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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices

--this is complicated to set up but if you figure it out you'll never go back to your mouse--

**there is some setup so read everything**

Why is this called lawn mowing edition?

what alot of people dont know is when you hold down a MELEE (spectral blade works too) ability bound to 1-4 , your character will follow your mouse and and only attack stuff with this ability while your char is on way to your cursor.
you pretty much run around and point in the direction you want to mow down, just like a lawn mower

The other thing is that if you hold down one button then hold down another, the newer one takes priority so you can hold abilities on cooldown BEFORE they're up and they'll use it as soon as its available.

Left joypad - "Lawn mowing glory" springboard mouse from center + holds down your 3 abilty while you move it.

- Bind a melee ability to 3 you'll see why its awesome. you cruse around and wail on stuff.
-You need to remap the springboard to the center of your screen.
- You need to remap the "go to coordinates" of in the "3centerdelay" command to the center of your monitor.
(Take your resolution and divide each number by 2 and plug it in)
- Flicking it recenters mouse after using right joypad to loot or whatever

*** There is Also a bug if you go from fullscreen to windowed fullscreen mode (same resolution) it messes up pinnacle and you have to close and open pinnacle it for it to figure out the center

Right joypad - mouse around used for looting.

d-pad right - holds control and alt so you can see whats on the ground and inspect it

right shoulder - hold it to skip cutscenes, click ok to start bosses, rezzes (does not accept revive)
- this ones a pain to remap but its worth it. you want to map the 3 mouse gotos in the "okletsgo" command in this order
1. Where your release spirit button is when you die
2. where the "are you sure you want to skip cutscene" button is
3. the LOWER HALF of the accept button that pops up when someone starts a boss event. you have to do the lower half because it moves a little bit depending on who starts it.

X button - Releases 3 and shift clicks. This is sick for using getaway abilities like furious charge.

Left shoulder - click for next song (awesome with spotify) double click to go back a song

right joypad - mouse

Triggers are left and right click.

here are the rest of the buttons.

i have a 60 barb and 60 wiz, and i use this setup in INFERNO difficulty.

stuff that has a chance to proc you want to bound to 2 (b button) because its autofire spamming

current version

version 0.1
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