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Minecraft profile
Pinnacle [Rob]
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Here is a Minecraft profile that I made myself after playing the game a bit for the first time this weekend. Fun game! :)

One thing I wanted to note, if you push the right joystick button in it will toggle "slow mouse" which makes it a lot easier to work in your inventory, so keep that in mind.

This control scheme is for the game Minecraft ( There are two versions of Minecraft, Survival and Classic. Classic is a free old version of the game and is being phased out in favour the updated version, Survival, which you have to buy. Currently still only in it's Alpha state, this game has gathered massive popularity. Playable in both a web browser or in a standalone application this profile works the same in both.

This profile primarily was designed for the Survival version of the game, however I've included an alternative configuration for the Classic version that support the actions that were removed from Survival.

This was created for Alpha Class controllers so it works immediately with the controllers listed in this post:

Minecraft: Survival Mode layout.
My file makes Minecraft infinitely playable on a gamepad. Navigating inventory screens is still easier and faster using the mouse, but other than that you'll never need to touch the keyboard or mouse.

The .pin features a sneak toggle which is great for binding to the left stick button. Certain items are hotkeyed also. For example, binding the Torch command will equip your torches as long as you have them in your last inventory slot, same goes for Weapon as long as there is a weapon in your first inventory slot. There is also a press and hold command that will allow you to quickly discard lots of items in a short time. Are all of those dirt blocks taking up valuable inventory space? Equip them then hold the discard key and they'll be gone in no time. One other note, I like the Jump key bound to the right bumper so you can still navigate with both sticks and jump without having to take your thumb off of the right stick. Very useful for attacking and backpedaling away from creepers, you'll never have an excuse to get hung up on blocks behind you.
Hello there.

This is my first profile ever, so it's not perfect. I couldn't make the menus operate without just handing over mouse control so unfortunately, the right stick just controls the mouse when you're in the main menu and when you are in the inventory. Nothing I can do, sorry.

Here are the controls:
Right Trigger: LMB (Attack)
Left Trigger: RMB (Stack Blocks)
A: Jump
B: Inventory
Left Stick: Movement
Right Stick: Camera
D-Pad Left/Right: Scroll mini-inventory bar
LB and RB: Scroll mini-inventory bar

I made this for myself, but I thought I may as well share it as there doesn't seem to be another one on the site. Enjoy.
3.31.13 - I have updated the profile to V1.1~

The changes in this version include:
1. The Xbox Guide button has been mapped to F11; therefore, the Guide button toggles Full Screen ON/Off.


Good evening,

This is my first contribution here, and I hope that its well received. I tend to be thorough, so my post is a bit longer.... please understand that my intent is to provide solid information and limit duplicity in questions~

This is a configuration that was originally posted by Pinnacle [Rob]; and as such, he deserves credit for the original configuration. I am new to Pinnacle software, and I appreciate the solid profiles, and hope that my efforts compliment his contribution. Thanks Rob~

There are three main differences in this configuration.

1. LB & RB Changes = I re-mapped LB & RB, which are now mapped to 'previous/next item' respectively - this small tweak mirrors the 360 arrangement, and just felt natural.

2. D-Pad Mouse Mapping = I created some new movements and mapped the D-Pad to the respective movements of the mouse, e.g., if you push up, the cursor onscreen will move upwards. As long as the D-Pad held in the desired direction, the cursor will move as such. One can play the game using an inverted y-axis (RS), but still be able to move the cursor in the same direction as a mouse -> the result is a more intuitive mouse feel (well, its about as intuitive as one can get with a D-Pad).

3. (RS) Invert/Normal Y-axis HOTSWAP via single/double press of the BACK button = If #2 doesn't work for you - use this: I duplicated the inverted control configuration, and created a hot-swap configuration between the starting config (invert) and the duplicate config (normal). I play the game using inverted Y axis. I'm now used to inverted movements while crafting, BUT -> this is very useful when managing inventory, crafting, navigating menus, etc. I have designed this so that you can select between an Inverted/Normal Y-axis (RS) in real time, all without having to exit the game, ALT+Tab to the desktop, manually to switch configs, or change the in game control options.[INDENT]
TO USE: Just hit 'BACK' button once for inverted Y, and twice for normal Y axis - its simple, and effective. The 2 hot-swap configs are already set up, ready to switch, and are exactly the same all the way down to the sensitivity (70, 28, 100) of the joysticks. There should be no notable differences between them other than that which was aforementioned. [/INDENT]

LAST -> There is one anomaly, and I am unable to identify the cause, though It could be my wireless receiver (its glitchy); however, I am mentioning it in case someone encounters it as well.[INDENT]
The issue/frequency: Occasionally when my game loads, the character starts swinging what-ever item is being held. Usually its a pickaxe or torch, and it will either destroy a few blocks or place some torches down.

Solution: Immediately hitting BACK to hotswap the configs appears to refresh it or somethign, but it will immediately stop the behavior. This Seems to occur about 1 in every 4-5 games played. If anyone has a suggestion, please advise further, send me a PM, etc. If the solution works, I'll fix and re-up the file - but as stated, I believe its my receiver.

Thats all I got. Please post any thoughts, comments, etc..... I will try to follow up when time permits. Additionally, I hope there are others who will find this useful, it was kind of a pain to figure out - but naturally worth it in the end.


hey i hope you would like to use my profile i made for pc i made the xbox 360 and ps3 controls as best as i could btw since x/squire cant do anything on pc its set to chat any way go on and enjoy your xbox 360/ps3 controls on pc have fun and dont forget to like my post have a great day with my allmost perfect minecraft ps3 and xbox 360 configs have fun and message if you have any problems and allso go check out my youtube channel here ( so have a nice day and goodbye now.
My Minecraft profile I made it as close as possible to the Xbox controls.
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