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Thread: Pinnacle Game Profiler and Sandboxie

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    Pinnacle Game Profiler and Sandboxie


    I'm trying to find a way to streamline the process of working with Pinnacle (PGP) within Sandboxie. Currently, I have to right mouse click on PGP's icon and select "Run Sandboxed". Then tell Sandboxie which sandbox I want it to run in, by selecting a sandbox. Once Pinnacle is up and running, then I can select which profile I want which in turn will finally run the game. WHEW! Is there an easier way?
    I'm probably asking too much but… I would like to somehow have 1 shortcut icon that would trigger a chain reaction of loading PGP into a sandbox and automatically starting the game. Is this possible?

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Thank you.

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    There are one of two reasons or both that I see you're doing. Either you don't wish to install PGP with registry entries to your OS or you're trying to get PGP to play for unlimited time after the 20 days full trial by installing PGP into and using SandBoxie to isolate the installation!

    If I'm correct on one or both then I recommend that you install PGP on your OS and let it run the way it was intended. You'll definitely get all the benefits using the app.

    I believe the best place to get advice if you're using PGP via SandBoxie is on there forum.
    If you're using PGP alone then you're in the right place for all advice and help. We'll certainly give all the help we can.

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