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ArmA 3 Controller Support for any PC Gamepad, Xbox 360, PS3, PlayStation, etc
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ArmA 3 profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
I made a profile for Arma 3. I think it's got the most important controls on it although you will still need a keyboard to select numbers 1 to 0 as well as a very few other keys. For the most part we have a working profile that's effective as Infantry & in Vehicles.

Feel free to download the profile and test it. Please either improve it or de-bug it and write your findings here so that I can fix it.

I haven't used any Shifted buttons so everything is accessible from the main Xbox controller which makes it less confusing IMO. However, an updated version will be released soon that incorporates a Shifted Mode for Aircraft and another Shifted Mode for Commanding. Review this page from time to time to check for updates.

To install the profile into your Arma 3 game, follow these instructions:

Installation instructions:

1. Install and start the game.
2. Goto "MyDocuments"
3. Find and open the "ArmA 3" folder.
4. Look for your user profile, a file ending with ".ArmA3Profile" and copy it to a safe place. (Important in case you need to play Arma 3 again using your original file). Delete it or rename it from the "Arma 3" file after copying it. Make sure to copy the name of the file as well.
5. Download the PGP Profile from this thread and copy it into the "ArmA3" folder.
6. Rename the PGP Pofile to the name of the profile you saved earlier (e.g. "YOURPREFIX.ArmA3Profile").
7. Now go back to the opened Arma 3 game and disable all controllers in the CONFIGURE / CONTROLLER Tab
8. You may have to re-configure other settings in the game options regarding your profile but DON'T TOUCH THE KEY CONFIG! Make sure the ARMA 3 Keyboard Preset in the CONFIGURE / KEYBOARD tab remains untouched.
9. Exit the game.
10. Open PGP and Play.

Attached is the latest update for the Arma 3 profile.

Bugs Fixed and new buttons mapped including:

V 0.1

[*]Push To Talk (dedicated for TS3 and mapped to the "PAUSE/BREAK" keyboard key. You'll have to reconfigure your TS3 Software to the same PTT hotkey)

[*]Zoom In / Out

[*]Zeroing Up / Down + Gun Elevation Up / Down

V 0.2 Released

[*]Fixed Inventory Toggle

[*]Fixed Zoom In

V 0.3 Released

New keys mapped:
[*]{I/V/A} 3rd Person Toggle

[*]Sticky Shift keys for future Pilot and Commanding controls (coming soon)

[*]{I} Firing Mode

[*]{I} Equipment (Night Vision, Binoculars, Compass) simplified

[*]Next Target

If you have previously downloaded the older version and already set your profile up to run on Arma 3 as explained above then all you need to do is simply import this profile to your PGP software and run the game as normal.

If the Updated profile attached to this post is your first download, please follow the Installation Instructions above to run it in Arma 3.

Good game to all....
I have made this profile to fit my personal needs on a level of driving vehicles and flying helicopters without putting any focus on combat. I just wanted to have a setup which allows me to have more fun when I drive and fly. I mapped left and right movement (A/D) to the right stick because I found it helpful to be able to steer with both sticks. What I found then was that I couldn't turn off the steering while using the freelook stick, which is why I used the A/B/X/Y keys to set the camera perspective.

Make sure to delete the two following keybinds in the vehicle movement section of the Arma 3 controls:
* Car More left - Mouse Left
* Car More Right - Mouse Right

This profile should work with any XBox360 controller

Arma 3 - Driving &

Please leave some feedback.
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