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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 profile
Pinnacle [Aldo]
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
IMPORTANT! If you are having "Melee" action fire when you move the right-joystick, that means you used Input files [unpatched version]
instead of Input files [latest version] like you needed to use for your version. Read the instructions next to STEP A below again and copy the correct files.


Update 25-03-11
- fixed weapon switching (thx Aghnar!)
Re-download Battlefield Bad Company 2 - R3H4B's

Update 15-12-10
- Fixed UAV-controls (thx norm!)
Re-download [R3H4B]

Note: Re-copy the files from
[R3H4B] after patching to a newer version of the game and don't restore control defaults or change keymappings.

Note: this profile requires Pinnacle v5.7.0 or higher!


A ) After game installation, extract the files included in the
[R3H4B] file to:
\BFBC2\inputin "My documents"

1: Go to "My Documents"- folder (Start->"Documents" or "MyDocuments" ) and look for "BFBC2".
2: If the "BFBC2"-folder is missing, start the game once and exit out of the game or just create it manually in your "My Documents" folder.
3: Get into the "BFBC2"-folder. Check here for a folder called "Input". If the "Input"-folder is missing, just create it manually.
4: If the "Input"-folder already exists, remove its contents and extract the files from [R3H4B] (* from the corresponding folder, see below) into the "Input"-folder.

*=Inside the .zip you'll find two folders:
- Input files [latest version]
- Input files [unpatched version]

Because the files are depending on which version of the game you have, it's very important to choose the files from the correct folder. So if you're using the unpatched version, use the files from "Input files [unpatched version]" and copy them to your "input"-folder. If you have updated your game to the latest version, use the ones from "Input files [latest version]".

You can verify if this worked by going into the game's options. The joystick controls should all be empty! (unpatched version)

B) After importing the
profile, Battlefield Bad Company 2 - R3H4B's, Enable "game hook" by going to the "Game profiles"-screen->"edit.."->"Advanced"-tab->"Install now" (lower left corner); OK save and close

Optionally: If you still have the main menu popping up when clicking the right thumbstick button:
Find out where your games' main executable resides (BFBC2Game.exe) Something like:
C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield Bad Company™ 2\BFBC2Game.exe

If you can find it, please extract the contents of the following file to it:

Put in game

So make sure the three files from the zip are in the exact same folder as the game's main executable and start the game. If done correctly, the game shouldn't be able to detect your joypad and your rightstick button should work.

To sum it up, do in the following order:

1. Install the game and apply patches/update the game to the latest version. Start the game and exit.
2. Open [R3H4B] and choose the input files applicable to your version of the game. (so if you updated, choose Input files [latest version]). Copy the files to the BFBC2/Input directory in MyDocuments as described above.
3. Import the profile,
Battlefield Bad Company 2 - R3H4B's
4. Enable "game hook" by going to the "Game profiles"-screen->"edit.."->"Advanced"-tab->"Install now" (lower left corner); OK, save and close

5. Optionally: disable menu on right stick button-issue by extracting these files to game directory
Put in game
6. Optionally: Disable Mouse Smoothing
if you have out of sync problems

Edit: just try steps 1-4 first. Only perform step 5 if 1-4 are successful and the game works with the settings/profile and you have sync problems!

The layout is the same as the X360-version of the game:

Or check the Pinnacle layout here: [R3H4B] Battlefield - Bad Company 2 Layout.pdf

Check here for the X360-layout:

Errol contributed a very useful instruction on how to remove the game's Mouse Smoothing, making the controls a lot more responsive:
BFBC2 Disable Mouse
Thanks Errol!

For "aim down sights" on trigger pull/release or crouch toggle update the game to latest version and use the toggles in the option menu.

The commands are also in the profile but please use the game's toggles if possible. Only use the ones in the profile if you have the unpatched version of the game.

Steam settings (32-bit Windows):

Launch file: "C:\Program Files\Steam\steam.exe" -applaunch 24960
Detect file: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\battlefield bad company 2\BFBC2Game.exe
Work path: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\battlefield bad company 2\
Hook path: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\battlefield bad company 2\
Happy gaming and feedback is always appreciated!

Hope you like it.
Here is a Battlefield Bad Company 2 profile I made for the Wireless Xbox 360 Controller.

I used this during the BETA about a month ago, I do not own this game so I was not able to troubleshoot some of the features that were released in the Full Game, but everything should work as expected. Also, seeing I do not have this game, any and all Feedback is appreciated from those of you that are able to test this out.

This should also work for Single-Player Mode.

Also, most controls are based off of the Xbox 360 Version of the game.

Due to the lack of decent Joystick support for this game, you must first copy these files below into your Documents>BFBC2>Input Folder and overwrite the existing ones. All credit's go to Rehab for this Joystick work-around.

There are a couple issues I will address that are important to understand while using this profile.

- Before using this profile, Go to your Pinnacle Game Profiler window, and click Preferences and make sure "Apply Joystick Acceleration to Movements" is Off. Next, go to Device Settings, also in Preferences (at the bottom right), and change your "Default Sensitivity for Your Selected Device" to 55, on both Axis.

- During the Beta, there was no Hold To Aim Down Sights, only Toggle. I am not sure if they updated it in the Full Game, but the configuration I used for ADS for the Beta worked very well, but might take some getting used to.

