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Age of Conan Controller Support for any PC Gamepad, Xbox 360, PS3, PlayStation, etc
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Age of Conan profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
I'm relatively happy with the Pinnacle software, and it's ability to map to pretty much any controller. I use it for most all of my AoC characters, and have made a generic profile that works for both the Logitec rumblepad 2, or a Nyko Airflo controller. I bought the Nyko, as it had better controller software for granularity, but I've since thrown out all my other "packaged" controller software in leau of Pinnacle. It's pretty basic, but works for any class tune. My AoC gui maps 13 keys, which work remarkably well with my Nyko, which also has 13 keys. I have mapped keys 0-9 as the standard quickbar, and the Q,E,V keys, as attack left, attack center and attack right, as some GUI mods do. It's under the controls setting for the game. Both the Nyko, and rumble pad have 2 analog joysticks, and a direction pad, 4 main buttons, 4 trigger buttons, and three mid (menu type) buttons. If you are an old Xbox 3 Halo Addict like me, you can pick my controller up, and play this game like a pro.
Here is how I laid out my profile, left to right:

left = q (left attack, set as q on quickbar)
up = e (center attack, set as e on quickbar)
right = v (right attack, set as v on quickbar)
down = tab (toggle next npc/enemy)

Left analog Joystick:
left = Z (straffe left)
right = C (straffe right)
up = Up Arrow
down = Down Arrow
button press = (mapped to accent key, which I map in the game to autorun)

Center menu buttons:
left button = 4 (I put several different keys here. Charge for guard, or sheath weapon for PoM, or switch weapon for ranger)
center button = I (inventory)
right button = M (map)

Right Analog Joystick:
Left = left arrow
right = right arrow
up = (look up) (it's a control-M on/off)
down = (look down) (it's a control-m on/off)
buttom press = spacebar (jump)
#Note - you will need to map this "map to mouse" under the joystick button for the control-m to activate, since funcom doesn't play well with controllers. It works most of the time, with the occasional Ctrl-m to reset it.

Button Cluster Right:
top button = 9 (usually my OMG I'm dying button) I usually map this to a mezz, sanctuary, or other "hit someone else" spell.
left button = 0 (zero) Spell, or combo, or stealth button
bottom button = 3 (usually my one killer combo with long cooldown time.)
right button = 8 (I reserve this for any healing abilities, or change in stance for a guard to defense)

Trigger left:
Top trigger = 2 (combo button)
Bottom trigger = 5 (combo button)

Trigger right:
Top trigger = 1 (initiate combat combo, or stun)
bottom trigger = 7 (combo button)

This layout works very well for me, as for some reason pinnacle and AoC makes it difficult to make any macros beyond a combo, then the first move, so direct mapping allows me to use the D-PAD to complete most combo cycles after initiated off a trigger button with ease. For classes with long cooldown combo's, I throw an "Alt" in the key macro mapping with the same mapped key, and place that under the "Alt" quickbar mapping. (ie: 3 --> Alt +3)That way, if the first attack isn't cooled yet, the Alt attack kicks in, and allows you to use older attacks from previous levels without a remap. Just be aware that the first three Alt keys (1,2 and 3) are mapped by default to QVE, and that needs to be changed in order to make it work right.

It's simple, but it works for me!
With Age of Conan: Unchained being new to me and five years later with a stronger gaming rig, Age of Conan is now a billion times more playable and more fun to play. The only thing that could make it more fun, is with a controller.

So then I found Silver's profile here, and I used it as a base for mine. So all of my props go to Silver for this base.

I'm still working on it and I'm lazy so consider it automatically discontinued. However, I thought I would upload it here since I actually got features working that weren't easy to get working like auto loot and stuff.


The blueshifted left joystick button (LT + LJB) uses a MOUSE GOTO COORDINATES command, so you will have to modify your screen *coordinates for the command labeled "mouse goto center"! This is very important for keeping the mouse centered (or even placed over your character's shoulders) so you can loot things by aiming with the left joystick or right joystick and then hold LB + RB.


But please try it because it feels very fluid to play.


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