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Bioshock 2 profile
Pinnacle [Aldo]
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Made with the beta!

Tried to keep layout close to the 360 version but can't map it exactly the same because some some changes between both versions.
The "Back"-key is used as a Shift-button.
All commands should be there.



Here is a Bioshock 2 profile which I made using the default xbox 360 controll layout. I made a few modification in order to enable quick access to your favorite "Plasmid" and "Weapon".

I selected the swarm and the machine gun but you can obviously pick your favorite items and modify the profile to your liking. I've mapped the machine gun to Y, holding Y is jump. Swarm is mapped to the back button, holding back button is Quick Save.

*Note* your plasmid may change location once they are upgraded so you may need to change the profile if this happens. Example...swarm plasmid started out on F5 but after upgrade moved to F6.

This is my first published profile, hope someone finds it usefull. Leave comments if you like.

Now go save some some little sisters.....
Profile I made.

Most control's are similar or the same as Bioshock 1, and Bioshock 2 for the 360.

Works with the wireless 360 controller (Marco's Edit: or any Class Alpha controller)

Set in-game sensitivity to 2.

Controller Guide & Pin

Press X on the 360 controller to Hack, and hold X to find Adam with the Little Sister's.
Press A to Activate/Interact, Hold A to use Diary.
Here's a couple of Profiles I created Myself. 1. For Single Player, 2. For Multiplayer. \/

A. Single Player
OK, For Single Player I did a LOT of double commands to try and make up for so many button commands in the game, In the image you'll see that most buttons have a "/" then a second command, behind the "/" is the hold effect.


1.Movement - It's pretty much the same as any other profiles W,S,A,D move's your Character around.

2.Look Movement - Configured for the mouse movement Up, Down, Left, Right, also with the Diagonal angles included for more control.

3. Action/First Aid - When "A" is only pressed, it will use the Action feature to push buttons or pick up Items, When Held down, you will use a Fist Aid Kit.

4.Hack/Newest Undead Diary- When "B" is only pressed, it will engage the Hack on Bots or Turrets, When Held down it will activate the last Undead Diary you picked up. "Note***(When hacking into a Bot or Turret, the "A" button will still control the little dial arrow for hacking, "B" only engages the menu to hack!!!)".

5.Reload/Little Sister Control - When "X" is only pressed, it will reload your weapon, When Held down it will engage your Little Sister to show you the way to an Adam filled Corpse.

6.Jump/Exit Scout Mode - When "Y" is only pressed, it will Jump your Character, When Held down it will exit you from Scout Mode.

7. Next Weapon/Zoom - When "Left Bumper" is only pressed, it goes back to the previous Weapon on hand, When Held down it will Zoom your Weapon Sights "Note***(Your Zoom will lock into position and to undo it you must hold the Left Bumper again, it's not too bad though)".

8.Previous Weapon - This one should be pretty self explanatory, Right Bumper cycles forward through your arsenal, Left Bumper Cycles back. "Note***(When Cycling through the Weapons, you will have Dead spots Cycling through, because the profile was made for 8 weapon cycles {1-8}, and if you have only 4 or so weapons, the 5th, 6th, 7th and the 8th slot won't have anything to bind them, so it just goes dead, in other words, make sure you stick to your amount of weapons!!!)".

9.Show Map - Yet another simple concept, shows your Map, and the Right Joystick controls the mouse movement, Right Trigger Being your Left Click on the mouse. "Note*** (Since Right Trigger is your Left Click on your mouse you can select things in the Menu and Move your Map around when pressing the Trigger down!)".

10.Pause - Pauses the Game into your Load, Save, Options and such.

11.Crouch/Telekensis Shield - When "Left Click" is only pressed, it Crouches your Character, When Held down it will engage your Telekenisis Shield. "Note***(I Know I Misspelled Telekinesis a thousands times, I was in a bit of a rush, so for those with a grammar itches to fix all Misspellings, I am Vury Sowrry 4 da errers in mi spillengs!!!)".

12.Gun Butt/Drill Smash - Explains itself again, Uses your Gun butt or Drill Smash.

13.Weapon Fire - Fires your Weapon of Choice.

14.Plasmid Fire - Fires your Plasmid of Choice.

15.Next/Previous Plasmids - I placed the Plasmid selection with a Right and Up format on the D-Pad because it just seemed more of a quick way to Cycle them, you can roll your finger across for a more quick action.

16.Next/Previous Ammo - Same thing here with Ammo Select, but with Left and Down.


B. Multiplayer

1.Movement - Same for the previous profile, and all the other FPS profiles I'm Sure!

2.Look Movement - Same Here too!

3.Use/Action - This Command only is your Action Command no Double Button Configuration.

4.Taunt - Taunts your foes!

5.Reloads - Enables you to know the true meaning of life.......NO KIDDING, only Kidding, Reloads your weapons........

6.Jump - Jumps your Character.

7.Plasmid Cycle/Zoom - When "Left Bumper" is only pressed, it cycles your Plasmids, When Held Down it Zooms your Weapon. "Note***(Same thing as the Single Player Profile)''.

8.Weapons Cycle - Cycles Weapons.

9.Scores - Checks to see If your getting Whooped, or if your Whooping undoubtedly.

10.Pause - Pauses to menu.

11.Crouch - Crouches.

12.Melee - Engages your Gun Butt or Drill Smash.

13.Fire Plasmid -Fires Plasmid.

14.Weapon Fire - Fires Weapon.

15.Chat - Allows your to chat with other Characters, (You will have to still type with your keyboard, I'm not that good!!!)

16.Team Chat - Allows you to Chat with your team.


"Additional Notes"

I wished there was a way to make Left Bumper be the shift that use the left and right arrows to Cycle Plasmids (Hold Left Bumper press left or right arrow and Move through plasmids), Right Bumper as shift and then Left and Right arrows for Weapons select (Hold Right Bumper press left or right arrow and Move through Weapons), and Unshifted Left and right ammo select, but in a perfect world maybe so. If you know the way to do it, please leave me a reply and I will definitely consider it!

If you have any Questions for this post I will Check in from time to time, or even so If you have a new configuration, I absolutely welcome them in my post, new Ideas brewing in here would only create the Super Ultimate Monster Configuration, so please be welcome to edit mine for fun, or even just for a better experience.

Sorry for taking the whole page as well!!!!

Now go play your Bioshock 2 already!!!
Hey there, here's a very solid profile for Bioshock 2, made on PGP 4.9. Pretty darn close to the console and pretty straight forward. I didn't include quick slots because I never use them, and there aren't enough buttons to include all 8 weapons and 8 plasmids (16 total). If you think you'll use them and really want them, and have an idea where to put them all, let me know and I'll consider adding them but honestly you're not gonna find you need them.

There are 2 profiles, one's titled "Default"and the other is called "Plasmid on LT". Both are nearly identical with a slight modification.

As the name implies, "Plasmid on LT" uses the left trigger to fire your plasmid. Right click is your gun sights, and right bumper is your melee button.

On the profile entitled "Default", RB is used to fire plasmid. Left Trigger toggles your gun sights, and Right Stick Click is your melee attack. Check the thumbnails below for the rest of the layout. I used the Default profile for the thumbnails. THe first one shows you the non-shifted buttons, the 2nd one shows you the shifted side.

Other notes...left bumper is your shift key. Y is a double command. Press it for "use" (picking up weapons, searching bodies, etc...). Hold it down and it will play the last diary you picked up. Just like on the console. Let me know if you've got questions. Enjoy!
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