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Star Wars: The Old Republic profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Also know as: SWTOR
Genre: Persistent Online RPG
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: BioWare Austin BioWare
Release Date: December 20, 2011
Game Review

Profile for Star Wars: The Old Republic
I did a little modification with the profile. I added Strafe Left & Strafe Right to the left analog stick, Quick Slot to the D-Pad Left & Right and on the Shift Mode Red I added Take Cover in Place to Right Trigger.

This Profile made by special request for askanison40, and thanks to him for running a full test for me.
I posted another profile "Star Wars (B).pin" for those who are interested in using that one instead of the original, it can be found at this link...

Alternate Profile

Something i've knocked up today and though it would be worth chucking it out there for you lot to feast on. Personally I've gone back to the K & B on this one as I've been using it from day one and I'm pretty comfortable with it now, but someone might prefer using a gamepad so i thought i would share.

Some things to note, you'll need to setup a key for "nearest enemy" in the in-game keybindings (I went with E).

Just to explain my quickslot system, put skills in the quickslot numbers i've mapped and it should become clear.

P.S what is the easiest way to post screenshots on my configurations, I've forgotten how i used to do it.
Hey, folks! I've had a blog up for a while providing tutorials on optimizing controller use in SWTOR: . But I figured I should actually take the time to provide my profile here in the PGP forums. So, here you go.

EDIT: Hey, Errol! Your new profile is pretty much what I was trying to do...I just didn't configure it properly!

The reason I suggested a double command was there are times when you still want the ability to click on objects (like looting), so I set my right analog stick's button (R3 on the PS3 controller) so that if I tap it, it does a simple click, but if I hold it for a moment, it stickies on (like your configuration does). Though now I think a single-click for clicking and double-click for sticky might work better.

I've attached a profile with the latter configuration so folks can see what I mean. I also included an XBOX 360 version, cuz apparently the two profile types don't migrate well.
(Note: These profiles are used in conjunction with a keypad, so if there's some commands you find conspicuously absent--such as jump--that's why.)
Thought I'd throw this up, it's what I've been using since about 10 days after release and I think it's awesome. You can perform every function. This is for a 360 controller and I modeled the layout very similar to most games for 360. Normal functions-moving around, dialogue, doors, jumping, camera, mouse-all untoggled. Toggle Left or Right Triggers and you have your combat. Toggle Right you have the right half of the hotkeys-left, left half. Pressing in the right joystick switches targets, you can swap 4 different quickslots with the dpad on the fly. I'm playing vanguard and I love it, I can kite melee enemies all day. I don't want to lay out everything this profile can do, but if you have any questions on it, hit me up. Just study it for a minute and test it. I think it's pretty close to perfect, it just takes some getting used to, but once you do the only time you'll need a K/M is to move around your inventory quicker and to chat.
trying to make this work for all class :(

I'm running in to some issues I'm trying to make this simple to use so i can swap class with out changing profile i use repeat for faster hit keys and faster response time to heal attack etc but some odd reason i cant repeat ctrl 1-0 tried several tricks but this best one oh sorry i didn't rename it but i was getting impatient with it and in out in out of the game

trick is you can do 1-0 on repeat no problem but if you want use ctrl 1-0 you have to hit the specific button again to use control keys

oh btw i use your profile Marcoboyle so i know where to start with..

dam was so tired of making this work forgot to put this was for swtor..
Hey folks, I had a look at Peeps, Errol ET AL with their SWTOR profiles and whilst they're good, i find them a bit....haphazard in the layout (of course each to their own and they are very popular so i might just be in the minority). But i made my own one and thought id put it up as an alternative. I PVP a lot and use a razer Nostromo normally with buttons 1-4 and 5-8 with shift and ctrl and key map modifiers so it translates really well to the 4 face buttons on a control pad.

The only thing I've stolen from Errol is the click-able camera movement with the right mouse button being held down (I'm sure he did that) - I had the same thing set up in Xpadder but this is the main reason i came to Pinnacle and will be sticking with it over Xpadder - Xpadder didn't keep the right mouse button held in if you used a key map modifyer.

its actually a very simple layout - the 4 face buttons are abilities 1-4 and the 4 shoulder buttons provide 4 shift modifiers to allow buttons 5-8, 9-+ for the full quick slot bar at bottom center, then same again (1-4 5-8, 9-+ on the numb pad) for 2nd quick slot bottom bar. this keep everything pretty simple, you just need to key bind the 2nd bottom quick slot bar to numpad 1-9and - and +.

selecting targets isnt a perfect solution but i tried to keep all the out of combat things off the 4 face buttons and 4 shoulder buttons. I put PTT for vent and every other keyboard shortcuts on the dpad in fairly similar groups.

i also have a double command for left and right mouse click on the L and R bumpers for clicking quests and looting etc.
Up also is for 'buffs' but thats just the right hand quick slot bar (you need to keep either right or left quick slot turned on in game) you'll know what i mean - most ppl usually have their buffs, pots, mount, quick travel etc on the right side - its just switching between quick slot bars.

This works perfectly well for WOW also and prob any other MMO so I hope someone else finds it useful too!

p.s sadly this doesn't work to well on the space missions - you just don't have the accuracy with the controller as you get with the mouse for shooting. i tried it with a sprung mouse back to the screen center and a high sensitivity setting but you just don't get the finesse you need - anyone who's played a fps on K&M then a game pad - you know what i mean. plus the spring is supposed to go to the size of your screen and i can only seem to get it to cover 3/4 of my screen at max distance.

Anyhow, hope someone gets use of it. I'm now a level 35 inquisitor and all my 85 wow characters work great with it.

Quick change btw - i added targeting to L and R triggers (hold L and press R for Next target/hold R and press L for previous target) so you dont have to take your hand off the left joystick to target. stopping to target isn't fluid and its much better being able to move, hit and change targets simultaneously.
I wasn't particularly happy with the way the current profiles for swtor were supposed to be used to play the game, so it took it upon myself to create my own profile. And i have to say, it is without a doubt the best one for me personally. It is still a work in progress, but so far i am happy with it.

Its very simple when you think about it, press the abxy buttons to get 4 different skills activated. Press and hold the L or R triggers to get 2 more sets of 4 different skills with the abxy buttons. Hold the abxy buttons down for a few seconds and get a different quickslot.

It does require a few changes, you need to keybind the quickslot pages 1 through 4 with alt + 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the swtor keybind control board. And for the quickslot 13 and 14 you should probably change it to something else since those are specifically linked to two specific skills in my own interface on swtor.

I have made an own SWTOR profile since the downloadable does not work for me.

Have fun with it!

I also have a Youtube tutorial video but in german only:
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