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Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls IV - Play with a Gamepad or Joystick

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Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls IV Controller Support for any PC Gamepad, Xbox 360, PS3, PlayStation, etc
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Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls IV profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
This is a PIN i've made for Oblivion for a PSX/2 Controller on USB Adpater(got mine at radioshack), i got alot of influence from Migeeta's Oblivion PIN. i've completely redone the Commands and even included 2 of my fav IGD's for a PSX/2 controller, It covers everything in the game, no need to use a mouse or keyboard. This also allows you to walk at up to 89% and run at 90-100%, also has a dead zone of 25% which i found to feel really sturdy with this setup.

((((((Control Low-Down))))))

The dpad works just like it does on 360 (using/setting hotkeys) and if you use the shift button (Holding Circle) the dpad switches between, stats,inv,magic,maps using the up,right,down,left. [very handy shortcuts]

The Start button is Wait(t), and becomes Options(esc) when shifted by the Circle button.(exit Options using shift+START again if you dont want to hit return in the menu, to me its just faster this way)

Select is Journal, no matter if shifted or not, and shortcuts to journal/etc is said above by holding circle and using the dpad.

Square button is your "Ready Weapon/Shift" button, when not in the menu it simply changes between weapon/torch*or*sheath, but while in menu you can use it as a shift key(holding it while hitting attack/select key) to allow you to drop items from your inventory.

Triangle is Jump. When shifted it becomes Zoom In while in 3rd person view.*check below for more on zooming*

X button is Activate, which is just like morrowind, takes/opens etc.
When Shifted it becomes Zoom Out while in 3rd person.*see below*

Circle button is the SHIFT BUTTON, it allows for each button to have 2 uses, shifted and unshifted. While up every button uses its "unshifted" commands, but while down, they use the "shifted commands. To find out which commands or shifted/unshifted (i've tried to explain them well in this post) you goto the edit configuration and in the bottom right there is a button "Shifted Commands" click it to see what changes when you use the SHIFT BUTTON, and then click it again (will then be Unshifited Commands) to return to the unshifted commands.

L1= Grab(hold to carry) and R1=Cast, but when in journal cycles thru sub catagories of stats,inv,magic,maps, but if you shift them (holding circle) they will cycle thru the catagories themselves.[also it will cycle from inv/container when taking/putting things from boxes/enemies etc]

L2=Block and R2=Attack/Select(in menus), but when shifted they become L2=Always Run(capslock) and R2=Auto-Move(q).
So the player would shift(holding circle)+R2 to start Auto-Move, then use shift+L2 to change AlwaysRun On/Off to run/walk in Auto-Move, to turn off Auto-Move just do shift+R2 (it will resume in walk/run mode depending if AlwaysRun is On/Off)
You have to keep AlwaysRun OFF when not in auto-move, otherwise the run/walk command on the joystick thresholds will act up, so if you notice your not running when stick is @ 100% and running by barely moving the stick, turn AlwaysRun back OFF (shift+L2) and you should be back to walking/running depending on how much of the stick your using.

L3=Sneak and R3=ChangeView(tap to toggle 1st > 3rd person, hold it down for vanity mode, allowing you to use the right stick to free move the camera around you, most know this from morrowind, its very sensitive, but easily controlled.{best i could do :roll: })
when shifted they become L3=Quick SAVE and R3=Quick LOAD.

Left Analog:
Player Movement(wasd), and also works Menu Up/Down respectively.

Right Analog:
Look/Camera Movement(mouse) and also moves the cursor in menus.

***************READ THIS PLEASE********************
Ok now about the Zooming, you can NOT zoom while in Vanity mode, reason being is it will quick load you(cuz when shifted R3 is quick load), which could be disasterous if you havent saved recently >
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