NOTICE: For all those who purchased PGP and is not receiving there activation key! I have a temporary solution that should help all of you.
Please post some sort of proof that you purchased PGP from PayPal or Amazon.
If what you post looks genuine to me and Pinnacle [Gary] I'll give you my personal activation key, or if you post your email in the forum via Private message to pinnacle [Gary] it will be sent from Gary.

I do hope that Rob will see this situation and quickly address this issue.

I know for a fact that Rob is around because the PGP & Padstarr website are still up and active.
Just recently about a week and a half ago from the writing of this info the PGP forum went down and I saw it back up approx 24 hrs give or take.

Please post your own personal thread with proper and detailed information with the transaction done by either Amazon or PayPal