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Guild Wars 2 profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Updated 5/17/2014

Greetings everyone! Since its launch I believed Guild Wars 2 would make a great third person action game suited to a controller. This in mind I created my Guild Wars 2 profile. Using it you can now play Guild Wars 2 with a controller as a third person action game while reclining comfortably in your chair. It works wonderfully, so much so that I would go so far as to say that with my profile Guild Wars 2 feels like it was meant to be played with a controller. Sweet!

Control settings to change in Guild Wars 2 to get it to behave properly with my profile:

~ Change WASD controls to, forward, strafe left, backwards, and strafe right respectively. Make Q and E control camera rotation (or leave them unbound since you will never use them)

~ Disable "Double-tap to evade" in the game options.

~ To use the Look Behind command in my profile, while in-game bind Look Behind to "U".

~ I find that using the Fast with Range Indicator targeting option works best with my profile.

Control Philosophy:

~ This profile was tested using a Guardian, an Elementalist, and a Thief, all work very well.

~ After more than a few iterations I made a design decision to only include controller commands directly related to gameplay. The way I see it is that the keyboard and mouse is better suited for things like inventory management, mail, hero panel, menu navigation, etc, so having a controller command assigned to these functions seemed useless since you are going to be reaching for your keyboard anyway. This decision streamlined the controls a bit and allowed for added functionality.

~ The right stick is your camera control like any good third person game. I find it's easiest to adjust the sensitivity and whether or not to invert the camera from within the game.

~ The left trigger is what you will use to move your mouse pointer and cast ground targeted spells. Ground targeting was tested using an Elementalist and a Thief. Here's how it works (with the Fast with Range Indicator targeting option selected): pull and hold the left trigger, position the cursor where you want the spell/skill to be cast and then press the spell/skill button. That's it! Using a controller to cast ground targeted spells also allows for full mobility while casting, I dare you to try dodging back and to the left while casting ground targeted spells with a keyboard and mouse. Tricky at best. Another way to use the left trigger is in the map screen. Open the map and the right stick will by default drag the map around, pull and hold the left trigger to re-place or move the cursor around the map, then let go of the trigger and you can continue to drag the map around.

~ The right trigger is bound to the press and hold command Interact/Double Click. What this means is that you pull and release the trigger to interact with anyone/anything and that you pull and hold the trigger to choose dialog options, loot a corpse (turning on auto loot makes this unnecessary), or equip items from your inventory. For example, stand near a corpse and pull and release the left trigger to interact with it, then pull and hold the trigger to pick up what's on offer. I have found no situation where using a double click rather than single click creates problems.

~ There are a lot of double commands, but I maintain a button mapping philosophy throughout the the profile to eliminate confusion. For example, each character has 5 weapon skills assigned to keys 1-5. So instead of mapping 1-4 to A, B, X, Y and number 5 to some other random button I decided to assign 1-3 to X, Y, and B, and then 4 and 5 to the left and right bumpers, and like any good game A is mapped to Jump. I feel this will make remembering the assignments easier since there is no confusion as to "is 4 assigned to A, or was it B?", this way 1-3 are aligned with the top 3 face buttons and 4 and 5 are on the left and right bumpers respectively. Similarly, each character can have 3 utility skills bound to 7-9. These skills are also bound to X, Y, and B in the same way the weapon commands are mapped to the face buttons except that these skills are fired when the button is held.


Updated 5/17/2014
~ A few lingering problems have been sorted.

Updated 5/3/2013
~ The guide button now fires the Elite Skill because that just seems appropriate.
~ Implemented a new, much simpler camera control (assigned by default now) method that eliminates the cursor warping to different locations on the screen. Using this new command also eliminates the need to follow the tutorial further down the page and will have you in the game much quicker now. Hooray for progress! The old command is still in the profile just because I like it and a lot of work went into it.
~ Fixed inconsistencies between shifted and unshifted modes.

Updated 9/16/2012
~ "Butt mode" (It's best not to ask) fixed. Great work on this one Amakou!

