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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
I know there have been many of these uploaded with each modified to the specific users preferences. I'm actually using a non standard gamepad from Japan made by Elecom. It's basically the same as your standard logitech with 4 extra buttons, except they are numbered differently. Naturally it has to be mapped differently so after I customized my controls I thought I would share it in case it helps someone else.

I received a message from Rob on these forums that their is an update to include the elecom controller in the alpha class. After looking into further we found my controller cannot be made alpha class due to it's extra buttons so I manually fixed my alpha and xeon classes. After completing customization's on my controller I used the same config to build an Alpha class and xeon class config. I have tested both of these with my Logitech F310 controller in both standard and Xbox mode and it appears to be mapping all the controls correctly in both cases. I have also included the config for my controller and one specifically for the F310 and the logitech Dual Action although the last 2 are not really needed. If anyone has issues with these not being mapped as shown in the screenshot let me know.

I actually have 2 profiles here. See edit 3 below for details on style 2. My first profile is based on toddmd2's profile but I also took some ideas from Hach's profile. I have tried to leave as many mappings the same as possible, to make it easier to get used to if you are familiar with tom's layout already. You will however find several key changes and it may take some getting used to. Here are the modifications I made from tom's profile.

1.) Put the map key on the start button instead of back so the map can be easily opened while moving.
2.) Put the game menu on the back button which makes more since to me since it is also the close button for many menus.
3.) Replaced the screenshot option combined with the map, with the hero panel. I will be using the hero panel more than the screenshot so I can use the keyboard for that instead.
4.) When activating the shift blue key the left thumbstick moves the mouse cursor slowly when deactivated it moves the character. Made Right trigger(xbox) or P2(PS2) enter alternate shift mode which moves the mouse faster.(I would prefer to use the right thumbstick for moving the mouse cursor but in "quick cast with range indicator" mode that would not work very well. I am now using style 2 which solves this problem.)
5.) I found a delay when jumping if used as a dual key so the jump key now only has the one action. This has removed the delay in jumping. (Since there are many jumping puzzles removing the delay was critical to me.)
6) The right trigger now does single left click and hold for interact. This still allows for double clicking if needed and makes it easier when accessing menus.
7.) In shift mode the right trigger changes from interact to right click which is sometimes needed in menus.
8.) Moved the healing skill and elite skills to left and right shoulder while holding the keys as i like that better than heal on the thumbstick.
9.) Target next friendly and next foe has been moved to left and right thumsticks while holding.
10.) In shift mode the up and down dpad keys now scroll up and down (for use in menus) when pressed and when held zoom in and out.
(You will find when not on the map that the shift mode dpad has 2 sets of keys for zooming in on the character. On other screens such as the map you will see these do not work the same way.)
Note: I don't know which profile I added the map up and down controls from but they were set incorrectly. I have fixed it so they press page up and down which controls the map level.
11.) In shift mode the dpad left and right keys now go down and up in map levels or when held cycle back and forward in the panels that do not otherwise have a key set.
12.) When not in shift mode dpad left and right keys now open the WvW and Trading panels when held.
13.) Changed all Weapon, Utility, and Profession double commands that I currently have mapped to keys to use single/double click instead of holding.
14.) Changed all Weapon, Utility, and Profession commands to register a hold and release of the key rather than just a press. This and change 13 allows using the "quick cast with range indicator" option to set your location before releasing the attack key.
15.) Since the mouse cursor needs to be moved on the left thumbstick to hold an attack key while moving the mouse, I removed the sticky option on the shift key. You now have to hold the shift key to use shift mode keys as is default in Tom's profile. This is to remove confusion when trying to move your character if left in shift mode.
16.) All controls that were used in both Tom and Hach's profiles are still included, even one's that are not mapped in my profile. I made changes to some controls and double commands but created new double commands when using a different combination. I left these in case anyone needs to further customize the controls.
17.) The guide or home button, if present, now takes a screenshot.
18.) If your controller has extra buttons as mine does these are what I have my extra 4 buttons mapped to.
19.) Removed the option from shift mode blue that always puts the cursor in the middle of the screen and that makes the cursor show up once you press the shift mode button.
The cursor now shows up when moving the thumbstick in cursor mode.
Button 13) Screenshot
Button 14) Contacts Panel
Button 15) Mail (You will probably need to edit this control to whatever key you set four your mail panel.)
Button 16) Left Alt. This is what I use for my talk key but also comes in handy as it highlights nearby npc's and such.

I believe this covers all the changes but I apologize in advance if I missed any. If you have any comments or suggestions let me know. Shift mode green is exactly the same as shift mode blue except the left thumbstick moves the mouse at normal speed. Here is an image of what the mapping looks like on an Xbox controller:

Edit: I did some additional testing and everything was working as expected however when enabling the "quick cast with range indicator" option in the game settings I was not able to change the location to cast the skill. Changes 4, 13, and 14 allow this option to work.
Edit 2:I have been playing with this profile for a while now as has my brother. He suggested one additional modification so we can scroll down on menus with the gamepad. Change 10 addresses this and makes change 11 required from my old config. As we used this for a while I found the single click is used quite often especiially on menus. I modified change 6 to make it easier to single click. In cases where you need to double click you need to press the right trigger twice now.
Unless there are problems reported, or pinnacle recognizes my controller as alpha class, this will be my last update to this profile. If you have any comments feel free to send me a PM.
At the slightest chance someone with the same controller actually downloads this I have also attached the image guide i'm using for my Elecom JC-U3016F controller. Sorry for the low quality image. I couldn't find anything better with the controller positioned correctly and it works so I have not taken the time to take my own picture.

Edit 3:
Removed the option from shift mode blue that always puts the cursor in the middle of the screen and that makes the cursor show up once you press the shift mode button.
The cursor now shows up when moving the thumbstick in cursor mode.
In shift mode for both styles the thumbstick that moves the mouse cursor now moves slower so it's easier to choose options.
With both styles when pressing and holding the Right trigger (xbox) or R2(PS2) the same thumbstick moves the mouse faster.
This is done with a second shift mode which only changes the mouse movement to normal speed. All other functions in this shift mode are the same as shift mode blue so I am not referring to this as shift mode.

I have been playing the elder scrolls online for a while using a mapping modeled after this one. My brother wanted one modeled after the mapping used in Elder Scrolls Skyrim so I created one and have been using it for a while. I found I preferred it to my first one so made a similar profile for guild wars 2. No changes have been made to my first profile, I have just made a second one.
The main change is the skills are now on the dpad and your interact key is a(xbox/x(PS2) key. I've also removed the double functions that open most menus so there are more 1 function keys and fixed the menu cycling so it closes each menu before opening the next one by pressing the game menu(escape) key.
I have replaced the profile download with a new version that includes my original layout and the new one named style 2. Shift mode green is exactly the same as shift mode blue except the left thumbstick moves the mouse at normal speed. Here is what style 2 looks like on an xbox controller.

I hope that now this can get added to downloads and that it helps someone.
Also I forgot to add a tag for 'elecom' and don't see an option to fix that. Can someone add that?
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