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Elder Scrolls Online profile
Pinnacle [Rob]
Total Downloads: 
author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Here is a profile for Elder Scrolls Online, I made this based on the profile that creekpeanut made (thx to him!)
Here is my Pinnacle Profile for The Elder Scrolls Online. It can also be found here as a down-loadable addon (recommended because it includes more than just the profile).

(Copy pasted from the addon website).

Q: So why use Stratejacket Xbox UI over other addons/configurations?
A: Stratejacket Xbox UI is designed with an easy to use UI in mind as well as simliar controls to that of other Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim. It is also designed for the simplest and easiest to use configuration so that using a controller is a viable solution.

I have also seen other configurations that are very poorly thought out and absolutely abysmal to use. For example, a lot of people seem to set up their profile to use every key. This is a very bad idea because it is not only difficult to memorize, but also useless. I am honestly baffled by some of the set ups that I have seen because it is neither intuitive nor easy.

Q: Why is Pinnacle chosen over other programs?
A: Xpadder was the original program to be used to emulate the controller, but after a bit of research, Pinnacle was the clear winner. There are several reasons for this:

- Xbox Guide button is available for binding
- More flexibility in setting up the controls
- Easier to port profiles to user's program

Q: Why is the UI set up the way it is?
A: If you look at the position of the the individual action buttons, you can see they are laid out the same as the buttons on the Xbox controller. It makes it easier to learn which button to hit for the ability you want. Simple as that!

I have searched this site for an Elder Scrolls Online profile to use and found a large number of them. I tried several of them but could not find one that gives you all the controls or that was mapped in a way that I liked. I also found that some had the wrong key-bindings configured. I recently made a Guild Wars 2 profile based on toddmd2's version and created one for ESO based off of that. When I showed it to my brother he wanted one based off of Elder Scrolls Skyrim key-bindings, which I now find I prefer.

So I have 2 separate styles included that I have used and they both work well. With both styles my goal was to be able to control everything in the game from my game-pad, which so far I have been able to do. I also wanted to be able to complete all combat related functions without the use of a shift key. The other thing I didn't like about the other profiles is the labels for all the keys was just the keyboard equivalent. Since the game tells you what to do based on the keyboard button that is important, but it's easier for me to also have what the key actually does in my label so I have included both.

I have included all key-bindings from the game that looked like someone may use, even ones that are not mapped in either style. This is to make it easier in case you need to customize your mapping.
The main difference is with style A your skills are all on the right 4 buttons with your main action being the right trigger(xbox) or R2(PS2).
In style B your skills are all on the dpad with your main action being a(xbox) or x(PS2).
In style B when holding the primary/secondary action key {E/R}(KYBD) a(xbox) or x(PS2) this enables a second shift mode (red) which makes the left thumb-stick move the mouse at normal speed. So far I have only found this useful when fishing.
This shift mode does not change anything else and all other functions are the same as un-shifted mode. Whenever I refer to shift mode elsewhere assume I mean blue.
In both styles you enter shift mode(blue) by holding left trigger(xbox) or L2(PS2).
The right thumb-stick moves the mouse slower when in shift mode to make it easier to select options and items.
All dpad functions and quick-slot keys use single/double press and except for a(xbox) or x(PS2) un-shifted Style B, all other keys use press and hold for double functions.
If you find that you keep using the primary action when trying to use a secondary action that requires a double press, such as a quick-slot key, you probably need to edit the action threshold on all double commands from the pinnacle profile. This will allow you to double press faster or slower. I have left this setting at the default. If you need help with this you can contact me or better yet ask on the forums.