Updated 9/3/2012
~ Added functionality whereby releasing the right stick the mouse pointer will automatically GoTo the coordinates you specify (see the tutorial further down the page). Note: the instructions further down the page instruct you on how to make the cursor GoTo a coordinate at the center of the screen. I and several other posters found this to be inconvenient since the camera control function relies on a lot of mouse clicking and resulted in a lot of targeting/auto attacking. The solution to this is to make the cursor GoTo a coordinate in an unused portion of the screen. I now have my GoTo coordinate set to warp my cursor to just above the chat window when moving the camera as you are in no danger of clicking anything important over there. Experiment with it and find out what works best for you.
Thanks to Dessa for the great idea.

Updated 8/27/2012
~ New screenshot functionality added to the back button. Press and hold the back button and the interface disappears, when you release the back button the screenshot is captured and the interface reappears. Sweet!
~ Pressing and holding the Left Bumper enables you to look behind your character. To get this to work, in Guild Wars 2 set the look behind keystroke to "U".

Download the profile here:

Guild Wars 2 by
Guild Wars 2 - by
Hello everyone. I want to start first saying thanks to PGP for such awesome software and of course special thanks to toddmd2, who was a great inspiration in order to make my own profile. I know EVERYONE thinks their profile is the best, even if the dont write it, lol. Well, im not saying its the best, but i think is the more easy and simple way to play Guild Wars 2.

I recommend:
Disable "Double Tap to Evade".
Enable "Show all enemy names"

Custom Keys used (bind them inside GW2 or modify the command in PGP for your own):
Call Target: , (comma)
Take Target: . (period)
Nearest Enemy: T
Previous Enemy: J
Walk: * (multiply) [not assigned]
About Face: L [not assigned]
Look Behind: U [not assigned]

Altough i included the commands of the last three, i didnt assign them to a button because i didnt feel like necesary, if you want, you can add them. I will probably add more commands on the future, depending on how much i need them. I just placed the most used. Suggestions are welcome.


This profile have 3 Modes: Normal, Panels and Extended.

NORMAL MODE:[INDENT]Just as title. You press the buttons and they make what they says. As you can see, some buttons have dual commands. This means they perform both actions, one by making a single pressing, and the other by holding button.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]LT will make the shift to Extended Mode, which will allow you to have more commands. This works is by holding LT. If you release LT, you go back Normal Mode.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]START will works as a Toggle Button (not holding) and it will allow you to enter/leave Panels Mode (point and click). I just changed names to Grab,Accept, Cancel, etc. for visual purposes, but its all about left, right, double click and escape key. You press Start once, and you go Panels Mode, you press Start again, you go back Normal Mode.[/INDENT]

PANELS MODE (Toggle Start BUTTON):[INDENT]Two main diferences against Normal Mode:[/INDENT]
[INDENT]1) Left Joystick now will control the cursor (Mapped to mouse)[/INDENT]
[INDENT]2) In this mode ABXY buttons now will work diferent way. No more Skills/Abilities. Now they will work like Mouse clicks.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]A (Accept/ Grab Item) = Left Click / Hold Left Click[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]B (Cancel) = Escape key[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]X (Item Options) = Right Click[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Y (Consume / Equip) = Double Click[/INDENT]
[INDENT]Additionally, we have some other options like Panels. You can access 5 of them by Direction Pad:[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Up: Inventory[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Left: Commerce[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Right: Hero / Pet (hold)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Down: Map[/INDENT]
[INDENT]2 more Panels with Shoulders:[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]RB: Contacts[/INDENT]
[INDENT]When placing price to an item in Commerce Panel:[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]RJoystic Up: Up Arrow (increase price)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]RJoystic Down: Down Arrow (decrease price)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]This is necesary when selling/buying/trading gems/gold. With arrows you can input the amount of money.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]When inside World Map:[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Scroll Map: hold A + Left Joystick.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]I didnt feel the NEED to add floors beacause you can move the cursor with joystick and A to select floors.[/INDENT]

