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    Warface Profile

    Hi All,
    I've been using this Warface profile for 1 year now and very happy with it.
    It's based on the layout used in Warface Xbox360 (now discontinued) & I recently tweaked it by lowering the left (used to aim) joystick's Sensitivity and Deadzone.
    For an explanation of, and details on how to adjust joystick Sensitivity & Deadzone see topic "Default Device Settings Window" in PGP's Help.

    Having lower sensitivity on the left joystick gives you excellent aim accuracy, the tradeoff is that your turning speed is a little slower however note that when you press your stick to max acceleration kicks in and your turning speed will accelerate over time. Personally I prefer increased aim accuracy however if you prefer turning speed just increase the left joystick's Sensitivity.
    Having a lower Deadzone gives you a greater range of motion that is recognized from your joystick. This helps you "find tune" your aim, the tradeoff is that if your joystick is worn and/or not correctly calibrated you will get some movement even when your joystick is centered. If this occurs try calibrating your joystick/s - see how to calibrate here.
    (FYI: The default deadzone value was 23% meaning 23% of the movement does nothing which leaves you only 77% of the movement range which I found does not allow small enough graduations of movement)

    Warface (In Game) Mouse Sensitivity setting:
    I recommend you set the Warface mouse sensitivity slider set between 30 to 33 when using this profile.
    30 if you like high aim accuracy however reduced turn speed.
    33 if you like faster turn speed however reduced aim accuracy.

    PGP Download Location:
    For those of you that need to install PGP please download it from the link at the bottom of this post and NOT the main download link on the PGP site else you will get install problems.

    Warface Profile Button Layout (Xbox360 Controller):
    Had to upload to Dropbox here as Forum upload wouldn't allow as too big.

    Warface PGP Profile (Xbox360 Controller):
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