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    Arrow Crysis (for Original game added VTOL assignments)

    (Setup on a Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 but preconfigured for all other Class Alpha controllers)

    4 In game key functions MUST be remapped for this profile to work correctly!

    Due to Vehicle/Point&Shoot/VTOL modes sharing keys for different functions,
    4 keys must be remapped IN GAME as follows to prevent conflicts.

    Under Options/Keyboard/Weapons
    1. Map "SHORT RANGE WEAPONS TOGGLE" to keyboard "8"
    2. Map "ASSULT WEAPON TOGGLE" to keyboard "9"
    Under Options/Keyboard/VTOL
    3. Map "VTOL UP" to keyboard "B"
    4. Map "VTOL DOWN" to keyboard "N"

    VTOL remapped commands are used in the profile.

    As with the Warhead profile, groundwork was done by Jord-22. At this point it's been pretty much completely redone, but there might a command or two still in there originally from his work, so per forum etiquette I am making sure people are aware there is a second contributor, originally posted here:

    Online multiplayer keys were not taken under consideration. I don't see anywhere to put them as shifted functions are limited due to most commands needing to be copied from the non-shifted state in order to effectively use LEAN. If you're playing multiplayer, you'll need to keep your keyboard within reach.

    For single player mode, this is actually identical to the Warhead profile I already presented with 2 additional mappings for controlling the VTOL. Helicopters do not present any conflicts/problems and should work fine with the left stick with afterburners for both air vehicles on left lower bumper (logitech button 7). As the required in-game remaps are to unused keys, this profile should work for both Crysis and Crysis Warhead.
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    Hello mrbrian200,
    Can you please help me with my problem? Any help you can give will be great, thank you.

    How I run my setup:
    Ok so I run Crysis off an ISO from my second HD using daemon tool.
    So this setup mean I need to start the game first than start the pinnacle profile. I'm using a madcat usb controller. I'm using this profile "Crysis (for Original game added VTOL assignments)"

    Ok so the game automatically connect my controller after start to a config. it has that I can't even change.

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