This includes some custom control key-bindings set in game. These must be set separately for each character. If these are not set your primary decline button Back(xbox) Select(PS2) Style A or b(xbox) square(PS2) Style B and your dodge key, right thumb-stick key, will not work from the game-pad. Also your screenshot button may not hide the interface first. The exception is in style A since I have the Escape key as the default action on the decline button.
1) There is no dodge key by default as double tapping the movement key also dodges so this has been set to {y}.
2) The screenshot function also hides the interface before taking the screenshot, however there is no key-binding for hiding the interface by default so it's set to F10. Note: The screenshot key is not actually mapped to anything on the controller in either style.
3) I use the alt key for my talk key in teamspeak so having other functions there created a conflict. There are 3 separate things set to use just the alt key.
Character Windows - Right above inventory in the User Interface section.
Exit Siege Weapon - Near the bottom of the control key-bindings page.
Negative/Decline Dialog Action - Also near the bottom
All 3 of these have been remapped to F2 on my system. This key is the primary decline and exit function.
If you want to set it back to alt edit the controls in your pinnacle profile and change the 'Decline Dialog/Exit Siege' control to use Alt.

Here is what the Style A looks like on an xbox 360 controller.

Here is what Style B looks like on an xbox 360 controller.

Note: I have an nonstandard controller by Elecom with extra buttons so the Alpha and Xeon classes could not be created automatically from my system. If you happen to have an elecom controller with 16 buttons, as I do, there is a separate profile for the Elecom JC-U3016F on the forum post where I first uploaded this to.
Rob from pinnacle has helped me out and exported my profile so it has proper universal support.

Thank you Rob for all your help.
3 months of trial and error. I really wish I could remember the name of the original uploader of this profile so I could give credit, but sadly I do not remember. For the most part every button assignment has been reworked from the original profile assignment. I did leave most of the original commands. Made my job easier in allowing the user a way to change assignments without rewriting a bunch of stuff. In turn you are left with a lot of standard and double commands to mix and match things if you do not like the way the default is laid out.

Controller: Rock Candy (Xbox360). Simply save as new or import into an existing profile.

ShiftMode-Blue is the only shift mode used (you can add more lol). After implementing the shift mode in a lot of ways and across a lot of keys over the last 3 months, the way I set it up on L-Joystick was the most comfortable. I use a double command in which the first command is set to "E" (interact) so I do not use shiftmode on accident while moving and made interacting with containers a breeze. This is also why I could not set L-Joysticks behavior to invoke shift mode. The second command is a hold command set to shiftmode-blue. This way you can play with your setup how you like and with ease shift and come back no problem.

Buttons: I have placed rumble force feedback to heavy attacks and sprint. Horse, potions, sneak, and menus have been added to the D-Pad using a 4-way simple layout, but with double commands - D-Pad down once to enter crouch, down twice to mount for example. Also, a lot of buttons don't "look" like they are there like "R" or "X", they are. The game just makes use of them in dual ways. Pressing the 360 Jewel button once will use your Ultimate and twice will activate Synergy off another player, or once in "take all" or "Refine" situations etc. The combination and placement of these double commands were based off ease of use, comfortability, and their relationship ingame. Took a while to get right also.

Notes on shiftmode: The only things I have assigned as place holders are Emotes. We here were able to access all that we needed outside of shift mode. Well except one thing lol. The way I set up interac (E) I could not hold it down. For the most part this is no problem...until you select bait for fishing :) To correct this the emote (wag finger) on RB has a double command. Tap it once to perform the emote, but hold it down and your bait menu will come up.

The only other thing I would have to say is we also read about and had some problems of our own getting pausing and latency down. Should be smooth sailing :) All you will need to do is make slight mods for your playstyle and set up the shift mode page. Or leave the emotes /dance.

Give the layout image a once or two over, take it out for a test drive, mod to "your" liking and you're welcome.

After having purchased the software more than 2 years ago, this is finally my first attempt to create a "lightweight" and easy to expand profile for "Elder Scrolls Online".
Hopefully i can give something back to the community as i always have depended on them.
Thank you.