EXTENDED MODE (Holding LT Button):[INDENT]This mode was created to compensate some difucult things to do like aim Underground skills, targeting or the need of more buttons for skills.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]I tried to made it the most easy and practical way. In Normal Mode, as you can say, we have Skills distributed like this:[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]X = Weapon Skill 1 / Utility Skill 1[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Y = Weapon Skill 2 / Utility Skill 2[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]B = Weapon Skill 3 / Utility Skill 3[/INDENT]
[INDENT]So, to keep the same logic, i place the same distribution for Profession Abilities, except for PA 4 which i assigned to hte big X Guide button.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]X = Weapon Skill 1 / Utility Skill 1 / Prof. Ab 1[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]Y = Weapon Skill 2 / Utility Skill 2 / Prof. Ab 2[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]B = Weapon Skill 3 / Utility Skill 3 / Prof. Ab 3[/INDENT]
[INDENT]To execute Underground Skills:
[INDENT=2]1.- Press the skill button you want to execute
2.- Go Extended mode(hold LT) to allow Right Joystick to act like normal mouse cursor (if you are not already inside)
3.- Aim with Right Joystick where do you want the skill
4.- Press A (Left Click) to execute skill.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]For example with the Long Bow:[/INDENT]
[INDENT]Long Bow Weapong Skill 3 (B) its an underground skill. [/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]1.- Press B (Weapong Skill 3)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]2.- Press and hold LT to enter Extended Mode.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]3.- Use your Right Stick to aim where you want the skill.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]4.- Press A to perform the skill successfully.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]Another example with the Long Bow:[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]1.- Press LT+X (Profession Ability 1)[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]2.- Use your Right Stick to aim where you want the skill.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=2]3.- Press A to perform the skill successfully.[/INDENT]

I noticed that in most parts of the game, when you are asked for Interact (F), you need to make some kind of point and click action.
For example, when Gathering resources, you stand close to the resource and you press F. After this, the only way you can take the resources is by clicking them with the mouse in the tiny right window (or enabling Auto-Loot, but i dont like it).

This is the reason because i placed Interact(BIG X Guide Button) inside the Panels Mode. You stand next to the resource, enter Panel Mode with START button, press Interact(big X Guide button) and take your resources normally by moving left joystick and pressing A (left click).

Of course, i let also Interact in normal mode for faster interact in which you dont need to make point and click actions (loot droped by enemies).

You can press Interact in normal mode then enter Panels Mode if you feel more comfortable doing so.

And finally, if you find any error/issue, let me know it. At the moment im posting this thread im so tired and im afraid to have made changes at the last minute and dont reflex them on pictures/notes.
New Guild Wars 2 control scheme for your PS3 or Xbox controller!
Version 1.2

This control scheme was built using Toddmd2's profile as a starting template. I quickly saw some things I wanted to change - especially the ground targeting. I put together this new profile to keep all the commands laid out in a simple one button press fashion (apart from a few commands) and it has achieved a somewhat smoother gameplay. I also wanted to include a way to control the Map and UI with fear that the mouse would eventually take over again. Please see below for the control schemes. I will do my best to ease you into this new layout. If you have the urge to contact me, please do!!


[*]Built using Relative Mouse movements - No coordinate or resolution adjustments needed. Minimal setup required.
[*]"Combat Mode" like Action, see the video. Hit whatever is in front of you - No targeting required! Works great with or without fast-casting!
[*]Intuitive design allows for combat to be much, much smoother. No more waiting for your abilities to cast or worrying about your ground targeting mouse. Instantly use the skill you want to, when you want to at what you want to!
[*]Map Panning controls! Also included are "paging controls" - move your map one screen over with a touch of a button!
[*]Simple Menu and UI controls
[*]Some emotes :)


This control scheme works BEST with a fullscreen (non-windowed) or single monitor setup.
Please start mapping keys after setting your controls to DEFAULTS.

Control Options:
[*]“Stow\Draw Weapon” -> Z
[*]“Town Clothes” -> .
[*]“Mail” -> L
[*]“Lock Auto Target” -> X
[*]“About Face” -> U
[*]“Look Behind” -> C

General Options:

[*]Double-Tap to Evade -> OFF
[*]Autotargeting -> ON
[*]Stop Autoattacking on Target Change -> ON
[*]Sensitivity -> 100% (recommended)
[*]Autoloot -> ON (recommended)
[*]Invert Camera Y-Axis -> ON (optional)
[*]Double-Click to Attack/interact -> ON (optional)


The World Map profile is separate from the Combat & Systems profile. Although it is optional to include the World Map, it includes a panning feature for the map, which may be helpful in the fight against mouse and keyboard. You will need to remap the profile switch commands in both profiles – which are in the [Select] buttons on both profiles.


