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Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven - Play with a Gamepad or Joystick

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Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven profile
Pinnacle [Aldo]
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Read the installation instructions or this profile won't work!


Update 31-07-10:
- Changed some descriptions

Update 31-07-10:
- Initial release

Game information:

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven is a third-person shooter video game initially made for PC and released in 2002. It was later ported to the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Microsoft Xbox in 2004. It was developed by a Czech based company Illusion Softworks and published by Gathering of Developers. The game allows the player to take on the role of a criminal who has to accomplish various missions in order to advance in the game. It received strong critical reaction and continued to maintain a loyal cult following. As of March 12, 2008, Mafia has sold 2 million copies according to Take-Two Interactive.

Profile notes:
The default config (R3H4B> Default) works with shooting as well as driving with the triggers but only with the following in mind:

- To use the fire button held down (e.g. build up strength for the bat) hold the left trigger (brake) and then the right trigger (accelerate / fire gun).

- To shoot while driving, press the X-button (with gun equipped off course) while holding the right trigger (accelerate). This will allow you to shoot with the X-button.

- The action button (Y-button) will revert back to on-foot / driving-mode.

Note: this profile requires Pinnacle v5 or higher!

Installation instructions:


1. Start the game and go into options->controls
2. Goto car controls and press "reset to defaults"
3. Change the "Accelerate"-key (primary) to "1" and "Brake"
(primary) to "2"
4. Overwrite secondary- controls with the ones in primary
5. Confirm the warning

This should make the game and profile compatible.
Install Pinnacle profile:

Here's the layout (R3H4B > default):

The other config (R3H4B > Alt A) is basically the same but without the different gun controls while driving. Accelerate / brake is done by pressing left stick forward or backward.

Note for config R3H4B > Default: While Driving Make sure Your Finger is off RT When You Press LT to Reverse and Vice Versa. Otherwise Your Character Will draw his weapon in the Car and may start Shooting.

Hope you like it.
This is my profile for Mafia - City of The Lost Heaven. I know Rehab has made a profile for this game very recently and I have used some of Rehab's Ideas to create this profile. I Prefer this profile to Rehab's but may I stress I could not have made this Profile without the help of Rehab's profile, So thanks, again, Rehab.

To use my profile (Like Rehab's) some changes need to be made to the in game configuration.

First Go to Options then Controls. Make sure all of the controls are default. Now remove the Primary controls for Forwards, Backwards, Left, and Right, from player controls (remove a control by moving mouse over it and pressing Backspace) Then change Sniper Mode from S to Middle Mouse Button. (To Change a control click on the control then press desired button)
Now go to Car Controls and remove all secondary controls. Change Accelerate to Numpad 8, Brake/Reverse to Numpad 2, Steer Left to A (Accept Warning), and Steer Right to D. Change Gears Up to Q.

Now The profile will work like any other.
Here is a Complete List of all the Buttons and their functions.

A=Action Button (Also accepts Menu's)
B=Crouch Toggle (Hold to Crouch)
LB=Speed Limiter (Hold for Inventory)
Back=City Map (Sticky)
Start=Pause Game
LJB=Objectives (Hold to Repair Car While Racing)
RJB=Horn/Whistle (Hold for Sniper Mode)
LT=Jump/Brake (in Car) (Also Tap While Racing to Repair Car)
RT=Single Fire/Accelerate (in Car) (Can also Hold to Fire or charge Attack When LT is Held)
L=Drop Weapon (Hold to Look Left In Car) (Also Left in Menu's)
R=Hide Weapon (Hold to Look Right In Car) (Also Right in Menu's)
U=Last Weapon (Also Up in Menu's)
D=Next Weapon (Hold to Change View In Car) (Also Down In Menu's)
LS=Movement/Steering (With Walk
i did this earlier so anyone who has mafia can use it.
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