
MAPPED TO W,A,S,D KEYS = Move Right Thumbstick
MAPPED TO MOUSE = Look / Move cursor in menus/pause Click Left Thumbstick
Flip OTS Camera (Tap)
Quick Save (Hold 2-3 sec) Click Right Thumbstick
Switch Camera Mode (Tap)
Switch OTS Camera Side (Hold 1 sec)

A Button
Draw Extra Weapon 3 (Quick Tap)
Group Style (Tap)
Inventory (Hold BACK button 1st)

B Button
Draw Extra Weapon 2 (Quick Tap)
Fast Style (Tap)
Journal (Hold BACK button 1st)

X Button
Non-Combat Mode (Quick Tap)
Toggle Visible Object Names (Hold)
Map (Hold BACK button 1st)

Y Button
Draw Extra Weapon 1 (Quick Tap)
Strong Style (Tap)
Hero (Hold BACK button 1st)

Left Bumper
Draw Steel (Tap)
Cycle Style (Tap while steel equipped)
Previous Weapon (Hold 0.5 sec)

Right Bumper
Draw Silver (Tap)
Cycle Style (Tap while silve equipped)
Next Weapon (Hold 0.5 sec)

Left Trigger
Cast Sign

Right Trigger
Interact (while in non-combat mode or menus)
Drag items (Hold while in inventory or alchemy panel)

Back Button
Pause (Tap)
CTRL Modificator (Hold when in inventory to separate selected items)
Shifted mode (Hold to directly access and close panels by pressing A B X Y)

Start Button
Switch Panels (Tap to cycle panels in order as they appear on screen
Game Menu\Close menu (Hold to access System menu while no menus opened or to close currently opened menu)

In case if you use non 360 controller, Pinnacle should automaticly assign buttons according to your gamepad so controls would be:
(Logitech RumblePad 2)
A=2 B=3 Y=4 X=1
LB=5 RB=6 LT=7 RT=8
LS=11 RS=12
As I got further in to the game and acquired more options with Armor and slots for potions, as well as acquiring more sign's. I realized that the first game profile I created which has now been made available for download, was just a bit to simple and limited. I took some time and created this new Profile that is much more inclusive and incorporates just about every control for the game in to this "version-2" for use with a game Pad controller, but there are a few controls that I left out, as indicated below with the bulleted list. It would have made the Profile much more complicated and a couple of these are already duplicated with other controls.

[*]Zoom In / Out
Here is an almost finished profile. I don't have time to play this game yet, but when I do I will finish it.

Complete, well organized command set.
Some commands already assigned.
Pin for The Witcher, self explanatory.
"The Witcher Profile" by DannyCool

Hi everybody!!! I am back again with a new game profile, and this one I think it's the best one I've ever made!!! maybe because I had to spend like three days on it XD but it wasn't easy to make a Profile that fit perfectly with this game, not at all! And after trying every possible alternatives and almost going crazy it was worth all the time I worked, because in the end I made a great Profile that allow you to play The Witcher like it was made to be played with the controller!! I also added sound effects ingame and many other things, so let see all the features :D But Before I wanna really thank the Pinnacle Game Profiler makers for the awesome software they made! that does its job at the best possible! Because everytime I had an idea or I wanted to make any sort of command the software had those functions that allowed me to do everything I wanted, Many thanks!

(this is necessary to avoid the ALT+TAB combination that in WINDOWS causes the exit from the game)

Profile Features :

- Every command of the game was assigned to allow you maximum control

- Made to be the most comfortable and intuitive possible

- Some functions similar to "The Witcher 2" like "Quick Menu" and "Highlight objects" functions

- Sound Effects added for "Quick Menu" and "Highlight objects" (See below for instructions)

- All weapons, signs and potions slots are quickly accessible in a really cool way

- By holding LB you access to "Quick Menu" that stops the time (with Sound Effects) and allow you to select any sign or potion slot pressing A, B, X, Y or a direction on D-pad

- Aard, Quen, Igni and Axii are assigned by their color to X, Y, B, A and Yrden to UP on D-pad, so if you want to equip Igni hold LB and press B

- Combat Styles Assigned to A, B and Y like they are positioned in the hud, to give you an intuitive access

- "Highlight objects" function really improved to work more like the Medallion in "The Witcher 2" with added Sound Effects. Now it's not necessary to hold it. When you press it, it will remain active for a while until the sound signal

- All Panels (Inventory, Journal, Hero Page, Map) are grouped in one single button (BACK) !! to give you maximum comfort and intuitiveness. In my opinion this is one of the best feature and surely the most difficult to make XD So let me explain it:

The Panels are assigned to BACK, when you press it the first time, it will open the "Inventory". Holding BACK and pressing LB or RB it will cycle through the panels, BUT that's NOT all!
The game Profile memorizes when you change a Panel! so that if you press BACK again it will open the last opened Panel!

Example: you press BACK to open the "Inventory", then you hold BACK and press LB or RB until you open the "Map". After this you can press BACK or START to close it, then when you press BACK again it will open the "Map"

- Quick save function if you hold START

- If you hold X on a stack of items in the "Inventory" it will allow you to separate the stack

- By pressing A you will confirm many things ingame like when you sell an item or to skip the tutorials

This is the controller map:

Other controls:

Holding LB:

X: Aard sign
Y: Quen sign
: Igni sign
: Axii sign
D-pad UP: Yrden sign
D-pad LEFT: Potion slot 1
D-pad DOWN: Potion slot 2
D-pad RIGHT: Potion slot 3

Holding BACK:

LB: Previous Panel
RB: Next Panel

If you have trouble about finding "witcher.exe" to launch the game (maybe because you have the Enhanced version or the Director's cut) it is located in the "System" folder inside the game folder. Contact me if you need help ;)

If you want the cool Sound Effects of the game profile it's really simple:

- Download the Game Profile from this page, inside you'll find "The" and "The Witcher"

- Unzip "The Witcher"
- Put "The Witcher sounds" folder inside the "Pinnacle Game Profiler" folder, usually located in: C:\Program Files (x86)\PowerUp Software\Pinnacle Game Profiler
- That's it!! Enjoy the sound effects :D and let me know if it works.

Ok That's all :D I really hope all of you like this game profile and enjoy playing this fantastic game with the controller, now in a comfortable way. I really worked a lot on it to make it possible, and to make you feel like the game was made to be played in this way. If you have any trouble contact me. Now.. Go play it :D hear you soon!!
Hello one and all this is my first post here and after reading many post's else where about being able use a controller for the Game, The Witcher Enhanced Edition, I bought and installed Pinnacle a few weeks ago, and have been using it with no issues with The Witcher Enhanced Edition game. So I figured that I would post it here and after it is reviewed by the moderators it could be made available to all who wish to use it. The attached image and game profile "My First" is for a very simple straight forward layout of the controller profile.

I hope that this works well for all who choose to use it, as well as for those that want a simple uncomplicated game control profile, you're welcome to change it to you're own liking, all I ask is that you include the original file as a reference to what I set up, that is if you wish to upload your own version.

Thank you
This is my first week using PGP so to make my gaming experience a bit better I did some messing around

-For the Witcher 1 I edit girardsummer's default prof to include zoom in out and moved camera change to the xbox guide button. Did this because I edited my version of Witcher enhanced to include first person view also. All other controls are still there. First profile I edited so its a little wonky on a game that have very wonky controls to begin with :)

All default profiles included in the PINS.
If you have any questions, shoot me a mssg, and ill get back to you as when I am able.
Thank you and Thank you pgp for the most versatile game Control profiler I have come across.
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