Starting up for the first time:

When you begin gameplay, you will want to tap the [Guide] button on your controller to engage the camera functionality. Tap it again to disengage the camera.

During combat, aim your camera at what you want to attack, press the skill/ability you would like to cast and it will target the foe in front of you automatically. Ground casting spells work similarly by aiming your camera at the spot you would like to cast at.

Combat & Defaults:

The Weapon Skills & some default mappings:

Likewise, your Utility, Healing, Elite and Professional Abilities are mapped to the same buttons as your Weapon skills using Pinnacle’s “Shifts”. See the diagrams below:

*In some instances you may need to interact or do a basic left-click.

[*]To Interact, click and hold the [Right Stick] - Can be held longer to repeat.
[*]Clicking [Right Stick] will perform a Left-Click


Press [Select] for the Map. This system was built from the ground up with panning in mind. To engage Panning – Click and Hold the [Right Stick]. Please enjoy:

*A note about Map Travel / Respawning: After traveling or respawning, your character may be 'jumping'. The 'jumping' is a result of the Map controls still being in effect.
If this occurs, press [Guide] to capture the Camera - then resume gameplay.
As a workaround, you may press [Select] during the loading screen.


Press [Start] for the Menus. The menu system was designed to carousel through several presets. Press [L] or [R] to slide through the window presets. By default, the first menu that opens is the Inventory, and the inventory stays open for the duration. The Pet Menu is available through the default combat interface, by pressing [D-Pad Right].

Advanced Controls:

Below is a list of controls that weren't included above:

[*]Emotes -> Hold [LT] + [D-pad]
[*]Stow/Draw Weapon -> While in Panel view, [D-Pad Right]


Version 1.2

[*]Removed Walk auto-toggle. This was required to be done since being defeated or dying would reset the toggle, inverting walk->run to run->walk
[*]Camera & Reset [Guide] button fixed to require less presses
[*]Interact has been switched to allow you to hold to repeat interactions (this is useful for multiple loots)
Version 1.1

[*]Changed [Left Stick] movement to defaults
[*]Combined the [Guide] Button and RESET function into one button - this is to ease transition from map warping and death to normal combat view
[*]Removed RESET function from [Select]
[*][LT] + [A] changed to Swap/Drop Bundle - there are some instances where having an extra Swap weapon button under the Professional Abilities Shift make's play more accessible (IE Warrior Burst Attacks)
[*]Draw/Sheathe Weapon moved to Panel [D-Pad Right]
[*]Increased Sensitivity by 5%
Version 1.0

[*]Initial Release :D

References & THANKS!:

[*]Toddmd2's original controls for an immaculate starting template
[*]PVPproject's "Combat Mode" for the Targeting ideas
[*]Guild Wars 2 by Arena Net
[*]PGP - Special Thanks to Rob and Errol for the help
[*]Also, Zelda 64 and Grand Theft Auto for the control ideas
This profile is a subset of toddmd2 guild wars 2 combat controller profile, I have reconfigured for complete controller support. The "My Wireless" profile has extended functionality beyond combat, without implementing an entirely new button mapping scheme.

Changes and Additions:
[*]Left stick button is now the Shift blue modifier with one-click hold
[*]Left trigger is now dodge/heal (much easier while moving)
[*]While in shift blue mode, hold double commands have user panels such as trade post, inventory, contacts, hero, and guild.
[*]Full mouse pointer control while in shift blue mode.
[*]Shift blue mode now offers zoom in/out with up and down dpad buttons, for map and world.
[*]Single left click and right click while in shift blue mode
[*]Cursor snap to grid is preconfigured for 1920x1080 resolution, if a lower resolution is needed simply change the "goto Coordinates" in movement>camera control commands (take your resolution and divide the numbers by 2, which will place pointer in the center of your screen)

These are the most important changes and additions; I currently play GW2 with this profile all the time for both thief and engineer professions. This profile will eliminate any need for mouse input, you'll only need a keyboard for chatting in-game. As always if you have any feedback relative to this build and improving it, please post. Otherwise I hope you enjoy this profile as much as I do :oops:

Guild Wars 2 Settings

In addition to the default settings I suggest to

[*]Deactivate "Double-Tap to Evade"
[*]Activate "Auto Loot"
[*]Activate "Show All Enemy Names"
[*]I suggest a "Camera Rotation Speed" between 0% and 50%. (Right now I use 50% myself)
[*]You should consider to experiment with the stop auto attack on target change, the auto target settings and the "Lock Auto Target" toggle key which is mapped by the profile.
[*]Under Graphics switch to "Small UI"

Keyboard Profile
This keys are not mapped to a default key by arenanet, but are used in the profile and should be mapped anyway! Rest as set by default.

Movement > Walk Insert
Movement > About Face End
Targeting > Nearest Enemy C
Targeting > Nearest Ally L
Targeting > Next Ally X
Targeting > Lock Auto Target ; [Semicolon] [Qwertz: Ü]
User Interface > Mail 4 (numpad)
Camera > Look Behind Home [Qwertz: Pos1]
Action > Stow/Draw Weapons . [Period]
Targeting > Show Friendly Names 1 (numpad) [In addition/alternative to the default mapping (Left CTRL) to prevent some issues]
Targeting > Show Enemy Names 2 (numpad) [In addition/alternative to the default mapping (Left Alt) to prevent some issues]
Misc > Town Cloth Toggle 5 (numpad)
Misc > AoE Loot 6 (numpad)

Mighty's GW2 Profile


[*]The profile is made for a resolution of 1920x1080 and small UI size.
[*]If you want to change anything have a look on the "How to modify" section below - if not don't read that section.
[*]You may need to change joystick sensitivity according to your wishes. But keep in mind this will also affect AoE positioning.
[*]This is just a basic layout. As example if you play necromancer, it could be worth to have death shroud (F1) on dpad. Unshifted dpad is a good point to add some functionality for your needs.

[*]You need a keyboard - you cannot play a mmo without. Voice chat toggle/push-to-talk is mapped to 3 on NUMPAD and triggered by pressing dodge button just a little bit (numpad 9 is mapped to XBox Button, as alternative PTT) See "How to modify" to change.
[*]You should also have a mouse for the UI interaction next to you.
[*]Sometimes PGP misplace the mouse cursor probably issued by the luncher or maximizing a window. So if you own a keyboard or mouse where you can map a button to execute the batch file or even map it in the profile itself and it will kill and restart PGP for you... See how to modifiy and then adjust the path of the command wich is by default mapped to R1+Start. Click here to download restart_pgp.bat

How to play

[*]Zoom out as far as possible before/in a fight, especially for AoEs.
[*]You gain access to your skills by holding L1 or R1 down.
[*]You can always dodge [R2], (de)activate mouse/camera view [R3] and move your body and the camera with the sticks.
[*]Call AoE by pressing the skill combo twice. Like L1+X -> move the AoE in place while "mouse view" mode is active -> L1+X again OR you could also activate the skill as example L1+X -> release X, but keep L1 hold -> move with left/right stick -> press left stick down to execute (so you dont have to release camera movement twice)
[*]Mouse View [R3] will always place the mouse pointer a little bit above the center of the screen. Thus the AoEs are always at exactly the same position / pixel.

[*]If Mouse View is off (mouse cursor visible) you can left-mouse click with the left stick down [L3]. If Mouse View is on you can call a target with [L3].
[*]There are three different right-joystick sensitivities in the profile:
[*]If the Mouse view is off (you can see you cursor) the joystick sensitivity is horizontal 50 and vertical 50.
[*]If the Mouse view is on (you cannot see the cursor) the joystick sensitivity is horizontal 50 and vertical 37.
[*]If you press L1 or R1 the joystick sensitivity is horizontal 45 and vertical 30. (That way you can place your AoE more precise.)
[*]All values are conservative and need further testing as also depend on personal preferences. You can easily change it - see how to modify!

[*]The panel cycle commands (L2+DPad) break the mouse view, so you do not need to deactivate it manually before. The cycle pointer is reseted each time you activate mouse view.
[*]E.g. it is pretty common to swap utility skill between fights. So you press [L2 + DPad-Right] to cycle through the utility skills without beeing forced to move the mouse. You only need to move the mouse by hand when you reach the utility slot you want to change.

