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Mass Effect 2: Arrival profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Hi Folks,
Here it is, the ultimate Mass Effect 2 Profile. I'm pretty sure that it is impossible to make a better profile than this without having the game's developers provide native controller support. In some ways though, this profile is better than even the Xbox 360 version.

*If previous versions of PGP do not support .pins from PGP 5.0 you will need to update to PGP 5.0 first

Using PGP 5.0 I was able to employ a couple features that were previously impossible. The result is a control layout that feels natural, intuitive, and easy to use.

The key new PGP features that made this control scheme possible are:
1) The ability to toggle buttons and
2) The ability to assign a button as a keyboard/mouse button and as a shift key

These two features together allowed the Lb button to toggle the command HUD and simultaneously toggle a shifted controller layout. In other words, if you press Lb during the game, the command HUD will come up and you do not have to hold the button down. While in the command HUD the mouse is more sensitive, making it is easier to select weapons/powers. You aim your powers at the enemies by simply holding down the LT(right mouse button) while aiming with right thumb stick. In short, it's just as easy as keyboard/mouse.

*You can also press the shift/Command HUD button (Lb) when you want to navigate menus or play mini games using the D-Pad.

Another key difference between this profile and the consoles/other PGP user files is the use of Rb as use/cover/sprint as opposed to A. This allows maximum camera, movement, and gameplay control, and it allows the face buttons to be used as all 8 quick slots.

Install Instructions:

Once you've downloaded and activated this profile, start Mass Effect 2 and go into Options>Key Bindings and change move forward, back, left, and right from AWSD to Up, down, left, right using your left thumb stick or your keyboard's arrow keys.
If you want, you can map the vehicle controls to the face buttons (ABXY) of your choice, but I'm pretty sure you do not ever drive a vehicle so it doesn't really matter until they come out with some good DLC.

That's it, you are ready to kick ass!

Once you are in the game though, don't forget to assign your teamates' powers to the quick slots.

*If the right thumb stick (mouse) feels too slow or too quick for your tastes, simply change the Mass Effect Options>Input>Camera Sensitivity to high or low.

How to use the controller's face buttons to access all 8 quick slots (qs):
Y = qs 1/ qs 2 (hold)
B = qs 3/ qs 4 (hold)
A = qs 5/ qs 6 (hold)
X = qs 7/ qs 8 (hold)

*It might help to picture the face buttons as a clock and the quick slot numbers are going clockwise around it with qs 1 starting at the top, Y.

Once you are set up and playing, you will barely ever have to toggle your command HUD anymore because it is so easy to use powers and weapons.
Once you learn how to chain power combos on the fly by pressing/holding different face buttons, the battles go from pretty good to epic, tactical, and down right awesome.

Barry Dingle

P.S. I recently added rumble support and lowered the mouse sensitivity from 60% down to 50%.

P.S.S. As of Feb 8th, the .pin has been updated so that aiming with the right thumbstick is damn near perfect. PGP's default mouse acceleration setting was way too high for ME2, and it made the controls seem jerky, so I turned it down. Aiming and turning are now much smoother than before.
I'm not sure if this pin will automatically change your PGP preferences, so to be sure it does, open PGP and click preferences (at top) in the categories window click command, make sure apply acceleration to mouse is checked and pull the slider all the way to the left.

P.S.S.S. I've added a quick save button. By holding the start button, you can now quick save your game.
hi guys,
in this day i made for mass effect 2 this profile, because i tried the others on this forum, but for many reasons i don't appreciate them.

in attached you can find my pin profile and the description of the keys.

Q key: is to order the position for the second component of your team
E key: is to order the position for the first component of your team
LEFT SHIFT key: is to open the board to use the powers.
C key: is to join the group

A key: is to use the objects
R key: is to recharge the army
H key: is to use or not the army
M key: is to map
LEFT CONTROL key: is to walk
F5 key: is to save the game.
I didn't like any of the custom gamepad configurations that I came across so I decided to fiddle around and come up with something of my own. So basically I found that a lot of profiles didn't have small things that I wanted, like the ability to walk/run with the joystick, or have certain options. Anyway, I'll stop talking and explain the buttons :P I will be using XBox 360/GamePad buttons (Atleast how they are on mine) as well as a graphic interpretation using the XBox 360 Controller.Left Joystick: Movement (Walk if tilted under 35 degrees)Right Joystick: Aim (Mapped to mouse)L3/R3: Nav. Assist/MapD-Pad Up: Holster WeaponD-Pad Down: Squad RegroupD-Pad Left: Left SquadmateD-Pad Right: Right SquadmateButton 9/Back Button/Select: QuickSaveButton 10/Start: Pause MenuButton 1/X: Previous Weapon/Medi-Gel (Hold)*Button 2/A: Use-Interact/Storm (Hold)Button 3/B: Reload/Melee (Hold)Button 4/Y: Quickslot 1/Quickslot 2 (Hold)Button 5/L1: HUD/Power MenuButton 6/R1: Quickslot 3/Quickslot 4 (Hold)Button 7/L2: ZoomButton 8/R2: FireNow notice there is an asterisks beside medi-gel. I've played this game many times, and I've never really used the 8th quickslot. So I simply assigned the HOLD to Quickslot 8. When you begin your game, you will have to reassign Medi-Gel/Unity to Quickslot 8 because there is no button to use Medi-Gel/Unity like ME1With that being said you don't need to use your mouse to do this. You simply HOLD L1 and move your cursor over which power you want to move with the right analog stick. While HOLDING L1 STILL, press and hold R2 (Fire button) and move the icon with the right joystick.I've tested this many times, and have not had any problems. Also if you can see improvements to be made, or more actions I can assign please let me know :) If you can't reach me on here, please feel free to email me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Thank you.
Here is a new Mass Effect 2 profile I made after playing the Xbox 360 version a few times.

