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ArmA 2 profile
Pinnacle [Aldo]
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices

Update 29-12-10:
- Fixed not being able to shoot while leaning left I moved binoculars to unshifted state (Thx Dealz)

Update 02-10-10:
- Added compatibility for Operation Arrowhead

Update 30-09-10:
- Fixed crouch toggle after map/equipment view

Update 29-09-10:
- Initial release

Note: This profile requires additional actions so be sure to read the installation instructions or this profile won't work correctly!

Note: this profile requires Pinnacle v5.4 or higher!

General information:
Ok, this profile contains pretty much all controls available in the game. Please note that this will take some time to get used to and there will probably be people preferring certain functions on different positions, but please try to get used to this as most functions are mapped to specific positions for a reason and may not work as expected when changed.

Basically, there are three different modes in the profie:

1. Unshifted: Main functions of the game and Infantry/Vehicle and Airplane combined
2. Shifted Blue (hold left bumper): Additional functions for mainly infantry
3. Shifted Red (hold right bumper): Basically all commands needed for High Commanding.



Shifted Blue (hold Left bumper)

Shifted Red (hold Right bumper):

Installation instructions:
1. Install and start the game.
2. Goto "MyDocuments" (Start->Documents (or My documents).
3. Doubleclick on folder "ArmA 2".
4. Look for your user profile, a file ending with ".ArmA2Profile" for Arma 2 or ".ArmA2OAProfile" for Operation Arrowhead (e.g. "Leo.ArmA2Profile") and copy it to a safe place. Delete it or rename it after copying but remember the exact name in the prefix (e.g. "Leo").
5. Download "R3H4B.ArmA2Profile" or "R3H4B.ArmA2OAProfile" from this thread and copy it into the "ArmA2"-folder.
6. Rename the "R3H4B"-prefix of the profile to the name of the profile you saved (e.g. "Leo.ArmA2Profile").
7. Start the game and disable the joypad in the game control options (OPTIONS->CONTROL->CONTROLLER->DISABLE)
8. You may have to re-configure other settings in the game options regarding your profile but DON'T TOUCH THE KEY CONFIG!
9. Exit the game, import the Pinnacle profile and kick some ass!

If you want more sensitivity or mouse smoothing you can change that in the game's control options.

References in the profile commands are as follows:
{I} = Infantry
{V} = Vehicle
{A} = Airplane

Thanks Le0 for testing and input!

Hope you like it.