[*]If the controller vibrates you have activated a hold-key-down command. A.e. hold and keep the right mouse button down. Also the previous enemy, call target and select call target commands have vibration feedback.
[*]To drag and drop, rotate the camera, left click, double left click use [L2 + R2] when Mouse View [R3] is off.

You should print the screenshots for quick reference and read the Legend - as also sit down and make some dry exercise a.e. with a "text editor" ;-)It will take some time to get into it, especially since you have not made the profile on your own - just do not give up after half an hour....Good luck!

wiki page - section 2.1 2.2 3.2 4.1 are copied/pasted above

most recent profile file - attached file (v1.5) below may be outdated Changelog

[*]Left Mouse Button

[*]Right Mouse Button

[*]Executes the AoE with active mouse view. That means release right mouse button, click left mouse button, press and hold right mouse button again.

[*]180° MV
[*]Executes a turn around with active mouse view. That means release right mouse button, turn around, press and hold right mouse button again.

[*]Select the current called target

[*] XY / YX
[*]A button where is more than one command mapped to.

[*] XY/YX
[*]If there is no space before and after "/" it is one single command.

[*]LMB//Call Target
[*]If Mouse View is off (mouse cursor visible) you can left-mouse click with the left stick down [L3]. If Mouse View is on you can call a target.

"Guardians Attack!"

New Guild Wars 2 control scheme for your Xbox 360 controller
Version 1.0

This control scheme was built using the existing PGP profiles as a reference. Only tested with a Guardian but it should work great for close-up melee/dodge-style play on other classes too.


* Built using relative mouse movements - feels a bit like Dark Souls or Fable (Left joy for movement, right joy for camera)
* Hit what's in front of you - "combat mode" style (no special casting targeting...I'm sure you could add if you really wanted to)
* Single-tap A to Jump, Double-tap A to Dodge (!!!)
* Left and Right Triggers = tons o' fun (total of 4 separate attacks: Weapons 1 and 2 on the Right, Weapons 5 and Elite Skill on the Left)
* Simple mappings of D-pad and X/Y/B Buttons for maximum combat and profession skills
* Start button - enter a shifted mode to easily interact with Hero, Inventory and Guild screens (see explanation below)


This control scheme also works best with a full screen (non-windowed). Only tested on single monitor setup at 2550 x 1440 (Asus FTW).
Please start mapping keys after setting your controls to DEFAULTS.

General & Control Options:

“Stow\Draw Weapon” -> Z
“Look Behind” -> C

Double-Tap to Evade -> OFF
Autotargeting -> ON
Stop Autoattacking on Target Change -> ON
Sensitivity -> 100% (recommended)
Autoloot -> ON (recommended)
Invert Camera Y-Axis -> OFF (optional)
Double-Click to Attack/Interact -> ON (optional)
Recommended setting your Camera Rotation speed to max or near max

Attack (and Support) Mode:

Full on double trigger mayhem. The auto-camera on Right Joy with a double-tap A dodge is a sight to behold. Hard not to love the D-pad and X/Y/B setup for max boons and attacks (shouts are great too).
Healing (and Auto Run) is a quick tap (or tap n hold) on the Left Joy. And Right Joy is perfect for Swapping or Stowing Weapons.

Menu/UI Mode (Shift Green)

Deceptively simple menu interactions. Just click [Start] to enter a (sticky) Shift Green mode. Press B button to access your mouse pointer. Now you can use your Right Joy to move it wherever you need.
The A button serves as Left Mouse Click. And the D-pad brings up Hero (push left), Inventory (push up) and Guild screen (push right).

World Map

There are some true PGP rock stars out there who did World Map controls in their profiles. The shift modes were getting a bit crazy on my profile to try and factor it in so I left it out. You could add World Map controls and even targeting if you are so inclined.

Hope you have as much fun with this profile as I did/am still having!

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due:

Toddmd2's original controls and cyberphenaris for amazing starting templates
PVPproject's "Combat Mode"
Guild Wars 2 by Arena Net
PGP - Special Thanks to Rob and Errol for the great prior posts on Shift Mode
I know there have been many of these uploaded with each modified to the specific users preferences. I'm actually using a non standard gamepad from Japan made by Elecom. It's basically the same as your standard logitech with 4 extra buttons, except they are numbered differently. Naturally it has to be mapped differently so after I customized my controls I thought I would share it in case it helps someone else.