After a lot of trial and error I have managed to enable quick access to all the important items I use in the game without sacrificing playability. I tried to make a control scheme that would closely resemble the 360 layout but also allow for the more versatile use of quick-slots available in the PC version.

What I tried to do is make all the items and weapons you need instant access to in the heat of battle available with one click.

Look at image below and you will see that all powers can be accessed from the un-shifted mode.

Ammo types can be easily accessed from the shifted mode, and all other commands that do not require instant access, such as the map, holster and menu I put on a secondary button action or on a shift command.

Updated Pin: 2/20/2010

*Note* Made some performace tweaks on certian button actions such as, game menu, last weapon, form up, move henhmen and map access. I'll probably make one more final tweak to the profile after fininshing the game on PC, but this version is well tuned and works great.
mass effect 2 dual shock pad based on xbox 360 console version gamepad config
Attached is a profile for Mass Effect 2. I spent about 5 hours on this.

1. Uses default in-game key bindings.

2. Quick slots are accessed in the controllers shifted state. Slots 1-4 are "easy", I recommend putting your favorite abilities there and assume to cast 5-8 by pulling up the HUD.

3. Zoom/Aim is a toggled command (Crysis like). Other useful toggled commands are the minimap/objective pointer and the HUD.

4. Vehicle commands are accounted, but I am 10 minutes in the game and have not tested. When I get to that point should find something related to vehicles that needs to be changed or toggled, I will make that change and repost.

5. Created on Version 4.9! V5 Beta testers will need to be aware of this when importing the .pin

Edit 2/1/2010: Updated attachment now includes henchmen placement.

Edit 2/2/2010: Updated attachment reworked henchmen commands, reworked map toggle (it's quirky beware, read later posts), added d-pad functionality (up/down) for in game terminals (Ammo, upgrades, etc). Alt-tab function assigned. Please see later forum posts for more explanation.

Edit 2/7/2010 Assigned right click press to left top bumper (use for aiming when HUD enabled), moved walk command to the joystick AXIS--now left joy partial will walk, all the way to run, press stick button to charge/sprint.
**Though this profile was created on PGP 4.9, it is still fully functional in 5.0. You can go forward, just not backward. IE, a .pin made in 5.0 won't work on 4.9, but a .pin from 4.9 will work on 5.__ .

The bad new? Mass Effect 2 has no native controller support. I'll never understand how a title like this has no controller support, especially when they already did the programming for the console version. The good news, however, is that unlike ME1, PGP seems to work with ME2 seemlessly. There are no problems with the camera spinning around, and camera panning slows down when you're aiming down the gun sights. I haven't finished doing a thorough test but this profile seems to work flawlessly. It's as close to the console version of ME1 as I could get it, though some changes were necessary to even improve upon some of the console's shortcomings. I daresay this is an Ultimate profile. No need to touch that mouse/KB whatsoever!

*You can click on the thumbnail for a quick look at the layout, though I've detailed the layout with explanations below.

Important Notes

* In order for the vehicle to work properly, you have to make a few changes to the key bindings in-game as follows:

Boost - R
Jump - Spacebar
Mine - F
Leave World - V

Just go to the options menu in-game, and scroll to the bottom of the key bindings screen. You'll see the 4 areas above. Click on each one and change the bindings to the way I have listed and you'll be good to go.

* Unlike ME1, the command hud isn't a toggle, which means you have to hold the button down for the hud to show. This presents an issue because you need to use your right thumb and trigger finger to move the mouse and select your power. Thus, the command hud has to be selected with the left hand, instead of RB as it is on ME1. Because I like to use LB as a shift key, I opted to use UP on the d-pad for the command hud. You can change this ofcourse, if you find a better solution for yourself. If there is a way to make the command hud a toggle, I will update the profile accordingly. In the meantime if somebody finds a way to make it a toggle, please post here and let me know. I would much prefer it remained on RB, but it needs to be a toggle for that to happen.

* All the quickslots are on the SHIFTED face buttons and D-pad. If you don't use quickslots, you can get rid of the shift button and put the command hud on LB or RB, then the profile would be perfect. But I've assumed everyone uses quickslots and designed the profile accordingly.


Face Buttons (A, X, Y, B)

A = SPRINT - Hold down A to sprint. A is also used for USE and COVER.

X = Reload

Y = Melee

B = Leave World (aka "back to Normandy" in ME1) while in your vehicle.