Start Button: Pause Menu
Back Button: (tap) Map; (hold) Inventory
D-Pad Up: Quickslot Item
D-Pad Left: (tap) Attack Slot 1; (hold) Attack Slot 4
D-Pad Down: (tap) Attack Slot 2; (hold) Attack Slot 5
D-Pad Right: (tap) Attack Slot 3; (hold) Ultimate Ability
A Button: Interact
B Button: Secondary Action / Ultimate Ability
X Button: Use Synergy
Y Button: (tap) Jump; (hold) Mount / Dismount Horse
Left Shoulder Button: Sprint
Right Shoulder Button: Sheathe / Unsheathe Weapon
Left Trigger: Block (can be held)
Right Trigger: Attack (can be held)
Left Analog Button: Crouch
Right Analog Button: (tap) Weapons Set Swap; (hold) Toggle 1st and 3rd Person View
This is the controller profile that I used during the Beta a month ago. It works very well!

This is the Unshifted layout when the RB button is not held down.
(Click the image to enlarge)

This is the Shift-Blue layout that is triggered by holding down the RB button.
(Click the image to enlarge)

Enjoy! Feel free to modify as you see fit. :D
Yes folks our engineers have been hard at work at the FlufflePuff building toiling away to bring you the finest in Gamepad Support mods for ESO possible.

Why just take a gander at this beautifully crafted profile!


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Here is my 1st Version doing a profile.

Let me know what you think and feedback would be nice.

To beta users who want to use a xbox 360 controller can use this profile.
Skyrim-ISH controls, didn't have the brains to figure out how to list button function rather than keyboard and mouse keys.

Have fun and suggest tweaks, far from perfect but played over 3 hours very comfortably as an archer with the pad!!
Tested in Beta.

I tried to make the profile feel like Skyrim while also being able to use all abilities and open the most useful windows. The profile supports either Xbox controllers or PS4 controllers.



Left Joystick - WASD
Right Joystick - Mouse
A / Cross - PRESS: Interact with Environment HOLD: Interact with Player
B / Circle - Crouch
X / Square - PRESS: Sheathe/Unsheathe Weapon HOLD: Weapon Swap
Y / Triangle - Jump
Left Bumper / L1- PRESS: Mount HOLD: Sprint
Right Bumper / L2- Shift to Blue Mode
Select / Share - Quickslot
Start / Options - Map
Left Joystick Button - Roll Dodge (MUST BIND SEMICOLON IN OPTIONS MENU)
Right Joystick Button - First / Third Person
Playstation Button - Ultimate Ability
Touchpad Button - Synergy
Xbox Guide Button - PRESS: Ultimate Ability HOLD: Synergy
D-Pad Left - Inventory
D-Pad Right - Character
D-Pad Up - Zoom In
D-Pad Down - Zoom Out
Right Trigger / R2 - Attack / Left Click
Left Trigger / L2 - Block / Right Click

Only the following buttons are affected.

A / Cross - Ability 1
X / Square - Ability 2
Y / Triangle - Ability 3
B / Circle - PRESS: Ability 4 HOLD: Ability 5
D-Pad Left - Journal
D-Pad Right - Skills
D-Pad Up - Cycle Focused Quest
D-Pad Down - Notifications


UPDATE: I am releasing a new version of the profile replacing cycle preferred enemy with roll dodge. Note you NEED to bind roll dodge in the controls menu to SEMICOLON (;) for the profile to work. Also I recommend turning off double tap to dodge.
I have created a PGP Profile for elders scroll covering the PS4 Dual Shock 4 controller and the Xbox 360 controller.Just about everything you need to run the user interface has been mapped to buttons etc.
Hey there,

I was helping Tierney11290 with testing his profile and add-on when i decided i wanted to try and create my own profile for kicks. So this is loosely based on Tierney11290's pinnacle profile for Elder Scrolls Online. My goal was to create a profile that allows you to do everything with the controller you could with the K+M (besides chat of course). The controls are a mix of what ESO will be/are for Xbox, what Skyrim is for Xbox, and my own touch. This is my first attempt at creating a profile as well so go easy...