I received a message from Rob on these forums that their is an update to include the elecom controller in the alpha class. After looking into further we found my controller cannot be made alpha class due to it's extra buttons so I manually fixed my alpha and xeon classes. After completing customization's on my controller I used the same config to build an Alpha class and xeon class config. I have tested both of these with my Logitech F310 controller in both standard and Xbox mode and it appears to be mapping all the controls correctly in both cases. I have also included the config for my controller and one specifically for the F310 and the logitech Dual Action although the last 2 are not really needed. If anyone has issues with these not being mapped as shown in the screenshot let me know.

I actually have 2 profiles here. See edit 3 below for details on style 2. My first profile is based on toddmd2's profile but I also took some ideas from Hach's profile. I have tried to leave as many mappings the same as possible, to make it easier to get used to if you are familiar with tom's layout already. You will however find several key changes and it may take some getting used to. Here are the modifications I made from tom's profile.

1.) Put the map key on the start button instead of back so the map can be easily opened while moving.
2.) Put the game menu on the back button which makes more since to me since it is also the close button for many menus.
3.) Replaced the screenshot option combined with the map, with the hero panel. I will be using the hero panel more than the screenshot so I can use the keyboard for that instead.
4.) When activating the shift blue key the left thumbstick moves the mouse cursor slowly when deactivated it moves the character. Made Right trigger(xbox) or P2(PS2) enter alternate shift mode which moves the mouse faster.(I would prefer to use the right thumbstick for moving the mouse cursor but in "quick cast with range indicator" mode that would not work very well. I am now using style 2 which solves this problem.)
5.) I found a delay when jumping if used as a dual key so the jump key now only has the one action. This has removed the delay in jumping. (Since there are many jumping puzzles removing the delay was critical to me.)
6) The right trigger now does single left click and hold for interact. This still allows for double clicking if needed and makes it easier when accessing menus.
7.) In shift mode the right trigger changes from interact to right click which is sometimes needed in menus.
8.) Moved the healing skill and elite skills to left and right shoulder while holding the keys as i like that better than heal on the thumbstick.
9.) Target next friendly and next foe has been moved to left and right thumsticks while holding.
10.) In shift mode the up and down dpad keys now scroll up and down (for use in menus) when pressed and when held zoom in and out.
(You will find when not on the map that the shift mode dpad has 2 sets of keys for zooming in on the character. On other screens such as the map you will see these do not work the same way.)
Note: I don't know which profile I added the map up and down controls from but they were set incorrectly. I have fixed it so they press page up and down which controls the map level.
11.) In shift mode the dpad left and right keys now go down and up in map levels or when held cycle back and forward in the panels that do not otherwise have a key set.
12.) When not in shift mode dpad left and right keys now open the WvW and Trading panels when held.
13.) Changed all Weapon, Utility, and Profession double commands that I currently have mapped to keys to use single/double click instead of holding.
14.) Changed all Weapon, Utility, and Profession commands to register a hold and release of the key rather than just a press. This and change 13 allows using the "quick cast with range indicator" option to set your location before releasing the attack key.
15.) Since the mouse cursor needs to be moved on the left thumbstick to hold an attack key while moving the mouse, I removed the sticky option on the shift key. You now have to hold the shift key to use shift mode keys as is default in Tom's profile. This is to remove confusion when trying to move your character if left in shift mode.
16.) All controls that were used in both Tom and Hach's profiles are still included, even one's that are not mapped in my profile. I made changes to some controls and double commands but created new double commands when using a different combination. I left these in case anyone needs to further customize the controls.
17.) The guide or home button, if present, now takes a screenshot.
18.) If your controller has extra buttons as mine does these are what I have my extra 4 buttons mapped to.
19.) Removed the option from shift mode blue that always puts the cursor in the middle of the screen and that makes the cursor show up once you press the shift mode button.
The cursor now shows up when moving the thumbstick in cursor mode.
Button 13) Screenshot
Button 14) Contacts Panel
Button 15) Mail (You will probably need to edit this control to whatever key you set four your mail panel.)
Button 16) Left Alt. This is what I use for my talk key but also comes in handy as it highlights nearby npc's and such.

