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Guild Wars 2 profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
New Guild Wars 2 control scheme for your PS3 or Xbox controller!
Version 1.2

This control scheme was built using Toddmd2's profile as a starting template. I quickly saw some things I wanted to change - especially the ground targeting. I put together this new profile to keep all the commands laid out in a simple one button press fashion (apart from a few commands) and it has achieved a somewhat smoother gameplay. I also wanted to include a way to control the Map and UI with fear that the mouse would eventually take over again. Please see below for the control schemes. I will do my best to ease you into this new layout. If you have the urge to contact me, please do!!


[*]Built using Relative Mouse movements - No coordinate or resolution adjustments needed. Minimal setup required.
[*]"Combat Mode" like Action, see the video. Hit whatever is in front of you - No targeting required! Works great with or without fast-casting!
[*]Intuitive design allows for combat to be much, much smoother. No more waiting for your abilities to cast or worrying about your ground targeting mouse. Instantly use the skill you want to, when you want to at what you want to!
[*]Map Panning controls! Also included are "paging controls" - move your map one screen over with a touch of a button!
[*]Simple Menu and UI controls
[*]Some emotes :)


This control scheme works BEST with a fullscreen (non-windowed) or single monitor setup.
Please start mapping keys after setting your controls to DEFAULTS.

Control Options:
[*]“Stow\Draw Weapon” -> Z
[*]“Town Clothes” -> .
[*]“Mail” -> L
[*]“Lock Auto Target” -> X
[*]“About Face” -> U
[*]“Look Behind” -> C

General Options:

[*]Double-Tap to Evade -> OFF
[*]Autotargeting -> ON
[*]Stop Autoattacking on Target Change -> ON
[*]Sensitivity -> 100% (recommended)
[*]Autoloot -> ON (recommended)
[*]Invert Camera Y-Axis -> ON (optional)
[*]Double-Click to Attack/interact -> ON (optional)


The World Map profile is separate from the Combat & Systems profile. Although it is optional to include the World Map, it includes a panning feature for the map, which may be helpful in the fight against mouse and keyboard. You will need to remap the profile switch commands in both profiles – which are in the [Select] buttons on both profiles.


Starting up for the first time:

When you begin gameplay, you will want to tap the [Guide] button on your controller to engage the camera functionality. Tap it again to disengage the camera.

During combat, aim your camera at what you want to attack, press the skill/ability you would like to cast and it will target the foe in front of you automatically. Ground casting spells work similarly by aiming your camera at the spot you would like to cast at.

Combat & Defaults:

The Weapon Skills & some default mappings:

Likewise, your Utility, Healing, Elite and Professional Abilities are mapped to the same buttons as your Weapon skills using Pinnacle’s “Shifts”. See the diagrams below:

*In some instances you may need to interact or do a basic left-click.

[*]To Interact, click and hold the [Right Stick] - Can be held longer to repeat.
[*]Clicking [Right Stick] will perform a Left-Click


Press [Select] for the Map. This system was built from the ground up with panning in mind. To engage Panning – Click and Hold the [Right Stick]. Please enjoy:

*A note about Map Travel / Respawning: After traveling or respawning, your character may be 'jumping'. The 'jumping' is a result of the Map controls still being in effect.
If this occurs, press [Guide] to capture the Camera - then resume gameplay.
As a workaround, you may press [Select] during the loading screen.


Press [Start] for the Menus. The menu system was designed to carousel through several presets. Press [L] or [R] to slide through the window presets. By default, the first menu that opens is the Inventory, and the inventory stays open for the duration. The Pet Menu is available through the default combat interface, by pressing [D-Pad Right].

Advanced Controls:

Below is a list of controls that weren't included above:

[*]Emotes -> Hold [LT] + [D-pad]
[*]Stow/Draw Weapon -> While in Panel view, [D-Pad Right]


Version 1.2

[*]Removed Walk auto-toggle. This was required to be done since being defeated or dying would reset the toggle, inverting walk->run to run->walk
[*]Camera & Reset [Guide] button fixed to require less presses
[*]Interact has been switched to allow you to hold to repeat interactions (this is useful for multiple loots)
Version 1.1

[*]Changed [Left Stick] movement to defaults
[*]Combined the [Guide] Button and RESET function into one button - this is to ease transition from map warping and death to normal combat view
[*]Removed RESET function from [Select]
[*][LT] + [A] changed to Swap/Drop Bundle - there are some instances where having an extra Swap weapon button under the Professional Abilities Shift make's play more accessible (IE Warrior Burst Attacks)
[*]Draw/Sheathe Weapon moved to Panel [D-Pad Right]
[*]Increased Sensitivity by 5%
Version 1.0

[*]Initial Release :D

References & THANKS!:

[*]Toddmd2's original controls for an immaculate starting template
[*]PVPproject's "Combat Mode" for the Targeting ideas
[*]Guild Wars 2 by Arena Net
[*]PGP - Special Thanks to Rob and Errol for the help
[*]Also, Zelda 64 and Grand Theft Auto for the control ideas
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