There is 1 profile with an unshift, blue shift, and red shift. Unshifted is kind of the adventurer state where you can mount, cycle quests, interact, loot, yada yada yada (can still attack and block with triggers). If you hold down RB (right bumper) this enables combat mode (must remain held). Basically combat mode is when you can cast your abilities and ultimate. The last shift is red which is for menu navigation. Red shift is where you will see i used a lot of Tierney11290 formula's because there's no way i could have done that on my own.

Of course thank you to Tierney11290! I'm open tofeedback, lemme know what you think...

Unshifted - Adventurer

Blue - Combat (holding down RB)

Red - in menu
this is the profile I use for ESO, you might like it.
Hi all,

This is my first uploaded profile, but I've been using Pinnacle for quite some time now to successfully map games such as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and now ESO. I tend to play everything on my PC this way, so that I can sit back on couch and play on HDTV.

PC = super-console ;)

Anyhow, I wanted to upload this so that some others at ESO can try it out.


[*]XBox 360 controller for Windows
[*]makes extensive use of tap/hold or tap/double tap functionality to get dual function out of keys
[*]takes some getting used to, like all console controls, but once you do, everything feels like a snap
[*]in my opinion, superior to mouse and keyboard for this game; everything feels smoother and I don't need to think about which letter key I want to press to do a thing, I just do it via muscle-memory
[*]I have honestly no discomfort or handicap whatsoever using this to play the game
[*]combat and movement are very fluid
[*]things are mapped with standard console behavior in mind and with maximized logical flow
[*]when I want to use in-game chat, I just set my controller aside on the couch or table for a few seconds; isn't cumbersome to me
[*]if I'm playing in chat-intensive time, then I'll just set the controller aside and use mouse and keyboard on table in front of me
[*]note that to use this profile, your ESO game controls need to be default, but with middle mouse key mapped to Roll Dodge
[*]highly recommend that to use this profile, turn off double tap to dodge, as otherwise moving with the left stick will sometimes fire that unexpectedly

[*]standard console feel of move with right stick, look around with left stick
[*]in certain cases, when "interact" or "quick slot" key are held, the left stick allows selection in the radial menus

[*]feels very natural because it's what you do with mouse control in default game controls in these menus
[*]actions that you need to do while moving (jump, attack, block), I map such that you do not need to take your thumbs off the sticks (see controls below)
[*]block and attack as you'd expect with left and right trigger
[*]run by holding left shoulder button, as many console games use, and so you don't need to take your thumbs off sticks

Menu Navigation
[*]navigate menus with the mouse look left stick, just like with controlling a mouse
[*]scroll through menus, and zoom camera in and out by using D-pad Up or Down
[*]This is pretty huge functionality; many people always asking/criticizing "well you can't use menus"), with D-pad up down mapped to mouse wheel up/down, it works as one would expect
[*]Out of menus in game this of course performs camera zoom out/in

[*]Many standard, most-used menus can be accessed by holding down the "Home" (the big X button in middle) and then accessing the face buttons (ABXY)
[*]While "Home" is held:
[*]A -> Inventor
[*]B -> Journal
[*]X -> Character sheet
[*]Y -> Skills page

[*]"Back" -> Tab (exit menu, escape, go back, cancel)
[*]Use mouse free control to access the other menus via top row; sometime you barely ever need to do
[*]Since attack and block are mapped to left and right trigger, these also control left and right mouse click, where attack is your left, primary mouse click, and block does your pull-up context menu on moused-over items
[*]Just trust me, you'll get used to it, this is how I do it for every PC game I play


Actions and Abilities
[*]needs it own overview section because this is kind of the crux of the controls, and why they work
[*]I've used the primary face buttons (ABXY) to map what I consider the primary interaction actions (E, R, X, F in game) and combat abilities (1-5) keys
[*]necessarily use the same set of keys, and so here is where tap/hold comes into play
[*]note that it seems like a lot, that I am using ABXY to each map to 3 different functions, but during usage, you'll most likely see that it's very natural and understandable
[*]Abilities = the combat attacks that you have put on your bar, 1-5 keys
[*]Actions = the interact keys, ERXF
[*]Note that the default keys use X and R during combat, too, and so that's worked into my profile
[*]General caveat: Abilities take priority over Actions, because Abilities are primarily in combat and need to be the most responsive
[*]Because of this, some actions have to be accessed by holding the button down, whereas that same button tapped will perform the combat ability

[*]Actions (interaction keys)

[*]A -> E (primary interact, talk, open, equip moused-over item, etc.)



