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Fallout: Project Nevada profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Hello Gamers,

I am new to the forum and somewhat new to Pinnacle. I made a few attempts at a nice NV profile and finally came up with something I liked, and wanted to share with you fine folks.
This .pin contains two profiles, one for regular old New Vegas, and a second containing Project Nevada hotkey support.
Feel free to give feedback, I am open to suggestions for improving this.

Some notes about it: You'll need to change the stealth field hot key to O in the Project Nevada control panel for it to work with my profile, because that's how I have it set up.
Also I have a function called Rage Quit in there which is like typing 'qqq' in to the console, it brings you right back to the desk top - this is activated by default as SHIFT Blue > Button 10. If this is going to be annoying for you, go and change it before you start playing.

I use a Logitech Rumblepad 2, so I guess that makes this a Class Alpha profile.


----------------Version 2--------------||Oct 24||[SUP][SUB] Download from [/SUB][/SUP][SUP][SUB]MediaFire [/SUB][/SUP](Now properly attached to this post) Jan 19, 2015
Hello friends. I bought a newer video card and started playing FNV again with the updated PN, texture packs, DLC, and of course through HDMI on my awesome TV using my controller. This led me to update my profile, and that led me here to share it again with you fine people.

Changes and Additions:
Menu Scrollin' (several versions): I set this up so that while holding the SHIFT Blue, the right analog acts like mouse arrows so you can fly around those menus easier.
Cycle Mains: Move through the Stats/Items/Data main menus.
More Project Nevada Support!: Added cycle throwable types, removed the defunc Control Panel hot key.
I also set up an easy to access Zoom In/Out in both PN and Vanilla profiles.

There's an open button, that while in SHIFT Blue doesn't do anything. Make that whatever you like. Maybe a favorite quick item slot.

I tried to put everything in to new commands so as not to ruin anyone's habbits if they've been using the old profile. I imported right over top, if you want to all the old stuff is there. If not, cool.
And as for PN stuff, I set up the hotkeys in game as follows to match my profile.
Throw Hotkey: G
Thrown Weaps Hotkey: H
Grenades HK: J
Remote Det HK: K
Mines: L
Cycle Types: ;

If they aren't working properly, check that your Hotkeys match those set up in your profile. If you use different ones and don't want to use mine, it's not hard to change. If you really can't do it, post here with what you'd like and I will assist you :). Also don't forget you need to make a new save for PN to remember your key config. It'll forget if you load an old one.

[SUP][SUB]I'm pretty annoyed that I can't just add another file to this post, version 2. Do the mods really want me to make an entirely new thread every time I update a profile? Or perhaps I missed how to do that :P[/SUB][/SUP]

----------------Edit on Jan 19, 2015 : Attached the V2 profiles to this post properly, as this is now an option (Well done!)