To Aim Down Sights, you must Hold the Left Trigger Down - This will toggle you into your weapon's sights, while also changing the sensitivity to a more comfortable level.

To Exit Aim Down Sight, you must Let Go of the Left Trigger (Letting go of the Left Trigger Restores your Sensitivity to the Normal, Non-Aim Down Sight level), and than Click the Left Trigger once more to Toggle Out of Aim Down Sights.

-Make sure that all of your Settings IN-GAME (Sensitivities, Hotkeys) are set at Default, with the exception of the Joy-Stick settings, which were erased via the Input Files as mentioned earlier.

There are 4 Shift-Modes for this Profile

1. On Foot (Un-Shifted)

This is the Main Profile.

You will use this profile for EVERYTHING, BUT the three other Modes I mention below. This means everything BUT the Pilots Seat of a Helicopter, Turret Controller on a Tank/AA Vehicle, and the UAV.

You can only Shift into the other 3 Shift-Modes (Helicopter, UAV, Tank/AA) through this Profile.

For Example,

To Use the UAV Controls, you would run On Foot to the UAV Booth, press "Select/Back" (This button is used to Enter All Vehicles, Activate M-Comms, Pickup other Weapon Kit's, etc...). Once you are in the UAV Booth, Press "Start", and you will Hear a Sound to notify you have turned On UAV Control Mode. After you are finished using the UAV, simply Press "Start" once more, and it will Shift back to On-Foot Mode. Also note that there is only a Sound when you Turn UAV Mode On, not Off.

To Use the Helicopter Flying Controls, you would run On Foot to a Helicopter, or Spawn in a Helicopter, and get into the Pilot's seat (Press "A" to cycle through the seats). Note you must be in the Pilot's Seat to Use the Helicopter Flying Mode (Obvious). Once in the Pilot's Seat, press "D-Pad UP". You will hear a Sound to Notify you that the Helicopter Flying Mode is Active. After you are done Piloting, Simply Press "D-Pad UP" once more, and it will Shift back to On-Foot Mode. Note that there is only a Sound when you Turn Helicopter Mode On, not Off, just like with the UAV, and Tank/AA Mode. Please take note that if you decide to jump out of the Helicopter, or switch Seat's you must Turn Off Helicopter Flying Mode to Restore On Foot Mode.

To Use the Tank/AA Turret Control, you would run On Foot to a Tank (This means only the US Heavy Tank (Abrams), or the Russian Heavy Tank (T-90)) or an AA Gun Emplacement, or AA Vehicle. For the Tank, you would get into the Driver/Main Cannon Controller Seat, and Press "D-Pad Down". You will hear a Sound to Notify you that the Tank/AA Turret Control Mode is Active. After you are done using the Driver/Main Cannon Controller Seat, Simply Press "D-Pad Down" once again to Turn Off the Tank/AA Turret Control Mode. For an AA Emplacement, or AA Vehicle, you will get into the AA Turret Controller's Seat, and Press "D-Pad Down". You will hear a Sound to Notify you that the Tank/AA Turret Control Mode is Active. After you are done using the AA Turret, Simply Press "D-Pad Down" again, to Turn Off Tank/AA Turret Control Mode and restore On Foot Mode.

2. Tank/AA Turret Control (Shift-Red)

3. UAV Control (Shift-Yellow)

4. Helicopter Flying (Shift-Green)

Battlefield Bad Companyô
ok people download priority changer for tskmngr and set pinnacle to realtime and uncheck pinnacles equivalent thing. turn on controller after game is loaded to remove failed joypad support(ggrr). I are pro so I use 70ish sensitivity without acceleration ,add crouch lftstk so it reduces sensitivity to 60ish and have left trigger reduce to 50ish.Because the acceleration(much needed)cant be used due to slowdown when facing enemies ,then this multi step profile kicks oss and will ensure results.I have also added a spotting axis command (pawn everyone)! However I have 2 points: 1 There is sometimes issue with pinnacle not recognising first button press on respawn--annoying. and 2 Pinnacle needs a less cpu hogging acceleration or if not possible then a curve to show the speed at different stick angles with an adjuster.Names of my profile actions not accurate but profile kicks ass(check out the mouse "go to position" with select shifter ,for "enter battle" quick select) ownage!
I made a profile off the rehab's but mine is as close to the xbox version's bad company 1 preset(the one I'm used to) as i can possibly make it. Hold the b button for half a second or so to switch to vehicle controls and when you press B to get out of a vehicle it'll go to infantry controls instantly

my only problem is that my trial expired so I can only use it for 15 minutes at a time. Now I need $20.

I changed the thing to go off of rehab's most recent thingamajigga(with the trigger reset and such) also remember the sensitivity on the profile is very high so keep the in-game sensitivity low(it keeps the movement a lot smoother, at least in my case)

sorry if it's not that good, this is my first time editing a profile,and sorry for my engrish
I have a profile I created for Battlefield bad company 2 there are already ones on the site but they don't seem to work well or follow the classic xbox format. i'd like to post it for others to use if there where I would do that? As well maybe get some feed back from anyone about what they like or not about it or if I could add more to it.

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