[*]A -> Hold E (hold primary interact, fishing lure menu); use left stick to navigate radial menu

[*]B -> R (secondary interact, take all from container, repair all, enchant moused-over item, etc.)

[*]X -> X (interact 4, performs Synergy in game, a few things in other menus)

[*]Y -> F (tertiary interact, pulls up menu to interact with other players, navigate radial menu by left stick)

[*]General flow here is A does mostly everything, thumb goes over to briefly hold R to do some secondary things, Y to interact with players, and sometimes when you want to do the X action, hold X button on controller

[*]Abilities (combat)
[*]X -> Ability 1
[*]Y -> Ability 2
[*]B -> Ability 3
[*]Left shoulder -> Ability 4
[*]Right shoulder -> Ability 5

[*]This is actually how the ESO console controls proposed officially map the abilities, and you see that they flow left to right, and then shoulder for the less-used 4 and 5 attacks (which I normally map in game to CC or buffs, so they feel right at home on the shoulders)



Extended Movement
[*]this is a category of accessory movement controls that are standard to most games
[*]Tap left-stick -> Enter Crouch/Stealth
[*]Tap right-stick -> Roll Dodge (feels like Dark Souls)
[*]Hold left-stick -> Toggle your horse/mount
[*]Hold left shoulder -> Sprint
[*]Double-tap right shoulder -> Jump
[*]I feel many might not like the jump being the odd one out of the whole control set, being a double tap and all, but the philosophy is this: You need that shoulder key to be tap = Combat Ability 5; that needs to be most responsive. Unlike Sprint, Jump is a thing you need to also be responsive, happen right away, and so Hold would not work. It has to be quick double tap, take off. It works.
[*]If ESO didn't have these 1-5 Abilities, this wouldn't be needed to be double-tap, it would just be tap.


[*]there are a 2 versions included
[*]the second "No Rapid Scroll" is the same except that the D-pad Up/Down keys don't rapid fire mouse wheel up/down; I originally had them rapid fire and while its nice to be able to hold and scroll through menus (and zoom camera in/out), its a bit too touchy, so I made it tap to mouse wheel, kinda closer to real mouse use
[*]Use whatever you prefer; try them out

There's probably a lot more I could write, and a lot more editing I could do to this post, but this is getting long-winded and time-consuming. Just try it out if you're interested. It works great, and I feel a lot happier playing the game this way, once used to it.

Link: ESO by rb2001 - XBox

Thoughts, concerns, questions: Feel free to send to me on here or ESO forum (if you're there).
Here is My ESO Pinnacle Profile, Heavily inspired by how I key-bound my controls for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Download it here >>>> Elder Scrolls
Hi All!

I've spent...wayyyy...too many hours customizing this and getting it to my liking and wanted to share it with the community. It has a lot of scalability (that haven't quite implemented yet and don't know if I will) because it has different configurations for almost all of the UI's that could get navigated with a controller. However, I haven't set up all of them yet. I had the Inventory and Barter UI set up at one point but after having fussed with it for almost 30+ hours I've decided it wasn't worth it and I'd rather just use the mouse. But most of the functionality is there. For the most part, I've kept the design and control maps as close as possible to those used for the console version (and in my opinion, even made some improvements).

