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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Play with a Gamepad or Joystick

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Controller Support for any PC Gamepad, Xbox 360, PS3, PlayStation, etc
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 profile
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author's profile notes
This profile is compatible with any standard PC Gamepad, Xbox 360 Controller, Playstation (PS4, PS3, PSX), or any similar devices
Well, here it is, using Rob's template for COD 5. Works just like the console version of COD 4.

Hey what's up everybody. I have made this mw2 profile and i in my opinion it feels just like the xbox 360 console, except or course theres no aimassist for pc but i have still managed to get very good accuracy for aiming on this profile.

First on pinnacle preferences click command option and uncheck apply acceleration to joystick movements
now follow this steps
1. reset mw2 control settings on the game menu
2. go to actions and set the right mouse button to hold aim down a sight
Thats! it ready to play

1. to pickup weapons double tap (X) button on controller
2. to deactivate bombs double tap and hold (X) botton on controller

I made it like this because at the end of game you have to pull the knife off your chest and having the hold button command to pickup other weapons wouldn't work on this scene. if you don't care about this scene function you can edit double commands on the reload/use command to press/hold button. and it will be back to normal.

Test and let me know what you think.
Hi all I have just got this profile working good it may tweaking for your mouse setup, launching game through steam works , from the profile start have a go and let me know what you think :)

this is the xms doc for the controller layout and mapping
Hi guys. I'm new here. And after figuring out how to use PGP and MIJ I finally have my PS3 controller working in my laptop as if I were playing CODmw2 in my PS3.

I don't know if other profile is working 100% already but when I downloaded the profile for CODmw2 it wasn't working.

I will keep the guide short, as I will assume that most of you know how to install MIJ and PGP and the PS3 controller.

First. you have to configure correctly your PS3 in MIJ.
Make sure your PS3 controller is already enabled in MIJ.
and click on OPTIONS.

Buttons 5 and 6 will appear without any command assigned. (none)
You have to select Button 5 > L2 and Button 6 > R2
And then press enable.
(perhaps you see that L2 and R2 are already assigned for axis z+ and z-. Don't mind this. it is only for other games like Fifa11. which I also play :)

Then go to PGP, Preferences>Device Settings>Advanced Settings and click where it says "show wizard" On top of the box where your ps3 controller should appear.

Do the wizard.
Press next, and select YES (for ps3 controller name)
Press next, select NO, (this is for you to change the settings and calibrate)

And then it asks you to calibrate your Left Stick. (3 steps)
and then calibrate Right stick (3steps)

And now the tricky part.

Individual Axis 1 test. move your controller from right to left, as if steering a wheel. (Z ROTATION (Rz)) Should appear in the box. Press next.

Individual Axis 2 test. Tilt your controller foward and back. (SLIDER 2) should appear in the box. Press next, it will prompt you about an analog trigger..bla bla bla, just press NO.

If you have done everything correctly, you will see in the TEST CONTROL window, everything working correctly. This means that AXIS 1 and 2 change when you rotate and tilt your controller, and buttons 5 and 6 should light on when you press L2 and R2 respectively.

Now just press next and finished.

Then, the last Step.
Import the Call of duty Game profile I have here into your PGP.

Double click on the Controller configuration named "CODMW2" and you should end up with the commands configured like this:

And now try your CODmw2 and you should be able to play just as if you were in a PS3. :) (using your L2 and R2 for throwing grenades and special grenades :twisted:)

and enjoy.

Please correct me if I have any mistake here. :-D
This setup mimicks how the xbox would of setup the controls for the games. You need to alter the game settings on the hold to aim down if you want by clicking that section and pressing the left trigger. This will let you hold the aim down and release it by moving your finger instead of tapping again which i prefer. Your choice. Has such things like hold B to go into prone and press B for crouch or Press Y to change weapon or Hold Y to use an item ECT.
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