The D-pad covers squad orders & the command hud.

DOWN = Form Up
LEFT = Move/Attack Henchman 1
RIGHT = Move/Attack Henchman 2
UP = Command Hud (hold down)

Vehicle Controls

*All your vehicle specific commands are on the face buttons. Movement, shoot, and zoom are same as when you're not in the vehicle.

A = Jump
X = Boost
Y = Mine
B = Leave World (aka 'back to Normandy' in ME1)


SHIFT BUTTON = This is assigned to LB, which is basically just for your quickslots as well as quickload/save

QUICK SLOTS - All the quickslots are on shift/d-pad & face buttons, starting with A and going clockwise from there. So, quickslot 1 is shift + A. QS 2 is X, 3 is Y, and 4 is B. Down on the d-pad is QS 5, and go clockwise from there through QS 8.

QUICKSAVE = This is assigned to shift + start key, so hold down LB and press the START button, and it will quicksave.

QUICKLOAD = This is assigned to shift + back.

NEX WEAPON/PREVIOUS WEAPON = This is a double command. Hit RB to go to next weapon, hold RB down and it will go to previous weapon.

HOLSTER WEAPON = Click left thumbstick


MAp = Back

*Click Right Thumbstick - I left this open because I've only just started the game so I haven't had a chance to try out the sniper rifle. I don't see a separate command to increase zoom level, like there was on ME1. I've therefore left the right stick open, just in case.

This oughta cover it. You should still look over the imageguide to cover any commands I may not have mentioned. It's not exactly like the console but it's close, and I tried to keep all the non-console stuff as logical as possible. Enjoy!
Hi everybody,
Here's a Mass Effect 2 profile that is more complete than Jelster's. Everything works extremely well, and you can do pretty much everything, but I need help implementing one crucial feature. While entered in Command HUD mode by pressing Lb (Left Shift), I want to be able to use the left stick to move the crosshair and the right thumbstick to move the mouse. I cannot figure it out so any help in this regard would be much appreciated.

You need to make a few changes to your Mass Effect 2 options first in order to make this profile work properly.

1) Turn your mouse sensitivity to Low

2) Change vehicle bindings
Make Jump = 7. This makes jump the "A" button on xbox360 controller
Make Mine = 1. This makes Mine the "Y" button on xbox360 controller
Make Leave World = 5. This makes Leave world the "B" button on xbox360 controller

3) Use quickslots 1,2,7,8 for Shepard's powers
Button "Y" = Quick Slot 1/Quick Slot 2 (hold)
Button "A" = Quick Slot 7/Quick Slot 8 (hold)

4) Use Quick Slots 3,4 for Henchman 1's Powers
Button "X" = Quick Slot 3/Quick Slot 4 (hold)

5) Use Quick Slots 5,6 for Henchman 2's Powers
Button "B" = Quick Slot 5/Quick Slot 6 (hold)

Warning!! This profile does not match the console versions of this game. This profile is specially designed to work with the gameplay options and interface style of the PC version. The minigames and Command HUD still need work and might still require the use of mouse at this time.

The face buttons, a,b,x,and y are only used for special powers

The D-Pad is used for selecting weapons and ordering henchmen:
up/down for weapon select
Left = Henchman 1/Form Up (hold)
Right = Henchman 2/Form Up (hold)

Right Shoulder Button is Use/Cover/Sprint

Right Trigger is Fire

Left Trigger is Aim

Left Shoulder Button is Command HUD

Right Thumbstick button is reload

Left Thumbstick is Melee

Back button is map

I hope this helps some of you out for a while. Please let me know if you can help me to use the left thumbstick to move crosshair in Command HUD.

Barry Dingle
Made a fast Mass effect 2 profile for the xbox 360 pad. You can change stuff if you need, put this is pretty good to pick up and play.

1 problem though. The "hack" parts in the game are more different from Mass effect 1, its hard with the pad, but achievable. Mouse use at these sections seems recommended though.

Have fun.

P.s . sorry for the terrible error in the title..
"Mass Effect 2 Profile" by DannyCool

Hi everybody, this is my profile of Mass Effect 2. I think it's the best because I've tried the others and worked to make this one the most comfortable and the closest to the console controls. However i hope even you think so :D . Every control has been assigned.



- If you tilt the left analog stick a bit you will walk, if you tilt it more then you will run. Hold A to sprint
- Hold LB or RB and press A, B, X or Y to perform an action from the quick slots
- Press Y to switch the weapon, hold it and press LB or RB to cycle through weapons
- When you open the Powers Menu the mouse cursor will position near the action bar at the bottom to give you quick and easy access to all powers and weapons
- You can use the D-pad to move in the game menus

This is the controller map:

Other Controls:

Holding LB:

X: Quick Slot 1
Y: Quick Slot 2
B: Quick Slot 3
A: Quick Slot 4

Holding RB:

X: Quick Slot 5
Y: Quick Slot 6
B: Quick Slot 7
A: Quick Slot 8

Holding Y:

LB: Previous Weapon
RB: Next Weapon

I hope you like it!! :D I will post other game profiles soon!

-updated version-

Check the Mass Effect controller profile I've made:
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