I believe this covers all the changes but I apologize in advance if I missed any. If you have any comments or suggestions let me know. Shift mode green is exactly the same as shift mode blue except the left thumbstick moves the mouse at normal speed. Here is an image of what the mapping looks like on an Xbox controller:

Edit: I did some additional testing and everything was working as expected however when enabling the "quick cast with range indicator" option in the game settings I was not able to change the location to cast the skill. Changes 4, 13, and 14 allow this option to work.
Edit 2:I have been playing with this profile for a while now as has my brother. He suggested one additional modification so we can scroll down on menus with the gamepad. Change 10 addresses this and makes change 11 required from my old config. As we used this for a while I found the single click is used quite often especiially on menus. I modified change 6 to make it easier to single click. In cases where you need to double click you need to press the right trigger twice now.
Unless there are problems reported, or pinnacle recognizes my controller as alpha class, this will be my last update to this profile. If you have any comments feel free to send me a PM.
At the slightest chance someone with the same controller actually downloads this I have also attached the image guide i'm using for my Elecom JC-U3016F controller. Sorry for the low quality image. I couldn't find anything better with the controller positioned correctly and it works so I have not taken the time to take my own picture.

Edit 3:
Removed the option from shift mode blue that always puts the cursor in the middle of the screen and that makes the cursor show up once you press the shift mode button.
The cursor now shows up when moving the thumbstick in cursor mode.
In shift mode for both styles the thumbstick that moves the mouse cursor now moves slower so it's easier to choose options.
With both styles when pressing and holding the Right trigger (xbox) or R2(PS2) the same thumbstick moves the mouse faster.
This is done with a second shift mode which only changes the mouse movement to normal speed. All other functions in this shift mode are the same as shift mode blue so I am not referring to this as shift mode.

I have been playing the elder scrolls online for a while using a mapping modeled after this one. My brother wanted one modeled after the mapping used in Elder Scrolls Skyrim so I created one and have been using it for a while. I found I preferred it to my first one so made a similar profile for guild wars 2. No changes have been made to my first profile, I have just made a second one.
The main change is the skills are now on the dpad and your interact key is a(xbox/x(PS2) key. I've also removed the double functions that open most menus so there are more 1 function keys and fixed the menu cycling so it closes each menu before opening the next one by pressing the game menu(escape) key.
I have replaced the profile download with a new version that includes my original layout and the new one named style 2. Shift mode green is exactly the same as shift mode blue except the left thumbstick moves the mouse at normal speed. Here is what style 2 looks like on an xbox controller.

I hope that now this can get added to downloads and that it helps someone.
Also I forgot to add a tag for 'elecom' and don't see an option to fix that. Can someone add that?

I'm not sure I attached the files right but I would like some feedback on this layout. I used a wireless xbox360 controller. I assume the wired one should be pretty much the same and work fine but I'm not sure about other controllers.

please let me know if you like it or not and if not why


I am willing to update this for your controller if you want, just import the profile to your profiler, hit save and close then open it and export it. then upload it here and I'll work on it for you
Short Story:I've been playing with PS3 Controller since I first started gaming Guild Wars 2. Tried on Windows and on OSX.If I need to chat in-game, I use the keyboard. But everything I do with the controller. One controller rules them all, well almost. With SHIFT-MODEsI can even play instrument with one controller. It's been setup what I find most logic.Setup:Before to make use full control, some keys need to assign in-game. Not modified but extra keys.Movement / About Face { x }Targeting / Nearest Enemy { SHIFT + t }Targeting / Toggle Snap Ground Target { c }Targeting / Toggle Autotargeting { z }Controller:Shift Mode - UnshiftedShift Mode - BLUE (L2 / LT)Shift Mode - RED (L1 / LB )Optional:I use sounds on: - Sound / Latch FX (ACTIVATED: Dot.wav, DEACTIVATED: Off-Screen Indicator.wav)- Targeting / Toggle Autotarget (Pause.wav)- Targeting / Toggle Groundtarget (Pause.wav)
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