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Thread: Birthday Greetings to Rob and Wish for Many More to Come

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    Arrow Birthday Greetings to Rob and Wish for Many More to Come

    Hello Rob, a very happy birthday greetings to you and may you have many more to come.
    I wish you all the best and may all our supporters in the forum chime in and give there thanks and greets to you.
    It's well deserved and fitting for such a time like this so others can cheer you and wish you the same.
    I stand with you side by side in this fine hour when you need so much support and all who supported in the past will send greets to you.
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    Yes, Happy birthday to you Rob! I really hope you have a wonderful day. I am but one of many that are so thankful for PGP, and the great guy who created it. I still consider PGP one of the greatest internet discoveries I've made and can honestly say it's just as much fun to make profiles as it is to use them lol. I've always respected your warm friendly attitude and am proud to be a small part of PGP.
    Were all looking forward to your return to good health and to the forums and continue your work with PGP and Padstarr.


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    Happy birthday Rob!!!

    Also hope you have a great deal.

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    yes and from me.

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