Basically, I've provided two base configurations: the [Explore] configuration and [Combat] configuration. The [Explore] configuration is used for just that: exploring. You use it for jumping, interacting with the environment, other players, conversations, etc. You can toggle your camera view, zoom in and out with your camera (hold down the R-Joystick BTN and press the triggers), command your pet, cycle quests, etc. You can select conversation options by holding the R-Bumper down and selecting A/X/Y/B respectively for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th conversation options.

The [Combat] configuration is where you want to be when you're in combat. It provides access to your abilities (1-5, Synergy, Ultimate), Weapon attacking, blocking, interrupting, and also allows access to cycling quests, toggling view, etc. You are able to jump in it as well if you need it for escaping enemies but it's not the same button as it is in the [Explore] configuration - limitation in the design but its what I went with and its not too bad to get used to.

Here's the interesting part and the (mild) stroke of genius I had to implement these configurations: you're [Explore] configuration is the default, and when you want to switch to the combat configuration simply press the big Xbox button in the middle of the controller. When you do that you will unsheathe your weapon (make sure your weapon is sheathed first while in the [Explore] configuration) and now you have a visual confirmation of the configuration you're currently using. As you might imagine, to swap back to the [Explore] config just press the big Xbox button again! The big Xbox button essentially functions as a toggle between the [Explore] and [Combat] configurations! Its so simple and intuitive I can't think of going back to any other method myself.

Even though I didn't implement navigation of any of the UI's, the capability for adding them in yourself is there and should be relatively easy. My design philosophy with accessing and navigating the UI menus was to provide the primary commands for mousing directly to the the items in slots 1-11 in the various UI's where they have that pane, also to allow navigation of what I've called "Fields", i.e. the icons that appear in a row directly above the item pane (where you click your Armor, Weapons, Consumables, etc.). In addition, mousover commands have been included that allow you to access what I've called the "Tiers", i.e. the icons above the "Fields" (where you select Buy, Sell, Buy Back, Repair, etc.).

These icons and item locations are the same for 99% of the menus; the only one that doesn't match up from what I've tested is the Research menu from each of the crafting UI's (Woodworking, Blacksmithing, Clothing) and only pertains to the item list. With these mouse GOTO coordinates you can easily create a bunch of cycle commands for navigating almost every UI in the game; I've checked and the ones included are set up to work very well with navigating your Inventory, the Bartering UI, everything but the Guild Store from the Bank, and all crafting screens except for the Creation menu (which I will can elaborate on in a later post) and the Provisioning screen (which I just don't think will be possible with a controller at this time).

Again, for the most part I have Inventory navigation setup in the Inventory configuration but you'll need to add a command to implement it along with any other UI configurations you want to include; I recommend making the L-Bumper in the [Explore] configuration a Green-Shift and mapping the **** > Inventory Config Swap command to something like a D-Pad direction. Note that these mouseover sets will not be compatible with things that edit the default Inventory UI (like advanced inventory filter mods, etc.) but they should be compatible with any resolution as the mouseover commands used are all relative. You may have to do some tweaking to your UI size to get it to fit just right, but from my settings all mouseovers fit exactly in each designed slot.

In addition, much of the complexity and scalability of this profile comes from what I call the "Item Options" configurations. These relate to controlling the context menu that pops up whenever you right-click an item in your inventory, the buy/sell/repair/buy back menus, the bank menus, some crafting menus, etc. I recommend going through the main UI configs and mapping access to the context menu command to the Back/View button. From each of the Item Options configurations you can exit the entire UI by pressing the Start button which also returns you to the [Explore] configuration. You can also select the item with the A button, or back out of the context menu but stay in the parent UI by pressing B. Each of the two aforementioned commands will return you to the parent UI configuration.

In another post I'll address the mapping philosophy I was going to use before I just got burned out and wanted to go back to playing the game and dealing with manual cursor movement whenever I was in a menu.

Feel free to use this profile to customize to your liking. It certainly functions as a combat and explore profile - of which there are already many out there, but it really shines as a tool for someone to begin making certain UI's more accessible with a controller.
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