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    Arrow Torchlight Profile [Class Alpha Controllers]

    I created a profile for the recently released Action RPG Dungeon Crawler Torchlight and thought I might as well share it with you guys - it's my first profile, so don't be suprised if I made any mistakes

    Here's the mapped controls;

    Analogue Sticks - Move Cursor
    Left Trigger - Left Click (Move to/Attack)
    Right Trigger - Right Click (Skill Attack)
    Left Button - Tab (Switch between skills)
    Right Button - Shift (Hold & left click to force attack or send pet to pick up loot)
    Left Stick Click - Hotkey 1 (Health Potion)
    Right Stick Click - Hotkey 2 (Mana Potion)
    D-Pad Left - Hotkey 3
    D-Pad Up - Hotkey 4
    D-Pad Right - Hotkey 5
    D-Pad Down - Hotkey 6
    Start - Enter (Pause)
    Back - I (Inventory)
    X - J (Journal)
    Y - P (Pet Screen)
    B - Q (Quests)
    A - S (Skills)
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    excellent, many thanks.

    i'd been trying to replicate the xbox live controls (just been released)
    which was giving me grief, but these work much better


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    Thanks a lot.

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